This time last year I was hella pregnant with baby #2.


He didn't even have a name yet, but he was just as present, and 'here' and real to me as he is right now. I knew he was coming and I excitedly and joyously made plans for his arrival. #AugustMaxwell


The very moment you become aware of a desire, you're 'pregnant', knocked up with the ultimate manifestation of it! When I first read this truth bomb in 'Your Faith is Your Fortune' by Neville Goddard, I was pregnant with my first born and when I birthed her, I also birthed my new and current lifestyle of purpose, leisure and financial independence. It is a powerful way to rest in and act from faith-- to bring the joy from the 'future' manifestation into your NOW moment. This is key. Joyful expectation. Everything you think you want is real, HERE and promised. đŸ™ŒđŸŸ

Think of your desire as a promise from God- not from your little mind, but from Him (you are God-being after all). It's already yours-- you can't see it or taste it or touch it but you can feel the realness of it as those #GodFeels I'm always going on about! All you have to do is stay there, aware of those feels, aware that the desire is currently present in the form of those good feels and it (or something better) will swiftly come into view.

So what are you pregnant with?!
Emmy Winner Lena Waithe

 By Winnie Gaturu 

You’d imagine that having a first for a black woman would be rare in 2017 but it’s not. There are black women breaking barriers everyday all around us. Whether it's in school, work, politics or in seemingly normal activities, there are firsts happening everywhere. Since it is human nature to admire people you can identify with, it is crucial for black women, especially young girls, to see black women making major achievements in life. Each first opens a new door we never thought of opening. It motivates black women and shows us that we can all be firsts. Right now, we celebrate some of the women who've paved the way for us in many different ways. Here are 10 black women’s firsts in 2017! 


Anquanette Gaspard in Plaza de Espana in Seville via 

By Anquanette Gaspard 
 It was 8:30 a.m. and I was standing at a bus stop in Valencia, Spain, trying to figure out why AutobĂșs 41 wasn’t running that day. With signage in a foreign language and Google Translate failing on me due to shoddy cellular service, it took every ounce of my being to fight the urge to go home to watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix rather than figure out how to get to my intended destination. The observance of a Spanish holiday changed the regular bus schedule, and my language school didn’t inform students of this holiday since it didn’t affect the school’s schedule. However, it did affect almost everything else, like operating hours at government offices, the post office, and shops around the city. Once I realized that the bus wasn’t coming, I was forced to decide if I should take the 30-minute walk to school to face four grueling hours of Spanish lessons or call it quits on a day that had barely started.