Today, you will remember what’s important. You will remember that you have a choice.


Look at you, you’re already smiling! 😊You’re so damn gorgeous when you’re being yourSELF! Your energy is changing. You’re starting to feel a gentle, go(o)d feeling, ‘joy’— it started as a warmth in your chest as that smile spread across your face, but now it’s unfurling, it’s radiating brilliantly throughout that body. You can even feel a little tingle in those hands as they cradle the phone. Now your shoulders are relaxing, and you notice you’re sitting (or standing) up straighter, more confidently— you’re feeling, remembering, embodying your power. And with every breath you take, your body becomes more and more alive. It’s teeming with life! It’s as if the air is enriched with JOY. And as you inhale through your heart, you feel so go(o)d you can barely contain it. In fact you can’t contain it and you shouldn’t! You’re smiling bigger now! 😊😃😆You want to share this joy, this uncaused bliss with everyone you meet today! You want to light their candle too! That is your purpose. To do everything you can to support and express and maintain these go(o)d feels by sharing it with others in your own unique way. And the more you live from this powerful awareness and give of these go(o)d feels to the checkout lady, the stranger on the subway, your petty coworker, your children, or your passion project, the more you receive. These go(o)d feels begin appearing in the world as the ‘stuff’, ‘the added things’ you think you want and need. And then one day, shit flips and you laugh— you aren’t just aware of the joy, you are joy, aware of itself! You always have been and always will be. Your only ‘job’ is to stay woke. Stay present. Stay consciously aware of joy and everything will fall into place.

You’re getting this. I love you.

I see you, guuuhhlll! Got that hair popping, I like your lippie too! 💄 Is it new? Nah? Your energy ain’t either, apparently. Look at you— just scrolling, serving resting bitch face and reading this with that same old, played vibe from yesterday. It’s the same energy you’ve been offering for a minute now... and you wonder why not much around you has changed for the better. You’ve been hoping it’ll change, praying everyday for change, maybe even affirming and expecting it to change cause you read a few books on the #lawofattraction. But trust me, you will never live the monumental changes you’re seeking unless you first change the way you’re feeling, the way you’re BEING right now. You have to upgrade your energy if you want to experience a different and doper slice of creation. I sound like a broken record and I will continue until you shift out of your familiar way of being you. The way you feel right now feels like YOU, but it isn’t... you’ve just practiced it for a while. Let’s practice something else.


Now, sit or stand up straighter. That’s HER posture. Breathe deeper. That’s how SHE breathes. Ask yourself, ‘how do I feel now that I am ______’. Wait for and feel the response to that question. That’s how SHE feels. Smile, she’s grateful because she already has it. Smile bigger— she’s hella thankful for what’s to come. Stay here, in this state of being, for the rest of today NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. This is key. 😊😃😆

Every single thing, person and situation that comes into your orbit that tries to pull you back into your old way of being, is a damn lie. It’s a re-run. An echo. The past repeating itself. Your old energy playing itself out. Recognize it as such and keep feeling go(o)d. In a short while, fewer re-runs will air and it’ll be all new episodes, amazingly powerful ones, with new characters and exciting plots to reinforce that gorgeous smile of yours. Stay here and prove it to yourself. A year from now, you would’ve wished you started today. I love all of you.

p.s. The moment you shift, you are HER. You started reading this as your old, limited self. Now you’re being HER. You’re getting this.

Feel go(o)d FIRST, then get out of bed. Feel go(o)d and then give that talk. Feel go(o)d, then write. Feel go(o)d, then spend time with the kids. Feel go(o)d and then check your feed, or don’t.😂 When you’re feeling go(o)d, the things you do change. When you’re feeling go(o)d, the things you prioritize and invest in, change. Your thoughts change. Because that go(o)d starts flowing through you, working through you, appearing AS you. You finally start being the REAL YOU. You eat different, you stand different, you talk different, you walk different, effortlessly. Your desires change. Your squad vibrates higher. You ‘be’ HER—the woman you always knew you had the potential to be. When you feel go(o)d, you know that all is really, really, truly well. ‘It’s all go(o)d!’ You knew this and you forgot. You went to sleep and started dreaming this dream of hardship, fear, separation, competition and lack. You forgot, but now you’re waking up. You’re beginning to remember and it feels right, you’re feeling go(o)d. Smile. 😊 Smile, bigger. 😆 Keep smiling while you finish reading—


There’s no other way to make this life thing work. It won’t work unless you make feeling go(o)d, feeling like this (you feel that glow in your chest?), your first order of business, all the time. When you choose go(o)d in this moment & this moment & this moment, no matter what shenanigans your life situation is serving up, no matter what the thoughts are saying about the situations, ‘things’ just keep getting better and better for you. You realize you never had to ‘build’ your confidence, or get to the root of the fear that’s been ‘holding you back’, you only had to turn within and choose go(o)d. Cause when you’re feeling go(o)d you’re confident, when you’re feeling go(o)d you can’t be scared, you can’t be jealous, you can’t be selfish, you can’t be petty. It’s so natural & so easy & YOU set it up like this & then forgot! Fucking remember. Remember. Smile. Bigger. 😆 Stay here for the rest of the day, in these feels, no matter what happens, & something beautiful will happen to show you that this is the only way. I promise you that. I love you. ❤️✨