You know how good you feel when you’re around that one friend? All of a sudden your uptight, awkward ass is funny, generous, adventurous, loving... goofy as hell. You actually LOL, til you cry or pee a feel alive! You feel confident! You feel like... HER (aka the dopest version of yourself)!

That ‘you’ that you love so much is the realer, truer you. But you only allow HER to come out on occasion and around certain people.

When that friend comes over, you give yourself permission to stop pretending. You give yourself permission to RELAX. And in that moment of relaxation, you experience your real SELF, your natural state, as a current of joy or peace within. And when you’re steadily aware of that current, feeling it course through your inner world, you’re being HER.

Take the time and effort to find and stay in this current no matter what. Practice it constantly until you remember it’s who you are. That’s the work.  

The current is Confidence. 

Stand in it. 

Be it. 


This silent but powerful current carries with it the deets of HER unfoldment—

of HER success and unconditional happiness.

The current IS security. It IS love. It IS affluence.

This flow is your purpose!


You re-discover the current when you stop scrolling...

when you stop worrying, multi-tasking, manipulating,

juggling... when you slow down.

You notice it when you take a moment to relax, to breathe, to smile.

You recognize it when you’re being HER.

It always IS, you just forgot.



You can’t be both your old, limited self and your real SELF. It’s either one or the other, because the ONE replaces the other!

So in each moment, you must choose. You have to #StayWoke enough to:


Say, ‘I am now fully present’

Feel the peaceful joy of that


And stay there, as HER

#BeHerNow #NewEnergyNewLife #ThereIsNoOtherWay #Oprah #Peace

As you read these words, you realize that the hands that are holding this phone, your hands, belong to HER.

You’re remembering now... and it’s like you cut the light back on! You are HER, already!

You feel HER face smiling now, her shoulders relaxing down from HER ears, HER breath deepening. You notice a go(o)d feeling in HER body— peace, relief, relaxation or joy. In this moment, all of your limitations from the past and therefore, your limited future, are gone. You can feel HER future, now, and it’s BRIGHT af!


You cut on the light and your future is now HER future. Your thoughts are now HER thoughts. You cut on the light and your fear, lack, and worry, are automatically replaced by HER love, affluence and faith. And you KNOW that if you continue to live as HER, even through your current circumstances, HER world will come into view.

You owe it to yourSELF. Stay with the feeling, no matter what. I love you.❤️