Once upon a time, I was a "naturally slim" gal.  For the most part, it took little effort to keep my girlish figure. Then, things changed.  It probably was a combination of less activity (working from home) and poor eating choices (constant access to a stocked fridge).  Either way, I slowly put on an extra 10-15 lbs that seemingly came out of no where.

At my height/frame, 10+ lbs makes all the difference in the world.  After experimenting with multiple ways to shed the weight, I came to the conclusion that it's critically important to incorporate a few powerful and easy to maintain habits that really work.  It's always nice to learn from others who've discovered their keys to keeping a healthy weight.  Recently, Simone shared her go-to tips via Instastory.  I quickly captured them to see what we can learn from her healthy lifestyle.
Before we begin, I want to address the obvious. Simone has a very slim frame.  One might look at her and dismiss her advice because Simone looks like one those girls who don't have to put a millisecond of thought into maintaining her figure.  If that were true, then would she even have any tips to share?

If she doesn't have to do anything to keep her tummy toned, then why do ab workout videos? There would be no need.

I used to hold this belief that some people did nothing to experience the benefits they enjoyed. For instance, I classified Kelly Rowland as a naturally slim person born with a set of toned abs.  Then I learned that the woman did hundreds of sit ups before bed.  My mind was blown.  From that day forward, I realized that I need to learn from those who exhibited the qualities that I wanted, and not assume that they did nothing to create their results.

Ok, enough rambling.  Here's a recap of what Simone shared as her keys to staying slim.
First let's discuss her disclosure about how much liquid she consumes.  Water, green tea and coffee are her beverages of choice.  According to her, staying hydrated helps suppress her appetite.  Sound familiar?  Ever since I learned that the underlying reason for hunger could be thirst, I've started reaching for my water bottle before defaulting to a snack.  So far so good.

We've already discussed, at length, how green tea can be a great appetite suppressant. Not only does it help you ward off cravings, it's loaded with antioxidants. 

The other day I watched a video where a girl addressed a question that she was constantly receiving from her followers.  They noticed that she ate quite a lot according to her Snapchat stories, yet she stayed slim.  One explanation for how she was able to maintain her weight was because she consumed around 8 cups of green tea daily.  Green tea is one of those miracle drinks that you gotta get familiar with.  Not only does it help curb appetite but when paired with exercise, it helps you burn more calories at rest.  It's an ally in our war against unwanted weight.

Simone goes on to reiterate a lesson that I just recently shared about eating our last meal earlier in the day.  Devouring a heavy meal then going to bed is a recipe for disaster.  Not only are we robbed of valuable human growth hormone (HGH), our sleep isn't as sound. By the way, HGH is responsible for helping keep us lean and toned. Eating late meals is like you're begging to put on weight.

Finally, Simone reveals a couple of gems.  Her favorite workout videos.

Whenever I see a workout video on YT, I immediately scan the comments for testimonials.  This slim waist video has over 2 millions views so there were several testimonials available.  Many of the reviewers said they noticed a difference in around 3 days.  That's super exciting.  I like the fact that focus of the workout is to slim the waist, not just to build bulky abs.

The second video is also from Vicky. Again, the comments are very promising.

Reece Faul

Started a week ago unbelievable the difference I do it once in the morning and once in the evening 4-5 times a week, gunna keep on doing it until I have skinny waist!

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i've been doing this for 3 days , my waist is so small .... 3 days ! how ?

Who's ready to give these workouts a try?

Yesterday, I had a bit of an epiphany regarding my struggle with sugary snacks.  I think I found a way to break my mini addiction. Thanks to this breakthrough, I'm about to completely transform how I relate to sugar.

After getting back into the habit of meditating, I'm taking on the role of "the observer" in my daily life.  The observer is simply where instead of doing things automatically (and without thought), you pay attention to your actions and analyze them as if you're on the outside looking in. Most of the time, we're active participants in our foolishness instead of looking at our actions from an objective point of view.

By simply paying attention to my triggers and subsequent actions, I may have finally solved the mystery of why I binge on sweets.  If you apply "the observer method", you could potentially unlock the key to breaking bad habits and replace them with powerful new ones.
Most of the time, we're operating under this cloud (or fog).  We carry out actions without much thought to the behavior or the consequence.  Worst of all, some of the stuff we do is the complete opposite of what we say we want.  By the time we realize what's happened, it's too late.

This is the what I've been dealing with when it comes to eating sugar.  When it's really bad, I can eat several individual snacks in one sitting.  Typically the pattern repeated itself no matter how much I wanted to change it.

Recently, I've become hyperaware of the ill effects of even small amounts of sugar.  Even after eating a couple cookies, I notice my body isn't happy with my decision.   Before, I didn't notice this adverse effect until I had consumed way too much. But meditation (focusing on my breath) has caused me to notice my present state.

So here's what happened.

Typically, in the early afternoon, my body is looking for an energy source to fuel the next couple of hours.  Since I'm busy working, I reach for what's closest & most convenient.  Most times, high sugar snacks look very attractive.  I eat a sweet snack.  Next comes a feeling of euphoria as the sugar hits the tastebuds. I reach for another one.  More sugar stimulation.  Maybe one more. Minutes later, I notice this weird feeling.  My body is actually reacting to the rush of sugar as if it's a bad thing.  More time passes.  Here comes the sugar crash.  Now I feel really sleepy in the middle of my workday.  I wanted the sugar to supply quick fuel but it's doing the exact opposite.

Once I finally became fully aware of this endless cycle, I tried a different approach.

It's early evening and I'm becoming sluggish after a busy day.  I'm looking for a quick pick me up before dinner.  Instead of going for a cookie, I reach for a bottle of green juice.  Time passes.  I get a sudden, small jolt of energy.  More time passes, there's no weird crash or sugar hangover.  Success!  I got exactly what I was looking for but without the negative side effects.

It's common knowledge that veggie juices will fuel the body better than any cookie. So why was I always making the wrong decision even though I already knew better? Simple. I was operating based on past behaviors.  There was a set of instructions already in place based on what I executed so many times before.  Nothing would change that unless I made a conscious choice.

Making a conscious decision is probably one of the hardest things we can do.  There's this thing called decision fatigue and it's real.

 Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision making. It is now understood as one of the causes of irrational trade-offs indecision making.

Decision fatigue make us default to the easy (and non-optimal) choice.  In the case of my sugar cravings. I'm going to make sure to have plenty of green juice (and no sugary snacks) nearby.  It takes will power to choose a green drink over a tasty treat.  I don't want to put myself in that position again.  Will power is a great concept but we tend to have limited supply of it.  Sometimes it's easier to take away the option that can lead to failure than to try to overcome it.

We have to pay close attention to the outcomes that follow our choices then decide if we want to continue to repeat the same scenario over and over again. 

Next up, I need to apply conscious decision making when grocery shopping.  When I come up on those cookies again, my brain will conveniently remember how good they tasted and neglect to remind me of the crazy sugar crash and mild headache that ensued.  I've got to prepare to successfully cross that bridge when I come to it.  Hopefully more time in meditation practicing awareness will help.

This notion of becoming the observer to your behavior is very powerful.  And we can apply it to every area of our lives. We can leverage it to alter our limiting habits or amplify the actions that we take that bring us positive results.  It goes both ways.  What's most important is that we become aware of our behavior so we can chose to live in a way that aligns with what we want.

I while back, while strolling through the aisle of my local Asian market, when suddenly I spotted an interesting package I knew I had to have.  It was a package of dried up little rosebuds not unlike potpourri.

But on the back of the package were brewing instructions.

These little dried up roses were meant to create rose flavored tea or rose water.  The product description contained the following sentence : "red rose can help improve a dull complexion and skin moisture."  Although I wasn't sure exactly what those words meant or if they were even true, but I needed to try it and find out.
All of us probably have a bottle of rosewater sitting on a dresser that we mist our face with from time to time.  But did you also know that rosewater drinks are becoming a thing?

When you see an image of a celebrity sharing an image of themselves enjoying a large container of chilled rosewater, one has to ask....why is she drinking it?

If you do a little research on the benefits of consuming rose water internally, the first and most touted benefit is it's anti inflammatory benefits.  That's probably why rose water is so great when applied topically.  But, did you know that rose water is a high anti-oxidant beverage containing vitamin A, B3 C, D, and E.  In fact, the anti-oxidant properties were so potent that researchers compared it to vitamin E ( a powerhouse antioxidant).  They also determined that rose water had the ability to inhibit lipid peroxidation.  Oxidation is directly related to the aging process.  And because rosewater is so effective in slowing down oxidation, it's being considered a viable medical grade treatment for free radical related diseases.
cilk rosewater
That's powerful stuff.  Its no wonder why these designer juice companies are quickly adding rose water drinks to their lineup.  Please, don't reach for your facial toning spray and consume it.  That stuff is not meant to be taken internally.  Instead, you should seek out food grade rose water and there's a bunch on the market.

Here's a little snippet from a couple happy customers who experienced wonderful skin benefits as a result of her faithful consumption of rose water.

"...over the last several months I've been drinking h2rose religiously and have noticed my skin is much softer, I no longer have to use lotion like before and the quality of my skin all around is significantly better."

I finished 12 bottles of All Beauty Water in exactly 12 days because I wanted to see if I would have instant results. I must say I am truly amazed at how beautiful my skin looks and feels. I stuck to the same skin care regimen wash routine so the only thing I can attribute my new glowing skin to is All Beauty Water. It is truly a miracle in a bottle and an added bonus is it tastes great. My skin looks healthy, refreshed and it is blemish free. I will make this a part of my daily skin care regimen.

I got into drinking rose water this past winter.  I brewed about a half gallon at a time but didn't get to drink it consistently because my husband acquired a taste for rosewater and would consume most of it.  But, thanks to the gentle reminder from Justine Skye 's Instastory and learning about the powerful antioxidant affects online, I'm ready to jump back on the rosewater bandwagon.

Several weeks ago, I sat across the table from my brother. We were in his office, holding a mastermind meeting of sorts.  The topic of discussion was the present state of our businesses.  He shared his wins and his areas of focus for the remainder of the year.

When it was my turn to share, I talked about some of the great things that happened this year, but I also brought up the fact that I was experiencing a downturn in current results.  I came equipped with strategies and action plans to turn things around.  Weeks later, I'm happy to report that I've completely transformed the situation.  Month to date, I've doubled my results compared to the same period last month.

Let's talk about how I did it.
Years ago, I learned a principle so powerful that it changed my life.  Before applying this principle, I operated under an invisible ceiling in my business.  I generated a certain dollar amount in revenue and couldn't seem to grow it anymore.

Then I learned (and applied) a teaching that worked so extraordinarily well for me that I couldn't believe it. 

Basically, I was reminded of how important our "state" is when we are in the process of creating.  What I mean by "state" is how you are mentally and energetically.  Creation only occurs when we're operating at a higher energetic state.

For instance, when I'm laying on the couch with the MacBook on my lap, I'm operating at a low energetic state, so I rarely create high-quality work.  But if I work at my desk or at an outdoor coffee shop, there is a shift in how I feel, therefore I am able to create at a different level.

If I'm trying to brainstorm new ideas, I find it much easier to do so while bouncing on my trampoline. Why?  Because there is a physical shift that occurs. The act of moving stimulates blood flow to the brain and I'm fully present.  Therefore, it becomes so much easier to create new ideas from this state.

  1. 1.
    the action or process of bringing something into existence.

Creation occurs when something that didn't exist before becomes real.  Typically, before something comes into existence, it's only a thought or a desire.  Thoughts are great but they have little impact on the real world unless we act upon them.  Hence creation will never occur without action.

I've mentioned before that not all action is created equal.  To become a Master Level Creator, we must be aware of, and utilize, the type of action that creates the most optimal results.  The secret to creating powerfully is in raising your vibration as you take your action.

So what does that mean?

It means that if I want to create something powerful, I focus on my state.  So when I decided to redirect my energy on my business, one of the first things I did was start meditating again. Why? Because meditating calms my minds and helps to quiet the doubting voice.  The doubting voice is the enemy of new action which is why I have to silence it.

I'm also aware that movement raises our vibration so whenever I want to create something new, I always incorporate regular physical activity into my routine.  It could be something as simple as a daily walk just as long as I am moving.

The next step is critical.  If you want to harness your power to create I give you one piece of advice:

"If you don't know what to do, do what you know need to do."

Most times, we use "I don't know what to do" as an excuse to stay in the state of inaction.  That's the worst thing you can do.  Even if you don't know where to start........start somewhere. I promise you that once you start, new ideas will flow to you that will direct your course in the right direction.  As a Master Level Creator, you have only 1 job, to move from a state of inaction, into one where action flows out of you.

After I left my brother's place, I went on a whirlwind of taking action. I acted on what I knew I had to do and focused on staying in a state of gratitude and positive expectation.  I can't pinpoint exactly what action created the results I'm enjoying now, but I give props to the process.  I don't judge whether I'm doing the right thing, I just make sure I'm doing something. Once I'm in the state of action, I can always course correct. But the key is to get moving.

Now that I'm seeing positive results, I'm going to layer on new experiences so I can continue to raise my vibration. 

I've been in a state of action for a couple of weeks and, as each new week begins, I challenge myself to add a NEW ACTION into the mix.  Because if I just repeat what I've done in the past, the results will eventually start to decline.  Taking it up a notch is what ensures that I continue to enjoy amazing results.

To summarize, creation only occurs when we bring our ideas into reality.  It's easier to create when we focus on raising our current vibration.  This happens when we are executing our feel-good ritual or when we are in motion.  Use your current actions as a springboard from which you can build upon.  Once you find yourself in a consistent state of action, add new actions so your results can be multiplied.

The end. 

You guys know that whenever someone reveals their beauty secrets, I'm all over it.  Today, I've stumbled on a wonderful gem.  Super model, Jasmine Tookes, recently uploaded a video of her entire night out makeup look.

Jasmine is such a beauty inspiration because she rocks very wearable makeup.  Her end goal is simply to create a flawless finish.  Isn't that what we all want?

If you're dying to know Jasmine's holy grail foundation, what she applies before makeup for a natural glow and the Charlotte Tilburry lip color that's an absolute must have, keep reading.
The short video features Jasmine doing her own makeup for a night out.  Since the footage is sped up, we don't get to see her explain each individual step.  Fortunately, the products are clearly visible so  we can easily identify them.

Step 1 of the process begins as Jas rubs a little oil onto her skin prior to applying foundation.  I'm assuming that she's already applied moisturizer and the oil is the final step to seal it all in while adding some luminance.  Noni Glow Face Oil is a blend of various carrier oils and extracts.  It's rich in antioxidants and claims to nourish while promoting an even skin tone.  One of the ingredients is rosehip, which we all know can help brighten skin over time.  If you haven't experimented with wearing a little oil under makeup, maybe this weekend is the time to give it a try.

Next, Jasmine reached for her holy grail foundation that's been a staple of hers for years, Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation.  You've heard me talk about this foundation before, it's one of my favorites.  So many celebrities have claimed this as their absolute favorite.  Yes, it's a little pricier than others, but if you're looking for a smooth, natural finish, you don't have to look any further.

After concealing, Jas executes her contouring routine with the help for FENTY Beauty's Match Stix. To add a bit of richness to her skin, Jasmine dusts her face with Bobbi Brown's Bronzer.  This summer, while vacationing in the lovely country of Belize, I often admired my skin in the mirror while putting on makeup.  I had this amazing glow thanks to a newly acquired tan.  At that moment, I promised myself to pick up a decent bronzer when I returned home.  Thanks to a timely reminder from Jasmine, I've picked up Tawny Brown bronzing powder. Someone in the reviews said that this powder can also double as a blush.  I look forward to experimenting.

She completes the look with a lipstick that has been on my wish list since forever.  I almost forgot how perfect Charlotte Tilburry's Birkin Brown was as an every day lip color.  Jasmine shows us just how effortlessly this color looks on brown skin.  But don't take my word for it, check it out.