Yesterday, 2 time EMMY-winning producer Rushion McDonald (The Jamie Foxx Show, Sister, Sister, the Think Like a Man movie productions, the Steve Harvey talk show, Family Feud, the Neighborhood Awards, etc.) interviewed me and Gene (and Max, lol) about success on his radio talk show, Money Making Conversations! To check it out, click HERE or HERE

An assignment for tonight:

Cut the TV off, close your laptop, put the phone down- stop scrolling. Slide into those delicious sheets, rest your head on that satin covered pillow, close your eyes and SMILE.

How does it feel now that you’re the one who effortlessly walks in appreciation for life, the one who has already landed the promotion, the one who has already achieved financial freedom, the one who is doing what she wants, when she wants? How does it feel flying all over the world? It feels AMAZING! You’re smiling your face off!!! Stay there. Those are the #GodFeels Fall asleep in these feels of relief, joy and peace— sleep as HER. You are HER... these #GodFeels are the first evidence of the new reality coming into view!

Good night, gorgeous. Now put the damn phone down.

Self-love is the only effective and worthwhile ‘self-help’ practice.

It’s the ONLY way to improve yourself. And when you begin to place your attention on your true SELF, which is experienced in your body as uncaused love/joy/peace, you’ll find that your world also improves. You’ll rise to a level in consciousness where solutions and remedies to your perceived ‘flaws’ and ‘problems’ aren’t needed because they never existed. You ‘become’ the best version of yourself. #GodFeels #StayThere

How are you feeling today? Tell me something good!

This time last year I was hella pregnant with baby #2.


He didn't even have a name yet, but he was just as present, and 'here' and real to me as he is right now. I knew he was coming and I excitedly and joyously made plans for his arrival. #AugustMaxwell


The very moment you become aware of a desire, you're 'pregnant', knocked up with the ultimate manifestation of it! When I first read this truth bomb in 'Your Faith is Your Fortune' by Neville Goddard, I was pregnant with my first born and when I birthed her, I also birthed my new and current lifestyle of purpose, leisure and financial independence. It is a powerful way to rest in and act from faith-- to bring the joy from the 'future' manifestation into your NOW moment. This is key. Joyful expectation. Everything you think you want is real, HERE and promised. 🙌🏾

Think of your desire as a promise from God- not from your little mind, but from Him (you are God-being after all). It's already yours-- you can't see it or taste it or touch it but you can feel the realness of it as those #GodFeels I'm always going on about! All you have to do is stay there, aware of those feels, aware that the desire is currently present in the form of those good feels and it (or something better) will swiftly come into view.

So what are you pregnant with?!

If you are Christian (or were raised Christian) and interested in meditation, this is an amazing place to start. It's hands down one of my all time favorite books and I've read more than 300 in this 'genre'.


I revisit passages from it (and 'Practicing the Presence') nearly every morning. It was first published in 1947 so the language is a little heavy, but the message is timeless. He helps guide you to the #Godfeels  (peace, love, joy, etc) I'm always going on about so you can experientially know that the kingdom of God is within. It's also a great way to build faith, because the moment you feel that inner glow (the God Feels), you know God is with you, working through you and as you, so what could there possibly be to fear?! If that ain't faith, I don't know what is. Read it and let me know what u think!

What book changed your life?