By Mary Wolff

Choosing your next hairstyle can be tricky. You obviously want something that is stylish and easy to care for, but you probably also want a look that will last a few weeks. When it comes to these 5 inexpensive ways to freshen your hairstyle, make your look go the extra mile without spending a lot of money.


1. Add a Gloss

One of the easiest ways to change things up is to add a gloss to your hair. This is usually more affordable than a full-on color job and can add new life to your hair. Most last for only a few shampoos so they are also non-committal for those not sure if they will like it. Best of all, you don’t even need a trip to the salon! There are products that let you add gloss to your strands in the comfort of your own home such as John Frieda Clear Shine Luminous Glaze.

2. Get a Trim

This is a great way to freshen up your hair while keeping it healthy and happy. Whether you choose to do a blunt cut style trim, dusting, or step into the salon for a layered trim, cutting your hair is an inexpensive way to give things a new vibe.

3. Add an Accessory

When you are just tired of your hair in general, a great way to bring back the fun is with a stylish hair accessory. From sleek headbands and flower clip ins to elegant head wraps, there are a ton of affordable hair accessories to help set a new style for your hair.

4. Create Bangs

If you have ever wondered how you would look with bangs, but are too scared to take the plunge, create them without ever using the scissors! This look is easy to do and can make you feel like you have a whole new style. Here is a quick tutorial on how to achieve this look,

5. Add a Few Highlights

If a full color job is a little too pricey at the moment, adding a few highlights is a more budget-friendly solution that can make your hair feel different and fresh. When choosing this option to freshen up your locks, aim for a few face framing highlights to really create a new look.

The Ballad Of Claire’s Bespoke Hat

They say that good things come to those who wait. That's true, but sometimes you have to be really persistent about following up via email first. This is not a beauty story, but it is about the beauty of human communication. And about hats.

Spring or summer of 2014, I went to an after-work party with Citizens of Humanity—not only was it at Miss Lily's (yum), but everyone who attended got to draw a raffle ticket with a prize. There were jeans, naturally, but also sculptures by LA-based artists that I was already picturing in my apartment by the time it was my turn to draw. I ended up winning something unexpected—the kind of thing I'd never buy for myself but that I'd be glad to have: a bespoke hat by the one and only Nick Fouquet. He's a hat-maker based in Venice Beach who describes himself as "Part human part animal. French with a Huck Finn spirit. Part Native American and part psychedelic adventurer. And I will always be a gentleman." I can't attest to the first bit as we only met once, but he's a nice guy who has a pretty California surfer vibe and pretty perfect blond hair—but that's beside the point. The bottom line here is that he makes terribly beautiful hats. I'd just won the hat lottery of my lifetime.

After the party, I sent off a few screenshots of what I was after. Think Suki Waterhouse going to the airport but a little less floppy. A bit later, I received a fitting kit—I measured the exact circumference of my head with a giant plastic tool that made me look kind of like a planet. I screwed it into place, and then sent it back to Nick (by the way—if you're after a hat available more immediately, consider Rag & Bone or Aritzia).

And then I waited. And waited. I totally get it though...Nick's got other people—celebrities, really—that he's working with. Gigi Hadid, Madonna, you know. I decided early on that I wanted to write about my peculiar hat experience for the site, so every so often I'd follow up with him in hopes of getting the story done, and of getting my hat, of course. And every few months I'd get an email like the below, sometimes sent from Mexico or Paris, or just from his studio.

Hey Darlin,
I apologize for the incredible delay…. You have not been forgotten… We're sending your hat out next week. Promise. Thanks for your extreme patience. Nick

It took about a year. I never met my deadline (of last fall). But then it arrived! And I started wearing it everywhere—it's black felt with a subtle band so it goes with almost everything. I want to wear it every day for the rest of my life, but I can't, 'cause I took it off at my best friend's house before going out and haven't gotten a chance to pick it up since. I'll get it back eventually. It did take me several months to email Nick after the raffle in the first place, after all.

—Claire Knebl

Claire Knebl photographed by Tom Newton.

More hat suggestions from Claire are just five to seven business days away.

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Hats For Looking Stylishly Incognito

Jay Z may have "made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can," but day to day, hats don't get much notice. It's pretty much their job to stay quiet, unobtrusive; they're made for going incognito. For shielding your hair from humidity. For helping your face avoid the sun. For helping you avoid awkward eye contact on the subway.

So, in the spirit of being able to hide when we want to, here are a few good ones to consider.

1. Clyde Flat Top Hat With Drawstring: Compact like a bucket hat, but made of structured straw—oh, and it's about a million times more polished. Consider it the cool "flat top."

2. Whistles Linen Blend Baseball Cap: It's a little surprising to see a baseball cap look so fresh and so clean, right? Gone are all traces of team spirit or pattern, and all that's left is linen-y goodness.

3. J.Crew Textured Summer Straw Hat: The only thing that says "summer" more clearly than a good straw hat is probably a good glass of rosé. The latter also pairs well with this one. And this one works well with denim cutoffs, sundresses, trousers, and tees—anything really. It's an in-season neutral.

4. Ryan Roche Round Top Hat: Would look really great with white jeans and a little bronzy glow. Would also look really great with a lot of other things, which is what you want in any new addition to your closet, am I right? I'm right.

5. Fairends Pink Tough Oxford Ball Cap: Summer is full of spontaneous situations that are just waiting to ruin your hair. Rain, subway rides, wind, the outdoors in general—stop fighting it, and start carrying a baseball cap with you instead.

—Claire Knebl

Images via Eugenia Kim's Instagram, Getty, and Littledoe. Kouka Webb's summer hat is the answer to the awkward phase of a haircut.

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Handbag, Hands-Free

Purses are like lipstick in that it'd be sort of silly to only have one. You need your red, pink, nude, etc. in accessory form because, practicality aside, your bag is probably your best indicator of your "current mood" to the the rest of the world. But, if I had to pick one style that is the superlative in both form and function, it would probably be some iteration of the crossbody bag. You're busy, and so are your hands, so here are some options:

1. Muuñ Fille Straw Crossbody Bag: While a big straw bag can be a bit much, this tiny version is more palatable. Its straw is a neutral that will look pretty great worn with clean white t-shirts and lightweight linen.

2. Zara Leather Messenger Bag: Chloé's 'Drew' bag (dreams) has rounded bags feeling new again. This textured, saddle-like purse comes in a versatile color that's still way more interesting than standard black.

3. Alfie Douglas Leather Mini Shoulder Bag: Almost like a briefcase—I'm a business, man.

4. APC Half-Moon Bag: Flip that sloping, rounded shape upside down, and it looks just as cool. Swap tan in for your usual dark neutrals, and let the significantly more summery vibe rub off on you.

5. Maryam Nassir Zadeh Summer Bummer: This classic shape leaves plenty of room for storing everything you need with you at all times—because we all know that there's so much more than your phone, keys, credit card, and lipstick.

—Claire Knebl

Intro images courtesy of Tomas Maier, Getty, Amelie Pichard's Instagram, and Erica Choi's Instagram. Here are five cool Made in America clothing and accessories to get excited about.

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Rihanna Makes A Case For Temporary Tattoos

Flash tattoos only exist in public within the realm of music festivals. This is probably due to a fortuitous combination of heat, beer, model-turned-celebrity sightings, and bands you really do need to hear live. Outside of that, what are you supposed to do with your 20 sheets of metallic foiled temporary tattoos? Really, it's a time and a place sort of thing.

But leave it to the one and only Rihanna to make flash tats cool again outside of the flower-crown cohort. As the face of Dior, it makes sense. This is the line that maybe singlehandedly elevated nail wraps with a limited edition collection last summer. Ri must have picked up on the house’s ‘Grand Bal’ 24-carat gold tattoos, because she just launched a collab with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche on a set of temporary tattoos that come in black and metallic gold. Put simply, when a CFDA Style Icon tells you to get your hands on some temporary ink, you listen. Or maybe you eye roll, but buy them anyway.

Decidedly more interesting than your oft-played geometric shapes, Fenty Tattoo's got Gothic silhouette chokers, cuticle tats, and what we’re all really here for—knuckle letter tattoos. Sure you can delicately adorn your body with a chain running along your spine or arm, but who can resist a good one-two fist bump with your Bad Gal self?

Photographed by Tom Newton. One step closer to Rihanna, now all you need is the right outfit.

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