Hola Chica!

Issa fresh new month, so why not start (and stick to) a few new, life altering habits, for the entire month of November?! Let’s make it easy and fun! #CurlyNikkiBeHerChallenge


1. Select one affirmation that you’ll recite silently, all day, internally as frequently as you can remember. It can be an ‘I Am’ statement or as simple as the words, ‘thank you’ or, ‘I love you’. The goal here is to keep it going as often as you can remember. You’re re-programming your whole entire situation by replacing your usual, negative, automatic inner chatter with empowering words you want to see reflected back to you. You’ll be changing your world from the inside out. It works. Watch.

2. Meditate at least once a day for 15 minutes! It can be as simple as sitting and staying aware of your breath for the duration (bringing your attention back to your breath every time you find yourself lost in thought) or you can listen to a guided meditation. Whatever you do, pick one thing and do it everyday. Don’t switch up. Ride one pony, remember?

3. Before your feet touch the floor in the morning, choose the new you. You choose HER by being her. You ‘be’ her by feeling how she feels. She smiles, she’s confident, she’s happy and peaceful. Feel those feels before getting out of bed and hold them, live from them for as long as you can. Return to those feels as soon as you find you’re back to feeling like the old version of yourself. Make it a constant moment to moment practice. In each moment you can only choose one state of being— so choose the one (by feeling) you want to see manifest in your world. For more info on this, see previous posts!

Easy, right? You’ll see results immediately.

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Right now, as you read these words, you are imagining your limitations. You forgot that you are just pretending to be ‘too shy’, ‘not ready yet’, ‘not smart enough’, ‘not witty enough’, ‘not free’, ‘not love-able’, ‘unworthy’, ‘lacking’.

You’ve practiced this life (which has become like groundhog’s day— repeating the same ish, the same thoughts, incessantly), this way of being, for so long, that you believe it’s you. It’s not! And just like you created this experience for yourself, you can create another one. The secret is that you don’t go to work changing or fixing this current version of your imagined self. You don’t ‘become’ a better version. You just BE a new one.

Ask yourself this question- 'How would you feel if you were free, right now?' or 'How would you feel if you could have, do, or be everything you want, right now?!' That excitement that you feel in your chest that causes that smile to ripple across your face, that light you feel on the inside... THAT’S THE REAL YOU! Be HER now! Walk in these elevated #Godfeels for the rest of the day. Respond to emails as her, talk to your associates as her, check your feed as her, pay the bills as her, interact with your spouse and kids as her. Be her now and the world will catch up. This is the only way. 

Nyasha (our friend we met in India)writes:

I can’t believe its been almost 3 years since we met in India, it feels like just yesterday. That night was such a powerful evening, meeting you and Gene. I never imagined that sharing my story of leaving NY to move to Mumbai to volunteer with an NGO and church would encourage so many women to take steps of faith and purse their dreams and purposes.

3 years later, my journey of faith and international service is still going. After serving in the slums of India and working with girls who were rescued from sex trafficking, I had the desire to get a masters in International Development Studies (with a focus on Violence and Conflict). My aim was to gain a deeper understanding of some of the systemic issues behind poverty and violence in developing countries with hopes to be equipped to serve countries at a greater level. Well I applied to SOAS, University of London and was accepted! I left India and went straight to London to complete my 1 year masters.


Living and studying in London was such an amazing experience that I wasn’t ready to leave once my degree was done. I knew that I wanted to work for a large international organization, be based in London, and have a global role so that I could continue to travel and serve around the world. I was blessed to find a job that ticked all the boxes on my list! I now work for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, an organization serving over 10 million girls around the world. I oversee their “World Centers” and international assets located in London, Switzerland, Mexico, India and across the continent of Africa! Since leaving India, I’ve travelled to almost 20 different countries!
Living in London is really a dream come true and I believe this is still just the beginning. I plan to remain in London but also have a base in NY to continue working in the US and internationally. I also am looking into PhD programs and eventually would like to start my own NGO and work independently supporting other organizations, governments, businesses, and even artist in their visions to make greater impacts around the world.

Fun fact: I’m apart of a close group of over 140 Black Americans who have migrated to London for work, school, art and to start their own businesses (can you say soul food restaurant in London-yum)! I’m not sure if everyone is just trying to escape the leadership of 45 lol, but nonetheless it’s definitely the marking of a historic movement of black people empowered by the generations before us to live outside the box and pursue life internationally. #newgreatmigration

reunited in DC last week!