“There are not a lot of things that I can say I stick to for a long time. I really like to try new things. I mean there are certain things, especially with skincare, where if it works, you stick with it. But when it comes to makeup, it’s like toys or something. I love peeking at makeup artists’ bags and seeing what they’re using on me, and I always ask a billion questions about what their new favorite products are. There’s this never-ending curiosity about what’s out there and I find it really fun.

I definitely have been doing this job long enough that I’ve seen things change in terms of the red carpet and how much pressure there is there to look perfect. I just think it’s so much more fun to try new things and be creative because perfection is boring. It’s fun to do my own hair and makeup for the red carpet—if there’s time, I like to just stand in the bathroom and turn music on and light candles and go through all the steps of my routine. It’s sort of therapeutic. And I also feel accomplished if I look at the photo the next day and I like it. It’s nice to be in control of how I look. A lot of actresses I know struggle with looking at photos of themselves where they look good, but not like themselves. You want to look like the best version of yourself, but you end up looking like a really beautiful other woman who’s not you.

I’ve been mixing it up lately and I try not to always wash my face in the morning. I have these [Bioderma Crealine](http://shop-links.co/1566208066606149519) and [Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water](http://shop-links.co/1566208096707532695) that I use in the morning because my skin gets more dry in the winter. All my stuff is from my facialist, [Renée Rouleau](http://shop-links.co/1566208130389685597), so she has a system that’s specific to my skin. Most of my stuff is from her and I’ve been working with her for years. She has these great [Toning Cloths](http://shop-links.co/1566208184501007639) that she makes, that work really well to get makeup off. And I have really bad allergies and so in the morning, it’s really nice to use to wipe my eyes because they can be really red and itchy when I wake up.

Then I follow with the [Renée Rouleau Elderberry Toner](http://shop-links.co/1566208239298342113). After that, I try to immediately put on her [Vitamin C&E Treatment](http://shop-links.co/1566208282077585670). Basically I try not to let the toner sit on my skin because the whole purpose is to keep the moisture in, so you want to put the moisturizer or the serum on right after. And then I like to take a hot shower after that and kind of like let it steam and sink into my skin, unless I’m washing my face and then I usually wash my face in the shower. The last step of her morning routine for me is [SPF 30 Lightweight UVA/UVB Protection with 7% Zinc Oxide](http://shop-links.co/1566208874895284621), which is the one thing that she always tells me I should be using a lot of, that I should be out of it regularly. It doesn’t clog your pores at all, which is the problem I’ve had in the past with SPFs. It’s really light and you can really slather it on. I put a lot of it on my neck, I put it under my eyes and on my eyelids.

I just discovered [Avène](http://shop-links.co/1566208937311659032), which has been around for a long time but I had never heard of it, when I stumbled on it on vacation in France with my husband. My skin had broken out, and I didn’t remember to bring anything with me for breakouts, so I went to one of the pharmacies there. The woman who was working didn’t speak any English, so I just started searching the whole place for anything that had the word ‘acne’ in it. And I found [TriAcneal](http://shop-links.co/1566208985301318006), which I usually wear at night and I’ve become obsessed with. It’s for acne-prone skin but also has retinol, so it’s anti-acne and anti-aging in one. I feel like it really makes my pores feel a lot smaller, and I’ll just put it on any spots that I’m having trouble with.

At night, I usually start with either the [Eve Lom Cleansing Oil](http://shop-links.co/1566209062864542695) or the Bioderma, just to kind of get the makeup off, and then my nighttime cleanser, [AHA/BHA Deep Cleansing Gel](http://shop-links.co/1566209084208268636) from Renée Rouleau. And then I’ll use her toner again and her [Skin Correcting Serum](http://shop-links.co/1566209543485131310), which I’ll use after the toner. Then I have two different moisturizers depending on the weather. I have [Sheer Moisture](http://shop-links.co/1566209580797280451), which is really light that I’ll use when it’s hot during the summer months, and I have another one called [Hawaiian Nourishing Cream](http://shop-links.co/1566209621043243173), which I’ll use when it’s dry and wintry. And she has this neck cream that I’ve been using a lot, too, at night, because I’m just getting to that point where I’m really preparing for the future, more so than ever before.

Renée also has some really great masks that I use. The [Triple Berry Smoothing Peel](http://shop-links.co/1566209713163293872) is almost like having a lighter, at-home chemical peel because it really feels like you’re getting off a layer of dead skin. After that, she has the [Energizing Cleansing Masque](http://shop-links.co/1566209742866970320), which is more of a clay mask. I’ll use the [Bio Calm Repair Masque](http://shop-links.co/1566209780031983377), which is for any time you’re feeling red or sensitive, which really calms things down.

I’m in this phase in my life right now where I’m enjoying actually wearing makeup even when I’m not working, which is kind of a new thing for me. Over the years I’ve had phases where I’m into it and do ’40s makeup and hot rollers in my hair and red lips…and then I can go totally opposite. For the past couple years I was just into moisturizer and go. But recently I’ve felt empowered and a bit womanly when I sit and down my own makeup. Discovering Avène led me to try their [Haute Protection compact](http://shop-links.co/1566209863926161737) with a tinted SPF. That’s pretty much all I wear for foundation. It’s kind of like a cream but it’s very light, and it covers really well but you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything, and I love that. I’ve been doing my own makeup a lot recently for red carpet events and stuff, and I just wear that and it covers super nicely.

In the past month or two, I bought the [Anastasia Contour Kit](http://shop-links.co/1566210143775676418) and actually watched a YouTube video of this girl, who was showing how to do contouring. Even though I’ve worked with amazing makeup artists, I never actually see what they’re doing, so it’s still kind of fun to look at those kind of videos sometimes and learn. I’ve got my contouring brush, and I start with a blend of two colors on my cheeks, and then I blend that out, and on the cheekbone where you push your lips up and find that line. And I’ll do a little bit under my chin. And I’ll use the brown color a little bit on my neck, and then I’ll do just a thin line of the darker brown just on the chin bone, and a little bit on the sides of the nose. And I really, really blend it out. The [Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer](http://shop-links.co/1566210011003691323) that I have right now is just for under the eyes, and I usually kind of tap it out with a sponge.

Then I’ve been using this [L’Oréal Color Riche La Palette](http://shop-links.co/1566210196590091899) in *Nude 2* palette a lot lately. I really like the browns and the plums on the lids, because I’ve been liking doing a light, smoky daytime eye. And I’ll curl my lashes with the [Tweezerman eyelash curler](http://shop-links.co/1566210225873360240), but I also really like Shiseido as well. For mascara, my go-to is [L’Oréal Voluminous](http://shop-links.co/1566210877545002497). I also love [Diorshow](http://shop-links.co/1566210901933564612), which is kind of for anytime because I like that you can kind of control it—it’s a really nice layering mascara. For red carpet, I don’t use lashes anymore. I like just doing a thick coat of mascara and letting that be it.

It’s kind of random, but lately I’ve been using this [Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil](http://shop-links.co/1566211000402649958) as a lipliner. I tend to use blushes as lipstick or lipstick as blush and mix things up like that. It’s like an auburn colored eyebrow pencil that I think works really well as a brown-y nude lipliner. And then I usually just will put on some [Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream](http://shop-links.co/1566211039165871938). For my brows, I am obsessed with this [Benefit Gimme Brow](http://shop-links.co/1566211062051817787) and then I’ll layer on a lighter color. My hair is an in-between reddish auburn-y color, so I feel like when I do my eyebrows too dark sometimes it looks like a little jarring. I’ll put that on pretty liberally, especially at night or for an event I really like going for a strong brow.

When I’m going out, I just take everything up a notch—I’ll take my regular day look and I’ll just intensify it. I don’t usually wear an eyeliner during the day, but for night, I’ll wear a really thick liner and I’ll layer it like three or four times to really get it dark. I really like [Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liners](http://shop-links.co/1566211148940260373) and lately, this [Eyeko London Liquid Liner](http://shop-links.co/1566211186492136829). I still tend to go for the same kind of color scheme even for nighttime, but I just add more layers and go much stronger with it.

I really like a dark berry lip, but I find that sometimes it doesn’t photograph that well on me. What I find photographs best on me for red carpet is a really nude lip. So I’ll use that same liner but then I’ll go over it with a really nude lipstick like [MAC Slimshine Lipstick](http://shop-links.co/1566211223467331043) and then lip balm or gloss on top of it. I find that’s the most photogenic. Pretty much every year or so, I change what I’m interested in, in terms of aesthetics, like pretty drastically. So I have a lot of different colors in here because probably years ago I was really into bright orange lips and really clean eyes with a thin bit of liner, and that was what I was doing every day. And now I’ve totally gone in the other direction and I’m adopting more of almost like a ’90s kind of aesthetic with more brown lips and smokier eyes. I was really against it for a little while because I thought, I lived the ’90s, I’m not going to like go back to that, but it’s grown on me.

Every time I start a new job, they want something different from my hair. But even if it’s a subtle difference I’m getting my hair colored pretty regularly and now I’m just starting to get enough grey where I have to get it colored, which is a very new thing for me. The last few times I’ve been going to [Salon Benjamin](https://intothegloss.com/2015/07/salon-benjamin/), been getting my hair cut by [Dylan Chavles](http://www.dylanchavles.com/) or [Anna Dunn](https://www.instagram.com/annaleighdunn/), and [Mischie Palumbo](http://www.salonbenjamin.com/team/mischie/) does my color there. And they stock [Davines](http://shop-links.co/1566245884444052131) there, and so I usually buy that because that’s what they use there and my hair always looks so good!

If I have enough time, I’ll do my own hair in the morning. But I really like to let it air dry to let the natural wave come out—it’s nice if I’m able to do it at night and just sleep on it wet to get the right texture. Every time I start a new job, the hairstylist gives me something that they recommend that I should use, and so I always use that and I always think it’s great and then the next job somebody gives me something else I should use. Right now I’ve been using the [Marula Oil Shampoo](http://shop-links.co/1566245644339055612), which I really like and I love how it smells. Lately I’ve been trying not to use conditioner because I found that I was breaking out right where the ends of my hair fall. So that was a little clue that maybe I didn’t really need to use conditioner. And since my hair’s pretty oily naturally on its own, I’ve found that it’s been fine without any.

I really love surf sprays and salt sprays, so I have several of those. Like everybody, I love the [Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray](http://shop-links.co/1566245722932404669), which is probably my favorite hair product of all time. I have some different creams that I’ll use when it’s wet if I’m going out just to make sure there are no frizzies or flyaways. And then if I have to dry it, I’ll use a diffuser so that I can keep the wave in there. That’s pretty much it, I don’t go too crazy with the products in my hair.

My everyday fragrance is [Chloé Eau de Parfum](http://shop-links.co/1566245912039150847), which I’ve been wearing every day for about five or six years. It’s become one of those things where if my friends smell it on someone else they get weirded out because they’re like, no it smells like Mary! So I like having a signature scent that people can sort of know you by. But I also really love [Le Labo](http://shop-links.co/1566245939035767776), which I tend to do more at home, in the [Santal 26 candle](http://shop-links.co/1566245986225645193) and [home fragrance](http://shop-links.co/1566246023237554429).

I’m a big scent person, so if I use anything, it’s usually more for scent than for any sort of skin benefits. When I take a bath, I love to use the [Lavender Bath Essence by Dr. Hauschka](http://shop-links.co/1566246068438385651). It really helps my day go a lot better if I feel like my environment smells really pretty and natural and uplifting.”

—as told to ITG

*Mary Elizabeth Winstead photographed by Nikko La Mere in Los Angeles on December 14, 2015. Interview by Alexis Brunswick.*

Mary Elizabeth Winstead photographed by Emily Knecht on TKTKT. Interview by Alexis Brunswick.

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*The best thing about beauty is that you don’t need to be a makeup artist to be an expert. All you really need to do is your own makeup—and do it a lot—and voilà! You’re an expert. So, by that measure, [Jessica Sheft-Ason](http://intothegloss.com/2015/10/jessica-sheft-ason-jan-kokott/), Glossier’s digital product manager, is the office’s foremost expert on cat eye liner. By extension, she knows quite a bit about the entire eyelid category, including eyeshadow primer. Want proof? Read her guide below…*

Recently, someone posted a message on our internal “Ask ITG” Slack channel (a place dedicated to asking each other beauty questions—yes, we too ask ITG a lot of questions): “Why do I need eye primer? Is it different than face primer? And which one?” A few messages later, I realized I actually had a lot to say on the somewhat niche subject. And I figured it’d be nice to share a little bit of our office chatter here for all to see.

If you wear makeup on your eyelids, chances are you could benefit from some eye primer. Its main goal is to keep whatever liner, shadow, etc. you put there exactly where you want it. So if you don’t want your cat eye to end up on your upper lid—or worse, near your brow, use a primer. A good one will also help shadow from creasing or migrating to the rest of your face.

Eye primers are different from their cousin cateogy, face primers, though. Mainly, they’re a bit thicker and come in smaller tubes. This accounts for the fact that they’re often used to hold a little more artistry in tact—your smoky eye job is probably more intricate than your contour. That being said, if you don’t have eye primer, face primer is an excellent stand-in. When in a real pinch, try concealer under shadow.

Of course things aren’t that simple though. There are a bevy of heavily reviewed, dedicated products that claim to do the very important work of making your eyes look great. Below are five—pick the one that suits you and your lids the very best and tell me which one you go with. I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

__[Urban Decay Primer Potion](http://shop-links.co/1566252997619663132)__: I’ve had this one in my bag ever since I started watching YouTube tutorials. On that note, I honestly think would be a challenge to find an eye makeup video that doesn’t involve this primer in some regard. It’s the standard for a good eye primer and if you’ve never used one, this is the one to start with. Note: Lots of people simply refer to it as “UDPP”—the more you know!

__[Too Faced Shadow Insurance](http://shop-links.co/1566253024787677198)__: I normally wouldn’t recommend buying an insurance policy from Too Faced Cosmetics, but if the policy is against eye shadow creasing than I just might. This is one of my favorite primers for eyelids that are especially oily (re: mine). After applying, I let it settle for a moment and then do my eye makeup. After that, nothing moves.

__[Nars Smudge Proof Eye Base](http://shop-links.co/1566253049764291408)__: This primer stands out from the rest because it is 100% colorless (the others mostly have nude-toned bases). I reserve using this one for when I want a more natural eyeshadow look.

__[MAC Paint Pots](http://shop-links.co/1566253076902095910)__: These are great because they can be worn under eyeshadow or on their own, and also come in a ton of shades. A classic favorite of mine is a buff nude called *Painterly* which I can only describe as “My Eyelids, But Better.” Another gem is *Rubenesque*, which is a beautiful copper color that I wear on its own.

__[NYX Eye Shadow Base](http://shop-links.co/1566253099753171387)__: These primers come only in a few shades of neutrals/shimmers, but have a creamy consistency that I really enjoy. My favorite shade is *Pearl*, which is a shimmery white that can either look very late ’90s (on it’s own) or barely-there-glitter (under eyeshadow).

—Jessica Sheft-Ason

*Photographed by Tom Newton.*

*Now that your lids are primed, here’s the [smoky eye quads](https://intothegloss.com/2014/11/smoky-eye-shadow-quads-tutorial/) you should use on them.*

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The first person you see when you step foot in Glossier HQ is Cherie Camacho. She’s usually wearing something vintage or custom, but occasionally something from A$AP Rocky’s Guess collab (she’s an Opening Ceremony veteran—wardrobe is as on point as you would expect). Her job as Glossier’s Administrative Coordinator means she basically runs the office—she’s Glossier HQ’s Olivia Pope, as she mentioned in her [Meet The Team interview](http://intothegloss.com/2016/02/cherie-camacho-lynley-flanagan/). “In two words, ‘It’s handled,'” she said.

Suffice it to say, Cherie is good at mornings. It takes a lot to get here and look that good by 9am. Luckily, you too can have mornings like Cherie. Here’s how:

–Have an excellent roommate who wakes up before you and makes enough coffee for two

–Make an empanada to eat while you drink that coffee (Goya Discos + queso blanco = yum)

–Hop in the shower and wash your face with [Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser](https://www.glossier.com/#!/products/milky-jelly-cleanser), making sure to take care of any makeup you may have missed last night…

–Quickly make use of the steam in your bathroom and moisturize—Cherie uses [Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer](http://shop-links.co/1566155999481195463) to prevent breakouts

–Move to where the best light in your house is!

–Prep skin for makeup with [Glossier Priming Moisturizer](https://www.glossier.com/#!/products/priming-moisturizer)…really rub it in there for a plump, hydrated canvas

–Then spread [Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint](https://www.glossier.com/#!/products/perfecting-skin-tint) (Cherie uses *Deep*) all over your face; points for war paint application technique, followed by hands

–Dab, dab, dab, blend, blend, blend [Glossier Stretch Concealer](https://glossier.com/#!/products/stretch-concealer) where you need it, like under the eyes to look like you got a couple extra hours of sleep this week

— Lips! Cherie does a light coat of *Jam*, the wine-stainy, darkest shade of [Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick](https://glossier.com/#!/products/generation-g)

–For the sake of efficiency (and it’s just a great color), she uses the same Gen G on her cheeks and blends out like a cream blush

–Cherie switches between *Brown* and *Black* [Boy Brow](https://www.glossier.com/#!/products/boy-brow)—*Brown* when she’s feeling subtle, *Black* for when she’s feeling “in your face.” Today is an in your face day.

–Finish the look off with mascara—[Coloscience’s version](http://shop-links.co/1566157432184724311) in *Black* in particular

–Get dressed

–Right before you leave, pick your fragrance based on your mood. When in doubt, [Escentric Molecules Molecule 01](http://shop-links.co/1566157514696401856)

For more morning routines, check out our #GRWM series featuring [Emily Weiss](http://intothegloss.com/2016/01/grwm-emily-weiss/), [Coco Baudelle](https://intothegloss.com/2016/03/coco-baudelle-grwm/), and [Linda Bui](https://intothegloss.com/2015/10/linda-bui-glossier/).

*Filmed and edited by Will Kitchings.*

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“My beauty routine starts with exercise in the morning. I do an hour of dancing every day—I’m a lifelong [Tracy Anderson](http://intothegloss.com/2013/08/tracy-anderson/) member. I wake up at 6:30am every day and I get my kids ready, take them to school, and then I go straight to the gym for an 8am cardio class. It’s key to get a good sweat every day. I think that’s an important foundation for a skincare routine.

So I work out and then I wash my face in the shower, just with water. After that, I’ll put on the [Goop Revitalizing Day Moisturizer](http://shop-links.co/1566153088609183382) plus a sunscreen over that—I like the [Coola](http://shop-links.co/1566153121191130705) and [Drunk Elephant](http://shop-links.co/1566153151317288333) ones. But my skin regime really starts in the evening. If I’m wearing makeup, I’ll take it off with the [Goop Luminous Melting Cleansing](http://shop-links.co/1566153186521597939), which is a balm. You emulsify it in your hands and really massage it in and then take it off with a hot, wet cloth, and your skin is so clean and glowy afterwards. I follow that with the [Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial](http://shop-links.co/1566153229833040580), which I do every night. But I’m old, so… [Laughs] It’s very active and you feel it tingling. I leave that on for two minutes. We also just started selling the [May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon](http://shop-links.co/1566153278815263244) on Goop, and it’s so good to soothe skin after exfoliating. So after I scrub off the mask, I make sure to put that on, sometimes with the [Goop Replenishing Night Cream](http://shop-links.co/1566153344681901150) and [Perfecting Eye Cream](http://shop-links.co/1566153321091043355).

I’m not very good at putting on makeup, which is, I think, a result of having had my makeup done for 20-plus years. But now I can do the foundation, a little cheek, and some mascara. Luckily I have my own foundation color because I helped develop it. [Laughs] The [Juice Beauty Illuminating Primer](http://shop-links.co/1566153395484379678) and [Serum Foundation](http://shop-links.co/1566153459881683229) are foolproof and great. I just apply the primer with my fingers like a moisturizer, and then with the foundation I use one of those little [Beautyblenders](http://shop-links.co/1566153689821365519). My daughter gave it to me—she’s very into beauty products. Then I like [Tata Harper’s Lip and Cheek Tint](http://shop-links.co/1566153809633161470), and I use the [Juice Beauty Mascara](http://shop-links.co/1566153834983711328). I’ll also use the [Olio E Osso Lip and Cheek Balm](http://shop-links.co/1566153862657189517) in *Number 5 Currant*—I love it! It’s a really dark color but it doesn’t go on like that. It’s pretty sheer. Lips, cheeks, I’m good.

My hair has three different textures—coarse, damaged, dry blond hair. It’s my nightmare. To wash it, I really like the [Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner](http://shop-links.co/1566153915732467055). And then…‘style’ is probably a broad term for what I do to it after I wash. I just air dry it and then put an oil in. There’s a Spanish oil I like called [Orofluido](http://shop-links.co/1566154005051450214), or I’ll use the [Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil](http://shop-links.co/1566154030836289821). It’s very wavy, so if I have to go out, I’ll use [Harry Josh’s flatiron](http://shop-links.co/1566154080000333829) on the underneath. But I leave the top as it is.

I’m all about scrubs, scrubs, scrubs. I have a whole variety of them and I use them all. I like the [Organic Pharmacy’s Cleopatra’s Body Scrub](http://shop-links.co/1566154201548081324), and [Shiva Rose’s Sea Siren Body Scrub](http://shop-links.co/1566154227555641085). I shower after the gym and scrub, and then at night I always take a hot bath at the end of the day. There’s this line out of England called [Ila](http://www.ila-spa.com/)—they’re insane. They make the most incredible set of [essential oils](http://shop-links.co/1566154301401171534) that I’ve ever used, and they’re named after all of the elements. So for my bath, I’ll put in some essential oils and then epsom salt from the drugstore. And then I moisturize…[Tammy Fender’s Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil](http://shop-links.co/1566154353105901726), I love. I’m very into oils for my skin. But I have to put them on dry, I can’t put them on wet. I can be a little dewy, but not wet.”

—as told to ITG

*Gwyneth Paltrow photographed by Tom Newton in New York on March 4, 2016.*

*Next up, read about [Jenni Kayne’s favorite organic oils](http://intothegloss.com/2016/03/jenni-kayne/), [Evan Rachel Wood’s drinkable beauty secret](http://intothegloss.com/2016/03/evan-rachel-wood-beauty/), and [Daphne Groeneveld’s mask for weakened hair](http://intothegloss.com/2015/10/daphne-groeneveld-beauty/) in The Face.*

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“I grew up in California, but I’ve been living in New York for almost 10 years now—I moved here after college. Initially I was going to school for Hotel and Restaurant Management, but I think I knew I would end up cooking in some capacity. I wanted to approach culinary arts from a more of a creative standpoint than I thought I would be able to if I went to culinary school. I ended up graduating with a degree in General Humanities, which allowed me to take a lot of interdisciplinary courses. Food, for me, was an inherent thing that I couldn’t help but love. As a kid I wanted to be a chef. Now I’m doing it and I’m doing it in a way that I would never imagine.

When I started cooking after school, I was pretty casual about it. I was like, ‘You know, I’m just going to stop into this little neighborhood spot and see if this woman who owns it will teach me some stuff.’ She said that she was down and I learned how to make coffee and bake—I became like an assistant manager, basically. She would let me play around with whatever and that was really fun for me.

I knew that I eventually wanted to explore working in a busy professional kitchen, so I started looking to meet someone who would teach me again. That’s how I met Jean Adamson, who had worked at a lot of Keith McNally restaurants, Balthazar and Pastis. She saved up money to open this small restaurant in Dumbo called [Vinegar Hill House](http://vinegarhillhouse.com/) and we just hit it off. I worked there for three years, learning as much as I could from her. Then I met Danny Bowien who was the owner of [Mission Chinese](https://missionchinesefood.com/) in San Francisco—he wanted so badly to open a restaurant in New York. He decided to hire me for the job. Neither of us had ever opened a restaurant from the ground up, but we figured out how to do it together. I’ve been working for Mission Chinese for almost 4 years, and we’ve opened three restaurants together since. We are really pushing to challenge ourselves and do more. We don’t know what that means, but we want to continue working together, which is really cool.

My skin type is pretty non-problematic, except that I need to exfoliate. I’m always in front of grease, so that’s what I’m taking care of, basically. My cleanser is [Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant](http://shop-links.co/1565854695971436612), which is rice-based and not too harsh. There’s a lot of stuff going on in it, but it makes my skin feel really smooth and refreshed. If I need something stronger, I like the [Aesop Purifying Exfoliant Facial Paste](http://shop-links.co/1565854925962536357), but it’s too abrasive to use every day.

This [Gypsy Rose Toner by Poppy & Someday](http://shop-links.co/1565855300247754844) is also something I’m obsessed with. It’s just a rose hydrosol, but I like the texture of this one in particular. It felt more refreshing compared to other ones—softer. I bring this around at work and mist people. I’m sure they love to have a lady chef that just sprays them with rose all the time!

When I get a little dry, I’ve started using this product called [Everyday Oil](http://shop-links.co/1565859936060950410) everywhere. It’s made by this woman Emma who made the blend for herself, and you can use it for anything! I use it on my hair, my hands, everything. What I really like about it is the smell—it’s kind of unisex.

I’ve been using eyeliner since I was a kid. People always comment on the eyeliner that I use because I do it so well, but it’s because I’ve been doing it since I was in high school. In all the kitchens I’ve worked in, I’ve always used eyeliner because you don’t really need to reapply it and I feel finished with it on, but not made-up. I can go from work to going out and feeling like I have my look. It’s really minimal, just lipstick and eyeliner and a little bit of concealer.

The blue liner I wear came from a lot of experimenting with bright colors—it just looked really good and became a staple for me. I’m obsessed with [Lancôme Artliner](http://shop-links.co/1565860083953972016) in *Saphir*, but I also use the Sephora Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner in *Pool Party* [ed note: discontinued], too, because I run through them so quickly. They are kind of the same shade.

On the rest of my face, I use the [Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer](http://shop-links.co/1565860771123750326) or [Smashbox BB Cream](http://shop-links.co/1565860792135409508)—I like how light they are. Then I like the [Laura Mercier High Coverage](http://shop-links.co/1565860815906128149) for under-eyes. It’s really intense so I only do a tiny bit and use a sponge with it. My favorite lipcolor at the moment is [Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick](http://shop-links.co/1565860891995388950) in *Envious*. The color stays on for so long and it doesn’t rub off, like a stain. But what I really like is that they come in tiny tubes so I can throw it in my pants pocket and take it with me.

My friend [Aki Yamaguchi](http://akihisa0704.tumblr.com/) cuts and colors my hair. He mostly does editorial shoots, but he also rents a chair at this place in the Lower East Side called [Kropps & Bobbers](http://www.kroppsandbobbers.com/), so I can just walk there from work. I’ve been dying my hair this red color a lot this year—I always wanted this deep red and I had it in high school and I guess I was nostalgic. When I’m at work you can’t really tell because it’s in a bun, but when I’m out, my lipstick brings out the color of the red, which I really like. I think I might switch it to a deep blue, like a black-blue, next season.

Right after I get my hair colored, I use the [Rusk Deepshine Color Conditioner](http://shop-links.co/1565861501393046936). I’m always looking for something sulfate-free when I color my hair and this one smells really good, too. I feel like after I chemically treat my hair I need something more intense. It’s one of those conditioners that after you put it in it feels so slick afterwards and then I stop using it after my first few washes. I also like the Aveda ones because they are minty and feel really refreshing. I wash my hair only four times a week because I don’t like the fluffiness that comes with freshly cleaned hair. I’ll use the Everyday Oil again to mat it down and have more of a wet look. [Jao Coiffette](http://shop-links.co/1565861549424746133) is good, too, because I love the way it smells.

I get gel pedicures. It’s a process—it takes like an hour and a half because they need to use a special light to seal it. It’s pretty cool because once the process is done, you can put your socks on and get out of there. I get it done at [Vanity Projects](http://shop-links.co/1565861317353304659) in the Lower East Side. I mostly do white or opal and they last for a really long time. And I only do my toes because I can’t have manicures at work.

This year I decided that I want to have a fragrance. I haven’t had one since I was in high school and I used to use Issey Miyake. I loved it! Now I’m exploring options. I’m obsessed with Regime des Fleurs’ purple one–[Water/Wood](http://shop-links.co/1565865031971415045). It’s kind of citrusy. I also love the [Dimes Cedar Candle](http://shop-links.co/1565865173962074415). Then I like to light cedar incense before I shower because it makes me feel calm. I just bought it on Amazon.

After work, I’ve been really into pampering myself a little bit. That might mean a multitude of things, like drawing a really nice bath or having a facial routine every night. I also like having nice bar soaps—there’s this really nice one that I use called [Pearl](http://shop-links.co/1565865382803679542) and I get it at the Ace Hotel. It’s a charcoal soap that smells really good and has crushed pearls in it as an exfoliator. It’s nice to have all these small luxurious things around. And if someone gives me roses, I’ll dry them and put them in my bath.

One thing I like to do in the bath I picked up from [Spa Castle](https://intothegloss.com/2014/09/spa-castle-reviews/)…all the ladies’ communal Jacuzzi shower area always purchase these small exfoliating pads that are very fine. You go there and all these ladies are helping to scrub each other and it’s so cute! The age range is so wide, too. I’m really into those and I’ll use them on my body a couple times a week. When I get a chance, I like to go to this really low-key spa called [Organic Mama Spa](http://organicmamaspa.com/) on Allen Street. They get booked, but you can call a day before to see if there are any cancellations. I get massages pretty frequently because I’m standing and lifting. Downstairs they have a Jacuzzi, a steam room and a bunch of showers, but no one is ever there, so I can hang out. I also got a gift certificate to [Ancient Aire Baths](http://www.ancientbathsny.com/) and it was really couple-y and romantic, but it wasn’t really for me. It was a look. I like the Korean spas better because it’s more of a lifestyle.”

—as told to ITG

*Angela Dimayuga photographed by Tom Newton in her home in New York City on December 16,2015.*

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