Don’t wait for shit to shake or you’ll be waiting forever. Feel how you’d feel if shit was shaking now. Feel how you’d feel if shit shook yesterday.

Take inspired action, do the things, and give yourself permission to feel how you’d feel if absolutely amazing life-altering news (aka something shaking!) was already here, right now, sitting in your inbox. Allow yourSELF to experience that inherent joy NOW and NOW and NOW and joy-inducing situations will start showing up in gorgeous ways for you.

You are blessed and you know it. Smile. Smile bigger.😊😃😆

You were on channel 1 when you started reading this. That lightness, joy and passion you’re feeling now... that gentle excitement bubbling up in your chest and that smile spreading across your face, that’s channel 2. Stay here, on this channel, in these empowering, go(o)d feels today, no matter what. Stay here like it’s all that matters, ‘cause it’s all that matters. It’s all that MATTERS. That energy state will become matter in your world.


Don’t let your mind tell you that you can’t feel go(o)d all the time. It’s lying to you. Your other, memorized ‘aiight’ state of being is just what you’ve practiced up until now, so it feels like ‘you’, it feels normal. Practice this feeling until it feels normal and new ideas will come and you’ll take new actions and you’ll begin seeing a new world.

Who are you? Be her, now. Don’t wait.

#DontDip #BeHerNow #Channel2 

Gia just came in the kitchen asking me if it was Saturday and when I said ‘no’, she looked hella disappointed and asked, ‘but how did that happen?!’ She’s only 7 and already knows the uneasy feels of ‘smonday’.

Today when you become aware of those all-too-familiar resistant thoughts or feels about ‘tomorrow’, do two things-

1. Stop. Breathe. Smile. Look around at where you are. You’re only feeling anxious or worried because your mind has jumped ahead to ‘tomorrow’, ‘somewhere’, while you are ‘NOW’, ‘HERE’. You’re at home (or church, or Momma’s house) and you’re comfortable, safe and warm. You’re blessed. Allow that realization to hit you. In this moment , before the thoughts/inner voice, there’s nothing wrong. There’s just those hands holding this phone and the reading of these words. All is well. Stay here. Smile. Smile bigger as you finish reading...


2. Allow and choose your REAL energy- the go(o)d feels. You pretty much do, think and feel the exact same way most of the time (which is why you appear to live the same day over and over with minor variations). I’m sure today and this evening you’ll go through your usual rituals, which no doubt includes dreading or resenting some aspect of your upcoming week. You probably don’t feel terrible, but the energy you’re serving is just ‘aiight’... ‘cool’ and that’s how next week will be too. Above, I reminded you that you can’t be anywhere but NOW and HERE. You’re always here and now. Even when ‘tomorrow’ arrives, it’s now... here. ‘Tomorrow’ is just your awareness of another ‘now’. What you are, in essence, is consciousness (‘now’) with a particular energy or vibration. So instead of giving into and repeating the same feels of ‘smondays’ past, turn within and find the inherent go(o)d feels buried beneath the worry thoughts. When you allow and become conscious of your natural vibe, your REAL energy of peace and joy, you not only feel better, but your subsequent ‘nows’ will be doper as they can only reflect what you’re feeling. #BeHerNow

What feels are you serving up right now? 

by Elena Karimi of

Today is the 2nd of December, 2017.  Just a few days ago, men, women and children were sold as slaves in Libya. It was an auction where bidders announced what they were willing to pay for the specimen on display. Like an art auction.

“We have a man here! A strong farm hand! Look at him!” The black man was made to turn around so the buyers could see how strong he was. He had marks on his skin. On his shoulders, on his legs, on his arms. He had been beaten.

“For this strong man, we are starting the bidding at $200. You won't find better!” The buyers shouted their prices. The winner announced that he could pay $800. Bidding closed. That man is surely home now, somewhere in the world, in some farm, working for his keep.

Women and children were on sale too. As home helps, as sex slaves, as punching bags, as trophies. You name it, you can become it when you are bought and paid for.

There are not enough tears that can be shed for this, so shed no tears. No anger is strong enough, so save your anger for reckoning day. No silence loud enough than the silence you can hear when you see strong black African men, women and children in cages, in the darkness, waiting for a coward to buy them. We need to remember history in all clarity and justice in order to act effectively.

Some facts that we cannot ignore: In 1526, the first transatlantic slave voyage to Brazil was completed successfully. After that, the trade ports were open. But don't be fooled by the dates. The stealing, blackmailing, buying or hoodwinking of Africans into slavery had been ongoing for many generations, long before 1526. As far back as 1440, the Portuguese were capturing Africans into slavery. Africans, because of either their strength or their beauty were prey, like a cheetah's skin, or an elephant's tusk. Statistics, have shown that slave traders over the Mediterranean, The Gulf of Aden and The Red Sea into the Middle East, preferred female slaves. With a ratio of two women for a man, sex slaves and concubines for the harems were secured, used, abused, misused and disposed of. The numbers are staggering. Most of the men slaves traded over the Mediterranean, The Gulf of Aden and The Red Sea were castrated to make sure they couldn't reproduce, hence the black eunuchs in the middle east. While the male children born to the black women slaves were killed soon after birth, the girls were kept for the harems. So as not to spread the unclean offspring of black Africans and slaves.

So, you see, when slaves suddenly pop up on internet feeds being auctioned in Libya, we collectively wonder: Who is buying slaves? Is it the Libyans? Thanks to technology and the Internet, we will never be able to deny that we knew. It could be my brother leaving Kenya, on his way to me, through the forbidden, well guarded back doors. What luck and privilege that it isn't. We have been humiliated by images of Africans in cages before. In the 21st century, we are haunted by the shattered or silenced voices of our kindred sold long ago. It is enough. We cannot start all over again. I don't know how many ways we can say that Black Bodies Are Not Slaves. Our souls are dying in the basements designed by lazy cowards who can't do their own chores. Our sexuality is being tarnished by perverts who see us as less, except when they can describe us as exotic, present us either as sex objects they can use and misuse or as emotionless anger machines that can be shot without remorse.

It needs to stop now, and forever.

Do you want to help put a stop to this nonsense? Thanks to technology and the internet, we can now
meet on the internet and make ourselves heard, loud and clear, before it is too late. Below are a few dos and don'ts:

1. Do not ignore this. Some things, you cannot turn a blind eye or deaf year to. If they can sell the African today, they will sell any black skinned person they can lay their hands on in fives years tops.

2. Do not stay silent. Wherever you are, speak about this. Tell this to someone. What the heck?! Tell this to everyone in your reach. The echo of our voices may stop this.

3. If you are African, still in Africa or if you know Africans in Africa, remind them of the old forgotten wisdoms of trust, allies, age old friendships, and honour.
(*Africans, if you do not have a safe address and a trusted name, don't leave home. It is
better to die poor, on your feet, than die in a marble kitchen, a slave!*)

4. Please go to and add your voice to our whisper. Spread
the planned demonstrations in your handles if you can.

5. Doctors Without Borders are doing great work in helping run aways, cast aways, and new mothers. Donate to Doctors without borders and ear mark your donation for Libyan Slave Trade Victims.

6. African Women In Europe have organized a fundraiser to raise funds for a full plane to West African countries. This with the intention to send home those who have nowhere to go. Go to

7. Amnesty International is, and has been on the front lines of the STOP IT NOW campaign. Go add your voice and donation to our hoarse whispers. auction-shows-human-cost-of-inexcusable-migration-deals/


About Elena: I am an immigrant to Sweden, originally from Kenya. I came to Stockholm to study and stayed after finding work and love. Having siblings and friends in Kenya and East Africa, keeps my eyes almost always turned towards Africa. Being a black woman, belonging to the minority in Europe, keeps my spirit, survival instincts and prayers focused on the dark skinned population of the world. 

Last week was stressful af.

But it’s Friday evening so you’ve finally given yourself permission to feel go(o)d. To relax. To be yourSELF. What I want you to notice is that this feeling of relief and peace was also present last Monday when you had to drag your ass into the office... it was also present Tuesday and even yesterday morning when you woke up and sadly came to the realization that it wasn’t Friday, yet. Feeling go(o)d is your natural state, it’s your baseline, it’s your home vibe, it just gets covered up by thoughts and circumstances and thoughts about the circumstances. You only allow it in sometimes— on payday, on vacay and when your favorite artist finds that pocket 🎶

Now, smile. Bigger. BIGGER 😆 Keep smiling while you finish reading this.

Take a mental snapshot of how you feel right now. Memorize these feels. This is YOU. The real YOU. Choose to be aware of this inherent happiness in every moment by taking your power back from your inner critic, from that annoying coworker, from moody Bae or the dreaded Monday morning. You can allow these go(o)d feels no matter what appears to be going on in your life situation. Choose HER now and before you know it, you’ll be loving and living your best life. #BeHerNow

The reality is that you’re never disconnected from your TrueSelf (aka God, Tao, Source, The I Am, Being, Consciousness, Soul). Your awareness of the connection just gets covered up by thoughts and circumstances and thoughts about those circumstances.

And then your body interprets this apparent disconnection as tension/contraction/heaviness which your mind interprets as nerves, fear, anger, jealousy and low self-esteem. But when you maintain a moment to moment awareness of your connection to your TrueSelf— interpreted by your body and mind as peace, relief, joy and other go(o)d feels— you’re being HER, now. And she’s naturally confident, happy, clear-minded, kind, successful and strong.  Those characteristics that you’re so desperately striving for, that you believe you’re currently lacking, are who and what you are. Allow your inherent abundance to flow. Let go. Breathe. Smile. Be HER, now.