Eye Shadow + Lip Gloss = Shimmer Lips

Who says eye shadow is just for your eyelids? Likely many makeup manufacturers and potentially the FDA, but that seems like an impediment to creativity (and don’t those rules serve more as guidelines anyway?). With simplification in beauty routines all the rage (duel purpose blush and lip color anyone?), here’s another opportunity to embrace the double duty makeup product: your coveted shimmer eye shadow as lipstick, with the help of a binding lipgloss, of course.

A little bit of MAC Kitschmas Pigment and Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss—the gloss applied first with the glimmering shadow added atop the tacky surface—and you’re one step closer to the days of frosted lips past. A modern and decidedly paired down take on Mandy Moore circa “Candy” or potentially evoking thoughts of Andy Dwyer on the Christmas episode of Parks and Recreation. Both equally alluring, depending on your preference.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photographed by Elizabeth Brockway.

Rockstar Dads

Ways to get a love song written about you:

1. Date a rock star

2. Be so incredibly alluring that you never have to even meet the person who writes it (Marilyn Monroe died over two decades before Def Leppard released “Photograph,” leading to the conclusion that we could all unknowingly have love songs written about us—exciting!)

3. Have one as your dad

As you enjoy the touching slideshow above, here’s lyrical proof that Billy Ray was not, in fact, ready for Destiny Hope to transition into just being Miley. Because guitar-playing heartthrob dads are still dads nonetheless.

Feminine Fragrances Smell Amazing Too

It seems that the ingredient du jour for trendy perfumes is oud. It’s the mysterious bad boy to the fragrance world—John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank. It’s somewhat masculine, strong, dark, etc. But in terms of both the ‘80s hunk and preferred scents, I’m a subscriber to the Say Anything version: a nice and trustworthy companion that I can rely on time and time again to treat me right. And Fresh’s Pink Jasmine Eau de Parfum has been my Lloyd Dobler since high school.

I’m fond of the feminine fragrance—something light, fresh (no pun intended), and floral without feeling dated. I don’t want to smell like a grandma, but I don’t want to smell like I borrowed my boyfriend’s cologne either—I’m a lady and I want to smell like one. Between the flowery top and middle notes (including freesia, lilac, peony, and jasmine) and the warmer base notes of precious wood and marshmallow (amazing), the perfume is the ideal delicate fragrance fit for a non-geriatric counter-counter culture woman. I’ve probably gone through four bottles in my lifetime—about to spritz my fifth—and any perfume lover should know that that’s commitment at its realest.

—Elizabeth Brockway

The Slip Dress

My default uniform consists mainly of baggy tops and oversized bottoms (either purposefully designed in such a way or stolen from my imaginary boyfriend—aka, purchased from the men’s section). Fortunately in NYC this is considered fashionable, but in most circles it’s mainly seen as sloppy and/or an attempt to hide my more “feminine” figure. But between the incoming warmer weather and my newfound desire to embrace my natural form, I’m striving to find a way to flatter my shape without going full-on bodycon (though if that’s your style, this is the Five Cool Things for you). I’ve found success in the slip dress.

1. The Row Namara Silk-Jacquard Dress: I was a faithful fan of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley and my steadfast trust in those two has extended from their crime solving to fashion designs. The duo can do no wrong, especially when thin straps, a minimal print, and black silk are in the mix.

2. DKNY V Neck Illusion Dress: If you’re looking for an LB(slip)D even more minimal, try DKNY. Remember the days of bras with clear straps? Think of this as the modern take on the Y2K wardrobe staple.

3. 6397 Silk Charmeuse Bias Cami Dress: Or, obviously, you can give a real slip a chance—either doubled-up with another slip for added opacity, or on its own.

4. Maiyet Blockprint Camisole Slip Dress: If you like a little more color and texture in your life, this mock-gingham marigold dress can certainly help brighten up your closet.

5. Free People Viscose Voile Slip: And for those looking for a great frolicking ensemble, this LWD is just as perfect for flowery fields in the countryside as it is worn stepping through a patch of freshly-mowed city grass.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Open Thread: What’s Your “Local” Beauty Look?

A curious thing happened to me this past Thanksgiving when I returned home and attended an unofficial high school reunion—I felt very…”New York.” I’ve heard a rumor that it takes five years to become a true New Yorker (though according to Gawker it’s 10), and I’m more than six years in. Whatever the criteria, my MAC Cyber lipstick definitely had me looking like a fish out of water in a Dupont Circle bar in Washington, DC.

The scenario got me thinking: are there certain beauty trends that are strictly regional? And if so (and I’m betting the answer to my previous question is a definite yes), what are they? Sure, going bold and dark may be a downtown New York thing, barefaced makeup is stereotypically French, and blonde and beachy is characteristically LA, but I’m talking specifics. Whether it’s dark lipstick, thick and penciled-in eyebrows, dip-dyed hair, or frosted lipgloss, what are some beauty trends you consider normal that you’ve noticed are not the norm away from home?

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photo by Mathea Millman.