What’s Your Preferred Work Lunch?

Sometimes it’s the little things—like comparing slow cooker recipes during work-sanctioned happy hour (a surprisingly engaging topic over Palomas). Or realizing that the lovely Cherie added avocados to the office Fresh Direct order. Whatever it is, conversation around food, and good-for-you, made-by-you food more specifically, has really thrived at Glossier HQ lately.

Of course, this all comes in the wake of our collective 2016 New Year’s Resolution to bring our lunch from home more often. (Hey—we made it to February, which is better than most resolutions.) I’m trying to get my January groove back, because as Brennan recently said: “If I bring my lunch every day for the month of February, I will have saved up enough money for a flight to Tulum in March.”

That’s a plane ticket you really have to work for though, and one that involves learning to be thoughtful about a grocery list. My 2016 has been about making a bunch of different things—spicy tuna salad over spinach with avocado takes five minutes to prepare. Meatballs take longer—the recipe from Frankies is so good—but taste better. But for those off days, the dawn of Maple has been helpful—there’s usually a steady flow of their tan-and-yellow lunch bags arriving via elevator. Sweetgreen is also conveniently down the street, and their updated app has only made skipping a homemade lunch more appealing.

Assuming everyone on this page right now is sitting in front of a computer screen, likely at a desk, possibly eating lunch, lay on the suggestions. Specific ones that you can make yourself, ideally. What do you bring from home and actually look forward to eating? Tips on technique and process are appreciated—we’re novices.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via ITG.

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Things We Finish: R+Co Sunset Blvd Shampoo And Conditioner

Ever since I went from my natural dirty blond to almost-white blond, I often relate to that excitable blond emoji lady in the pink shirt with her hands on her head. Really—it’s a very fun hair color. But going blond is never easy—even if you’re already blond to an extent—and now that I’m in highlights overdrive, I’m more aware that my shampoo and conditioner should address any potential brassiness.

There are a couple of really great, oft-mentioned purple shampoos and conditioners that come in deep eggplant-y shades. They do their job very well if you use them once a week. If you use them more than that while in a state of hyper-blond, your hair can take on a slight purple tint, which is what happened to me. Looking for some guidance, I emailed Colleen Flaherty of Spoke & Weal, who does my highlights—she quickly confirmed that I needed to cut back on the Shimmer Lights:

“You wouldn’t want to use a purple shampoo every day because your hair shaft has different porosity throughout the strand and can pick up the purple unevenly and possibly progressively.” And if that happens, the accidental gradient (oh hi, ombré, is that you, again?) of purple wash on your hair might take professional color correction to clear up.

But the thing is, I wash my hair every day, and I only want to use one shampoo and one conditioner. So I started searching for a pair that I couldn’t accidentally “overuse.” That pair is R+Co’s Sunset Blvd Shampoo and Conditioner. They’re both significantly paler in color than most purple products, which means they fight brassiness well, but also that you can use them as often as you like without worrying about unnatural buildup. They don’t strip hair of moisture, and both come in photogenic bottles that remind me to Instagram more than once every five days. Now that I’m all out, I keep forgetting to Insta, and my latest shower thought has been that it’s time to reorder.

—Claire Knebl

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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Make Your Next Flight A Better One

Recently I found myself migrating down to Miami with much of the rest of NYC for Art Basel weekend—a trip that’s busy and packed with people from the minute you park yourself on a sold out flight—middle seat, row 315 to be exact. You’re definitely going to want all the usual suspects for those in-air hours (see: face wipes, sanitizer of some sort, comfy socks) but there are also a few less-expected items that can turn an economy experience around. Mine are below—leave yours in the comments.

1. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo, Travel Size: We’ve sung its praises before. Acts like a texturizing spray for fine hair, and will absorb all greasiness from any hair that’s got some. If you don’t need either of those qualities, it also acts as a darn good fragrance. Spray (before boarding, if that’s your thing, because it lasts) and then just wait for your seatmate to ask you about your perfume. “Oh this? Just my dry shampoo.”

2. Plyknits Merino Pants: Looks like a pant, feels and fits like a legging, with the addition of kicky slits in back. The whole deal strikes middle ground between gym apparel and business wear—creating something that’ll improve your overall quality of life while traveling. Athleisure never loses.

3. Stella McCartney Asymmetric Scarf: Wearing a scarf with some structure, like this sweater-cowl/neck-scarf hybrid, is infinitely cozier than any rectangular piece of cloth has ever been, I don’t even care if it’s cashmere. Its structure holds you closer, but there’s also the practicality of it: Wear any T-shirt or tank underneath and immediately look more pulled together around the neckline. And if you’re going somewhere warm, you can easily take it off upon arrival. Get down with your clime-appropriate self.

4. Axel Agiato Sneakers: Welcome a clean and comfortable shoe into your life while all else is slightly chaotic—oh my God did I remember to pack my headphones? But back to the sneaker—serene pink and tan tones aside, the sole has a bit of height, making it more comfortable for when you’re on your feet.

5. Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil: Dryness is to be expected when you’re waaaay up (I feel blessed) and potentially sitting underneath a tiny stream of stale air (turn that thing off). Masks or heavy moisturizers are great options for dealing with thirsty skin, but lately I’ve been really into oils. Rub all over, brows included, and add some to the ends of your hair. Put your hair up in a ponytail while it all sinks in; this Tata Harper one doesn’t take too long to do so, and if you can get your hands on the mini travel size version, it comes in a convenient rollerball. Then find your headphones, and call it a day. Or a flight.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via the author’s Instagram.

‘Tis the season for traveling. If you’re going somewhere tropical, Sailor Brinkley Cook has some recommendations for products once you touch down.

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Good Ways To Spend Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving weekend is all about being with friends and family—so, if you’re going to shop, you’ll want to be efficient about it so you can get back to what’s most important: honing the consistency of your mashed potatoes, debating Love Actually (again), and introducing your parents to either “Hello” or “Hotline Bling,” depending on what mood you’re trying to set. Below you’ll find the best sales to browse from the comfort of your mobile phone (that’s where the kids shop these days, right?). Happy Thanksgiving, guys, and happy shopping, too.


If you’re looking for a bag: Kara is on sale up to 50% until Tuesday, December 1st. You probably know them for their compact, cushy backpacks with a horizontal straight-across zip top. Those are discounted, but it’s also worth checking out this sleek shoulder bag.

If you <3 the Naked Palette: All Urban Decay everything is 20% off on their site through tomorrow, Friday the 27th. On Monday, November 30th, they’re bringing back the Naked Vault Volume II (!) which consists of every single Naked palette ever created for $165. You’ll never need to shop for eye shadow again.

If you’re in the market for diamonds: Designer Monica Vinader’s skinny sterling silver ring that’s lined with tiny diamonds is 40% off through EOD (midnight) tomorrow, Friday.

If you need some new 501s: Everything from Levi’s is 40% off through Monday. A suggestion. Another suggestion.

If you’re already planning for next summer: There’s no time like the present to start hoarding SPF, and Shiseido is 20% off site-wide through Monday. Use code FF2015, and wait ’til Monday if you’re interested in a complimentary Ultimune deluxe sample, of which Michelle Phan is a fan.

If you have a bunch of holiday parties coming up and also ran out of that Bobbi Brown eyeliner you love: Stock up on regularly-priced BB items and choose one solid gift set when you spend $50 through Saturday the 28th. Both the Smokey Taupe Eye Set or a Classic Red Lip Set make holiday party looks easy feats. (P.S.—you can forgo a set and wait until Monday to take 20% off everything through Tuesday)

If you need a new coat: Look into Belstaff—they’re offering 40% off everything in their pre-fall and fall collections through Monday. If you order a waxed cotton jacket online (oh, HELLO), you’ll get a can of wax with it too. Very thoughtful.

If you need a gift for someone you don’t know that well: All cashmere at Uniqlo caps out at $50. Good for someone else, or great for yourself.

If your happy place involves Rosetta Getty/Rochas/etc: Moda Operandi‘s sale section is on sale through Monday. Use code EXTRA30 for an added 30% discount.

If you’ve been meaning to try that Nars Audacious mascara: It’s really good, and it’s included in their sale, which is 20% off most of their site through Tuesday.

If you could use some more dresses: Head on over to Reformation’s site, where select styles are 30% off. It’s true–there will be plenty of dresses as well as other well-loved items, like this jumpsuit.

If you want to upgrade your hair dryer: Do it now because most GHD hot tools are 25% off through Monday. You can’t go wrong with their hair dryers, but if you’re after waves, consider this guy instead.

If you want some new clothes and don’t want to spend $$$: Pretty much everyone in the office owns at least one thing that looks inexplicably chic and was found at Aritzia, and the retailer is up to 50% off certain styles through Sunday the 29th (or cross your fingers your size is still in stock on Monday, when the whole stock is half off). For your perusal: a longline coat and a track jacket-like sweater.

If you have slightly more to spend: Whistles is 30% off now through Monday. Pretty much everything they make is straightforward in the best way, and able to be worn over and over again. Example: this slip dress.

If you’re trying to make leather weather last indefinitely: Take an extra 15% off most of Veda’s offerings, sale included—so, this tan jacket is fair game. Use code allyouneedisVEDA.

If you need some new underwear: A large selection of best-selling Hanky Panky styles (so, underwear) is up to 60% off through Monday. Steals ‘n deals.


If you need another Balm Dotcom: So, this never happens, but everything Glossier will be 25% off starting tonight at midnight, ending on Tuesday. Also an opportune time to pick up giftables (the Mask Duo Set).

If you’re into Korean sheet masks (us!): Peach & Lily is going 20% off site-wide starting at midnight tonight through this Saturday. Be sure to stock up on Uka oils, too.

If you’re into treatment skincare: Starting tomorrow, Friday, Tatcha is 20% off site-wide with code FF2015. Consider their Rice Enzyme Powder or Soothing Silk Body Butter.

If you’re still planning for next summer, but want a bikini, not SPF: Giejo goes 30% off on Monday with code Cyber30. Start with an all-white bikini.

If you’re more into one-pieces: Go for Solid & Striped; they’re also 30% off tomorrow through Monday, and their Anne-Marie style is as good as you’ve heard it is.

If you’re chilly: On Monday, AYR has you covered—this sweater is the right amount of roomy, and this one is softer than anything you already own. Take 25% off their whole site with CYBERNATE25.

If your hair needs some TLC: When you purchase $60 of Fekkai products on Monday—that’s exactly three Brilliant Glossing Crèmes—you’ll get a complimentary full size Apple Cider Shampoo (for clarifying) and an Essential Shea Masque (for dealing with overly dry hair).

If you’ve been meaning to get a card case: This one from Clare V. is compact, cute, and included in their 30% off Cyber Monday sale. Use code CVMONDAY.

If you want to turn your shower into a natural oasis: Take 50% off all Acure orders on Monday. See: The Best Organic Shampoo Is Only $10. And now it’ll be only $5, for one day only.

If you forget to shop until Tuesday: The Outnet is having a clearance sale starting on Tuesday. All signs point to it being great.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via Getty.

And if you’re working through that holiday shopping list—have you seen ITG’s Gift Guide?

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Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes

If you like clean things and the smell of lemons, but are looking for something a little less powerful than floor cleaner, Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes are the antibacterial wet-naps for you. I always carry one in my bag—for the subway, for eating BBQ, for traveling. One time I was on a plane, and after I wiped down my general area, my seatmate liked the smell (think Lemonheads) so much that she asked to keep the leftover wrapper of the wipe. Don’t do that, but do order them if aromatherapy is as important to you as sanitized hands. Their formula is also quite simple, primarily essential oils and water, making them antibacterial, antiseptic, and all natural to boot.

—Claire Knebl

Photographed by Tom Newton.

The hand balm worth devoting yourself to, the most vibrant liquid lipstick out there, the aromatic solid oil salve, and more things that ITG <3s.

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