“Done” Hair Can Be Cool, Too

A rough browsing of YouTube leads me to believe that at least 50 percent (probably more) of the hair tutorials on the internet are about how to “achieve” bedhead/the model bend/beach hair. I get it, but can someone tell me: When did having “done-looking” hair become so uncool? You know what is also cool? Effort! Which is why you need a giant U-shaped pin in your life. It’s sleek, simple, uncomplicated—and it holds all hair types in an elegant twist.

I say this mainly because I’m completely enamored with Odile Gilbert’s line, which is also sold at Colette. The woman did the hair for Marie Antoinette for lord’s sake—I will do whatever she suggests. However, if you’re not interested in waiting four long, hard weeks for shipping from France, some less expensive, easier to find alternatives exist here and here.

Then it’s honestly too simple to even call it a tutorial. First, twist and bend:


Then pin:


As Odile might say, “Voila!”

—Eva Alt

Now that you’ve mastered her hair accessories, read about Odile Gilbert’s own beauty routine (and see her palatial Paris bathroom) in her Top Shelf. Or read more of ITG’s How-Tos here.

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One Earring Is Enough

There’s something understated and modern about sweeping your hair behind your ears to reveal just one ridiculously cool earring. It’s jewelry that makes a statement while being the opposite of everything tacky “Statement Jewelry” claims to be—you know what I mean? Wear less to get more—an idea we’ve been into for awhile, but one that feels right again with all the holiday merriment of late. Your schedule is busy enough, your outfit doesn’t need to be. Plus there’s the casual, cool factor: You forgot half of your earrings. On purpose.

1. IAM by Ileana Makri Safety Pin 10-Karat Gold Earring: These find the right balance between tough and sleek. I’d pair with a simple gold stud on the other ear. They also offer a more elongated version, with diamonds…which I’m planning on buying should I win the lottery. I’m feeling optimistic about that.

2. Sorelle Mara Earring: The architectural feel of the hoop/rod combo plays nicely with a single sweet pearl. Keep the rest of your look simple and let this earring do the talking.

3. Hirotaka Pavé Diamond & Gold Bar Arrow Earring: Earrings—in this case, earring—are more fun with a little danger. Though the tiny pavé diamonds make this one look a little less threatening.

4. Common Muse Nelle Ball Earring: J.W Anderson-esque (check out our gift guide) and ornamental-looking—like a silver ball on a tree. The very friendly price point makes this one a great option for those who’d like to dabble in the single earring arena. 

5. Lee Brevard Julia Earring with Stone: There are loads of options from Lee Brevard both in style and price to mix and match. Inspired by antique French military medals, this one feels medieval and gives a nod to the beloved Stone Paris version.

—Eva Alt

Photo via Getty.

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Things We Finish: PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Finding the right deodorant takes a surprising level of commitment, both financially and emotionally. First, there’s picking a scent that will hopefully mask enough of the fact that you’ve taken the non-antiperspirant path. Then there’s finding one that looks nice enough on your shelf without skewing too crunchy on the all-natural granola spectrum. But most importantly, there’s the trial-by-fire aspect. It’s the key measurement, and you won’t know where you stand ’til you try it—the “Will It Stain Your Clothes?” test.

Certain brands will remain nameless here, either for their price or the fact that they’ve ruined one too many silk shirts of mine (feel free to fire off the comments though). However, I’m happy to say that PiperWai Natural Deodorant is neither too expensive ($12!), nor has it taken any of my clothes with it on its way into the garbage.

A quick warning before we proceed: PiperWai is a créme, meaning you’ll have to touch your armpits when applying. But do this in the name of good hygiene and no questionable ingredients! I just scoop a pea-sized amount and rub it between my fingers to melt it a little. Then I’ll get in there and massage it in quickly (it’s charcoal in the jar—something about pH balance—but rubs on clear). There’s no dry-down time, either—a rarity amongst natural deodorant. The scent is far from powder fresh—a blend of 11 therapeutic-grade essential oils has a pungent but warming scent at first, and fades with wear. About four months of usage later, I can finally say I’m set in the underarm category.

—Eva Alt

Photographed by Tom Newton.

Don’t sweat: More deodorant recs from the likes of Amar’e Stoudemire and Jessica Stam can be found right this way.

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Who Do You Follow On Instagram?

A few weeks ago, I sent out a test balloon on @intothegloss’ Instagram: Who’s good to follow for inspiration?

This was part professional development and part personal curiosity—as a “social media professional,” Instagram is work and play. I follow accounts with exceptional caption-writing finesse (@superiorityburger, while random, is very amusing. Probably one of the only accounts I actually read each caption); I follow accounts to help me redecorate my bedroom (@alwayssssleep). As I see it, there are two key trends: people who are so interesting you’d follow them to the ends of the digital earth (@emrata, your Instagram + Snapchat are on my roll), and the omniscient moodboard types (here’s looking at you @theacademynewyork).

Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for who you follow. Perhaps swiping through @tashoakley’s globe-trotting life fills you with wanderlust when you’re buried in work at your desk. Maybe it’s style inspo from @thelinenyc—or @hannahbronfman reminding you to try a matcha latte. What I have noticed matters most is a good mix—@fuckjerry should always be served with a side of @alwaysjudging@joellehyman says it better than I can: “Aesthetic: @ninetiesmoments, Emotional: @krisjenner.”

Leave your thoughts, direct messages, and tags below.

—Eva Alt

Photos via Instagram.

When you’re done, we want to hear about what you do when you mask and your morning routine—and you can browse more Open Threads here

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Five Really Easy Ways To Be Healthy

Instagram is full of health food #goals. It’s easy to get sucked in—you mindlessly click follow, and before you know it, you’re liking every smoothie bowl with chia seeds and goji berries that flits past your screen. And here’s the thing: I want to have the time and energy to make my own Kombucha, to sprout my own almonds and turn them into milk, to make decorated mush morning, noon, and night. But there’s just something about living in a big city in a tiny apartment that makes those goals seems not feasible.

Enter my friend Sophie Jaffe. We met on Instagram. She’s an LA-based health and wellness expert, founder of The Philosophie, certified raw food chef, and mother of two baby angels. After a few email exchanges with her (and one too many sad desk salads), I’ve now got a few things on rotation that help me get extra nutrition without trying very hard at all.

1. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Sophie says that “unlike iodized table salt, pink sea salt hasn’t been mined using dynamite or exposed to modern day pollution. It’s mineral-rich and helps regulate your water content” (My interpretation: no sushi face). Also, it’s pretty! And #glossierpink.

2. Dulse Flakes: Calm down, they’re seaweed flakes, not sawdust. I sprinkle these iodine-rich specks on salads to up the nutritional value without altering the flavor much. Sophie also suggests other sea vegetables like nori, wakame, and kelp for “excellent sources of protein, potassium, iron, omega fatty acids, and vitamin B-12.”

3. Philosophie Superfoods in Green Dream, Berry Bliss, and Cacao Magic: I use these superfood blends everyday, thrown into sauces, oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, even pancake batter. Plus, once I grow up and buy a blender, I will put them in my smoothies. They’re filled with plant-based protein and star ingredients like spirulina, hemp, maca, chia, camu camu, and reishi mushroom. If that sounded like a different language you can trust me when I say they taste amazing.

4. Coconut Sugar Packets:  I keep a packet or two in my purse for when I’m out at a coffee shop and want a low-glycemic sweetener in my tea or coffee. Sophie says that “coconut sugar includes more nutrients than regular sugar since it’s unrefined and unprocessed.” It tastes just like brown sugar and doesn’t have a weird aftertaste.

5. Trader Joe’s Sauerkraut: When I asked Sophie about an easy way to get fermented foods in my diet without spending $10.99 on a jar of kimchi at Whole Foods or waiting three weeks while I make it myself, she introduced me to Trader Joe’s sauerkraut. Sophie explains that “it’s totally raw and fermented, aiding in proper digestion and a strong immune system.”  I eat a little on the side of my dinner for peace of mind, body, and gut.

—Eva Alt

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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