A while back, this image showed up on my Pinterest feed. After reading the enthusiasm contained in the caption, I decided to file the image away for later.  I thought to myself that if I ever came across the item at Marshall's, I may give it a shot.

Fast forward a few months and I just so happened to be rummaging through the aisles at a random Marshall's.  There, staring back at me was a bottle of Pearl Essence Rose Water.  "Cool, I thought.....but I wonder if they have the cucumber version?"  Sure enough, they did!  After grabbing both bottles, I made my purchase which added to my facial mist collection.  

Little did I know that this facial spray would be one of my current favorites. 
What really drew me to this product was that cucumber water was high on the ingredient list.  Cucumber water is amazing for the skin.  It's loaded with nutrients such as vitamins A, B, & C, potassium, and magnesium. 

More importantly, they contain silica and sulfur, which are beauty minerals.  I don't come across many skin products with cucumber water as a top ingredient so I jumped at the chance. 

Once home, I immediately tested my green tinted mist to formulate a first impression.  Instantly, I fell in love with the scent.  It's very spa-like and invigorating.  Whenever I test out a new mist, I always touch my face afterward to determine if the liquid is simply wetting my face or if it's actually hydrating/moisturizing it.  

Once my skin soaked in the liquid, it left behind the nicest hint of moisture.  This is probably because of the glycerin and aloe.  Oh, did I also mention that the cucumber mist also contains witch hazel?  As we now know, witch hazel is a major beauty secret for dealing with acne breakouts.  A short time later, I peeked at the mirror again only to realize that the cucumber left my skin with the most amazing, natural looking flow.  I wasn't expecting that at all.  This sealed it for me. I was in love.

Not only does it contain quality ingredients, but you get a lot of product for the price (a full 8 ounces).  So when I posted a pic of the mist on Instagram, it was no surprise that a few of you came in the comments praising the goodness of this beauty essential.  If you have a Marshall's/TJMaxx or something similar in your town, stop in and grab a bottle.  Even if you aren't lucky enough to score one for under $10.00, you can find them online.  

Yes, they're a bit higher in price, but when you compare to other facial mists, it's worth the investment. 

While I was in corporate America, I dreamt of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  At the time, everyone I knew was also a part of the system.  Thank goodness for the internet.  There I found countless examples of successful people who launched their own company.  Back then, the silicon boom was still in effect. So all of the stories featured 20 something males who lived in San Fransisco.

Times have changed. Now pretty much anyone can launch and scale their own brand. This is good news for us because there's tons of inspiration available.  Even though I've been on my own for 3 years, I still look for women who are out there doing their thing!  Today, I'd like like to share a few of my entrepreneurial inspirations and why they're each so amazing!
Olori Swank
I've followed Olori since before Instagram was a thing.  Back then she was a full-time celebrity stylist who's worked with the likes Teyana Taylor, Keyshia Cole, and many more.  She ran a blog that featured some behind the scenes activities required to be a top stylist. I loved how transparent she was.....and still is.  

Olori has embraced social media and uploads countless stories each and every single day.  Her content ranges from mindset advice, business strategy, to behind the scenes looks at her Olori Swank photo shoots.  Olori Swank is the clothing brand she launched years ago.  I've received so much inspiration from watching her stories. Not only that, Olori is a great cook and will often share step by step recipes for her delicious meals.  When she's working on her health & fitness, she takes us along on that journey as well.  This woman doesn't stop giving out advice. I feel like I'm always learning or being reminded of something whenever I consume her content. 

Nichole Lynel
I'm a relatively new follower of Nichole and, let me tell you, this woman has an exciting future ahead.  Nichole is the owner of a clothing boutique and she is the face of the brand.  This woman has an insane work ethic and dreams big.  You can often find her hosting extended Instagram Live sessions where she answers endless questions from followers who too want to experience the success she's had.  Not long ago, Nichole was waiting tables and, after an altercation with a disgruntled customer, she realized that she wanted to do something greater than "getting someone's water."  

The rest is history, now she runs a six-figure a month business and is creating the life of her dreams. Here she is doing a little bit of dream building by visitng the type of home that she'd like to manifest one day.