Claire Knebl, Managing Editor, Glossier

“One of my favorite things about our office is the beauty closet. It’s where we keep all of the products that come into the office for shoots or to test. We also have a bunch of old props in there… One time we were going to do a story on how to work out at your desk, so I ordered this giant exercise ball that comes on wheels—the bouncy ball version of a desk chair—but it ended up being way too low for my desk. ‘Into The Closet’ could be our new site name. [Laughs] Back when we didn’t have enough conference rooms, sometimes I’d take calls in the closet, which I don’t have to do anymore. I live in Brooklyn so if I go to pilates in Manhattan in the morning, I’ll get ready in there. Or if I’m going out to dinner or whatever after work, I’ll get ready in there, too.

Before it was my job to think about beauty, I had a much more minimal routine and spent more energy on fashion and clothes. I got started out working at Teen Vogue in fashion writing positions—I was around people who looked amazing and had their uniforms. So I also developed a routine—I would straighten my hair every day and had a bunch of ankle boots and dresses that I’d throw on quickly in the morning, hoping to get to the office really early. That’s hard when you’re not a morning person.

For a while, I was dealing with hormonal, stress-related acne. It was pretty painful, and it took a while to figure out how to get rid of it. I worked with a dermatologist at Tribeca Skin Center, Dr. Kil, throughout. I tried Spironolactone briefly, but it didn’t help—it made me kind of shaky. I got a couple of cortisone shots… Then finally we figured out the right products for me. There’s a face wash called Sumadan that I use once a day in the shower and it knocks acne out. It has sulfur in it, and if I were comparing it to another product it would be that industrial strength hand soap that you see at construction sites sometimes…that orange, gritty hand soap. It’s not a pleasant product to use but it makes a difference in my skin. In the morning if I’m not using that, I’ll use Milky Jelly, which is the total opposite in that it smells like roses and is a complete pleasure to use.

I also have some prescription benzoyl peroxide, but when I use that I really need something hydrating with it. I like Sisley’s All Day All Year—I use it all day, all year! It’s something I look forward to putting on in the morning—it smells as good as you’d want an expensive cream to smell, and it leaves your skin plumped up but primed for whatever you want to use next. My favorite sunscreen is Kiehl’s Super Fluid. At night, I like to layer serums. Recently I’ve been using Pai Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Serum because my skin really likes zinc. My skin also likes Vitamin C, so I have a lot of products with that as an ingredient. When I need something heavier, I take Glossier Priming Moisturizer and mix in a couple drops of face oil. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is my favorite.

One thing that happens when I test too many products is that my skin gets congested. The only thing that helps is extractions, so I’ll get a facial a couple times a year, usually when the seasons change. Last year, I started going to Shen Beauty in Brooklyn to see Carrie, who’s the aesthetician there. One thing that she pointed out was that I was getting milia from haphazard eye cream application. Like, I was using a couple different eye creams and wasn’t being precise—I know that you’re supposed to use those little spatula-type things to apply the cream only on certain areas, but they’ve always just been kind of frustrating to me. I actively throw them out—I politely decline that step. Carrie showed me how to apply with my hands but keep everything under control. Now I use a little bit of Chanel Le Lift Creme Yeux because it has a more gel-like consistency. And only right under my eye.

I love to scrub my body. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub is nice because it’s got a texture that makes you feel like you’re doing something. But what I really like to do is dry brush. I have one in the shower, and that’s because you’re supposed to dry brush before you get in the shower, which I usually forget…so I compromise by trying to do it in the shower, which obviously is not dry brushing. But I’ll do a little bit of that and then I usually dry brush after I get out while I’m putting on all my nighttime body products.

My skin stays moisturized longer when I start with a body oil—I usually use the Neutrogena Body Oil that everyone loves. So I’ll grease up, then I use body lotion. Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control is for reducing and preventing cellulite and I believe in it. It came with a manual that explains how you can do different stretches and basically apply any body product in a way that will be better for lymphatic drainage and make your legs feel a little leaner, and this process takes at least 20 minutes. It’s not realistic to do every day. But I have done it a few times, following these exact instructions. You feel amazing afterwards.

A lot of the time, I actually end up using face products on my body. There’s Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift + Retinol, which I think makes a huge difference on my décolletage. It makes your skin look tighter and reduces discoloration. And it’s also very fun to spray because it comes out as a foam.

Over the last year I’ve gotten much more comfortable with experimenting with my hair—but I think I want to be blond forever. Naturally, I’m dirty blond, but I’ve lightened my color a lot with highlights. I go to Colleen at Spoke & Weal and it’s honestly really fun to go every six weeks or so and hang out with her and work on my hair. The highlights have been great for my texture—I actually prefer to let my hair air dry now. Every night I wash it, usually with the Five Wits Rejuvenating Cleanser and Balancing Conditioner from Blackstones, and spray in some leave-in conditioner from Verb. Then I sleep on it. In the morning, nine times out of 10, I use dry shampoo to style it. My favorite is Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, which smells so strongly that it can take the place of perfume. I put it around my part and a little throughout the length of my hair. Then I let it sit before I brush or do anything else, so it actually has a minute to add some body. Then there’s this great new product from Hairstory called Undressed, and I think the only thing to classify it as is a conditioning beach spray. It’s nice because it doesn’t dry you out, but also adds texture—if I could bottle the texture of my hair, it would end up being this product.

My two main fragrances are Rose 31 from Le Labo and Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum L’Édition Mer. I’m not afraid of fragrance, but I also know that I’m making good choices, because whenever I get in an Uber, the Uber driver’s like, ‘You smell so good!’ I prefer woodsy scents, but they also have to feel fresh and not too heavy. Actually I was pretty obsessed with Old Spice for awhile—I always liked going to the drugstore and picking from all of the manly options…. They all smell better than women’s deodorant. But lately I am on a Mitchum kick. It’s really good.

My lip balms are all with my makeup instead of my skincare because that’s usually my first step. Glossier Balm Dotcom is the most moisturizing salve, and I use it on my lips, brows and cuticles. But for lips I also like Dior Lip Glow when I want something that brings out a bit of color. I’m into lipstick too, but sometimes I don’t want to wear lipstick—I just want something that’s sheer. Lip Glow makes you look very rosy and bright, and it’s easy to apply—which is more than I can say for my eyeshadow. I’m no good at that, or eyeliner, or any eye product really. The eyeliner that’s hardest to mess up is the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. Sometimes I’ll just use bronzer on my lids because it takes five seconds but looks good. Benefit’s Hoola is the best because it doesn’t have any shimmer in it. Lately I’ve been finding lots of warm-toned eyeshadows that I like—the Four Couleurs Les Cendres Palette from Guerlain has this darkish, warm-but-smoky color that I use a lot. And then the Hammamet duo from Nars is a duo with peach and a bronzey copper color with shine. I like the bronze—it’s a metallic that’s toned down a bit.

My lashes are pretty short so it’s tricky to find a mascara that comes attached to a brush that works for me. For a long time I used Maybelline Lash Discovery because the brush is so small—I’m really into Maybelline eye products in general. Lately I have gotten into slightly bolder lashes though, and have been loading on the Nars Audacious Mascara. I’ve also been trying to grow my lashes out. I’m using Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer—I don’t know if it’s working because I haven’t been tracking it consistently enough, but I do I feel like it’s working…maybe I’ll end up trying extensions at some point.

For concealer, I use Sisley Phyto-Cernes Eclat in 2 under my eyes. It’s really nice because—do you remember those cooling rollerballs from Garnier? This one feels similar—really cooling. Then I use DiorSkin Star whenever I have acne. I mean, if I have any acne, ideally my preference is to not put any makeup on it, but if I feel like I need to, I’ll use this because I like that it has a little doe foot, and you can just kind of dab it on your spots.

On the rest of my face, I start with Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in Light—it’s the first liquid makeup I’ve ever liked using. Usually things have felt too heavy so I’d skip this step entirely and use a little pressed powder and a lot of concealer instead. The Skin Tint looks like your skin, just more even-toned. Like optimized for HD. I always add some sort of highlighter like the Nars Multiple in Copacabana. Occasionally, I like a powder—something more white and icy, like the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, especially at night. The pressed Guerlain Meteorites is really good for going out, and it smells so good.

Last year, I traveled more than usual, so I’ve really improved my travelling beauty routine. The biggest thing I learned is to bring masks—they actually make a difference. I don’t mask on the plane, though I do moisturize a lot, pretty much starting as soon as I turn off that air vent that blows down on you from above. But then as soon as I get to the hotel, I’ll use the Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask because it only takes five minutes and you can let it sink into your skin, similarly to the Moon Mask—just wipe off any excess. I also realized that my eyes get puffy when I travel, so I bring a 100% Pure Bright Eyes Eye Mask. They have caffeine, which helps bring down the puffiness. And I’ll bring a sample fragrance to test because then I feel like I have a way to remember my trip! These mini bottles of Byredo cologne have been on a couple trips. I guess the only thing better than going back to the Bahamas is being able to remember it with a little Mister Marvelous.”

—as told to ITG

Claire Knebl photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Brooklyn on January 22, 2016. Claire is wearing a Rodebjer top and Rag & Bone jeans.

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Chelsea Leyland, DJ

“I got asked to DJ before I even was a DJ. It was the photographer Ben Watts’ annual Fourth of July party in Montauk, back when it was a much smaller deal. I wound up at his house after hours and I was playing off of my iPod and he was like, ‘I want you to DJ,’ and I was like, ‘But I don’t know how to DJ.’ So he said, ‘Just come and bring two iPods.’ After that, I started taking classes, and getting gigs, and it sort of spiraled up from there. When you’re a DJ, you’re in the driver’s seat at a party because you’re creating the vibe…you get to make people happy and make people dance. It’s quite an incredible job.

This week I have three gigs. They’re always in different locations, cities, countries…I love not knowing where I’m headed next. My favorite place to party is Berlin—it’s so authentic. People aren’t doing things for effect, they’re doing them because they’re expressing their creative sides. And London has these amazing house parties, too. There, people just let loose and there’s less judgment. I prefer the going out scene in London, I really do. Everything here can seem a little manicured and contrived, and a bit branded. People are more obsessed with taking a picture and staging that it’s fun instead of just letting go.

A lot of the time, I’m in such a rush to get ready. When I’ve got time, I like to put some music on and light some candles. Taking a shower and putting my oils on is always important. I use different facial oils and body oils and therapeutic oils—I like Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, as well as Neal’s Yard Geranium and Orange Body Balm. Also, I’m a big fan of mists. I always have rose water and this Power Repair Hydrating Face Mist that I carry in my handbag.

I cleanse with Sasha Cleanse Face Wash. It’s clay and it’s really good—it’s like you’re putting mud on your skin and it doesn’t smell pretty, which I like. Then I use Keys Eye Butter. After that I’ll put on one of Sasha’s oils, either the Clearing Serum or the Rejuvenating Serum. It looks homemade—that’s what I love about her stuff. After I put my oil on, I do a face spritz with the rose water. And I also drink a gallon of water before I go out.

Eve Lom’s Dynaspot is the best if you have a spot. It takes the redness out and brings things to a head because of the clay drawing it out. I have this infrared mask for when my skin breaks out, which I think works. I really believe in light therapy—my facialist, Monica Watters, uses microlight therapy. I just feel like such an idiot when I put it on and that’s what I love about it.

As far as makeup, I don’t wear foundation, but I do have Natura Bissé’s The Cure Sheer Fluid—it has SPF and it makes your skin look all dewy. It’s so funny when people want to matte their skin out. I used to do that when I was 15, but now I want it to look like it has a little shine and a little oil. I use the Nars Copacabana Multiple and then a little bit of Orgasm for the cheeks—I think the Multiples are better for a dewier look. The concealer I use, which I can’t live without, is Clé de Peau. It’s so good! I put it under my eyes, around my nose, and on zits.

I’ll do a top cat eye, but I need help, so when it’s just me it has to be really simple. I just do a little clear Maybelline Great Lash because I like the packaging. I have a lot of eyelashes so you would think that I would go for a bigger brush, but I’m just trying to open them up a bit. The only time I do color on my lips is with Nars Dragon Girl. I also like By Terry’s Baume de Rose, or Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor. It’s kind of similar to what Moroccan ladies use.

My makeup always looks the same—kind of fresh and natural—so my hair is fun to change up sometimes. I dye my hair, so it’s dry and thirsty and dead. My mom used to put lemon in my hair when I was like four years old and then I upgraded to Sun-In when I was 10, and then to actual highlights when I was 12. Now I wash it with O&M Shampoo, and I spray It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In in it with some Kerastase Serum. I always have to have a ‘mane.’ I would love to cut it, but they say Leos should never cut their hair—it’s like someone shaving off your fur, it’s part of you.

When I’m not working, I like to spend as many nights in as possible. The more that I DJ and work in that craziness, the more I crave being alone and having alone time. That sounds really boring and unsociable, but that’s exactly what it is. If you were to ask me what my ideal weekend is, it would include going upstate, cooking, doing yoga and meditating in the woods. That’s more my jam. When I get home from a gig, I’ll always have a cup of tea. English people have a cup of tea for everything. Someone died? Put the kettle on. Dying of disease? Put the kettle on. So when I need to wind down, I’ll put the kettle on.”

—as told to ITG

Chelsea Leyland photographed by Tom Newton at her home in Brooklyn on December 8, 2015.

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Enikö Mihalik, Model

“I’m from Hungary, and looking back now, I think it’s quite boring. I mean, compared to New York City, a lot of places are boring. I liked growing up there, I had a really long childhood until I started modeling. I guess I was also a late bloomer, so I consider myself being a young girl up until I turned 14. Then an agent stumbled on me at the mall. I looked at this woman like, what? ‘Are you talking to me? Are you sure you think that I should be a model, like, posing and wearing clothes…?’ Luckily it was a woman, because I would’ve been really scared if it was a man. You know, small town, Eastern Europe, someone comes up to you, ‘Come make money with modeling…’ You should be very skeptical about that. But it was a woman, so I gave her my mom’s phone number, and I said, ‘You can talk to her about it.’ And she turned out to be legit. And that’s where it all started.

At first I didn’t really take it seriously—it was just a way to travel and get out of school. I wasn’t booking much, and after a couple of years of not making much money, I started talking to my mom about going to university to take time to study. And of course a few days after this conversation, my phone rang and my model agent told me, ‘Well, we got you a working visa to the United States, so you’re getting your ass shipped out.’ It was exciting but disappointing, too, because I was getting into the idea of going back to school and all. But I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. It took a season for me to get in shape and figure it out. But my second season, I went out and did 50, 55 shows in New York—then Milan, then Paris. It was like, finally! I’m working!

My agency does this thing to me where they don’t really tell me what jobs I’m in the running for because they don’t want me to get my hopes up—and then they break this really great news to me out of the blue over the phone. I understand it, because if a big job is on the line, I don’t want to stress about it. But it always happens like this. One day maybe eight years ago, I met Inez and Vinoodh at a casting so briefly—literally hello and goodbye—and the next morning at 9am, I get a call, ‘You got a Gucci campaign.’ …what?! It took me a while to figure out what was happening to my career, that we weren’t just shooting catalogues anymore. This was Daria Werbowy, Eva Herzegova, and Natasha Poly-type stuff. And it was so much fun.

That was when I was 21 and just starting to get into skincare. I had been a lucky kid without many pimples and then all of a sudden, I was like, what do I do? My skin was going to shit and my hair was falling out. It was because I was going to seven or eight castings a day, getting home, eating cereal and watching cartoons, then getting a call and going out for another casting. My dermatologist told me that it was hormonal and gave me some pills—but I’m not very happy taking pills, so I waited it out. But skincare is like something that I think you have to be smart with. I like face masks, and I love moisturizers and all sorts of oils and cleansers and this and that. Of course I like to pamper. I put on face masks every weekend, or if I feel tired or puffy during the week. But I only use what I need. I think I’ve gotten like three, maybe four facials in my whole entire life. I give myself facials.

My skin is a bit complicated because it’s pretty dry, but as soon as I put anything heavy on it, it becomes crazy-oily. And then I get breakouts. So I usually use a light, gel-based moisturizer. Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème is a really good one. And it’s never caused me any breakouts or anything. It covers my face and protects from dry, cold wind, but it doesn’t make me feel oily and shiny and gross.

When I do get a breakout, I use one of Kiehl’s oldest products—their Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. A makeup artist recommended it to me and I switched to it from Biologique Recherche P50. I rub it on my problem areas morning and night and then follow up with a heavier cream so I don’t get too dry. People who hadn’t seen me in a while see me now and say, ‘Wow, your skin looks amazing.’ And I’m like, that’s the magic product—everybody needs to go and buy it and test it for two weeks. I also use the Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Face Scrub, but I don’t use it every day. I go by the feel of my skin and then decide what I need. And for makeup remover, I use Bioderma Crealine. For heavier makeup removing, I use the Chanel Bi-Phase Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, the one that you have to shake up before. But I have to cleanse after I use it because it’s an oil and I feel it stay on my skin after I use it. Then I have a makeup remover from the Danish brand Tromborg. Their products are super good. Their Anti-Aging Eye Cream is one of my favorites. I alternate it with SK-II’s.

I have a whole bag of masks for different things. When I arrive somewhere after traveling, I need to use one as like post-damage repair. I have the SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, and Shiseido Benefiance Revitalizing Masks…then I have this Japanese brand called Three, which is by a makeup artist friend of mine. Her products are really nice. She should bring it to the States, because right now it’s only on the Japanese website, and I don’t speak Japanese. So, unless you have her phone number, good luck!

I think because of the jobs I did when I was younger, I didn’t always like hair and makeup. Plus, I don’t even know how to do it. What pisses me off is I can never get eyeliner straight, so why am I competing with Pat McGrath when she can just do it when we go to work? But I still have the products and I have a lot of fun with it. I love a black smoky eye! Before I started working, I actually always had a love for makeup—ask my mom…I also am a bit of a hoarder. Things that are colorful and that you can do pretty things with, I tend to collect. Or just over-buy. And I told my mom at one point that I maybe should be a makeup artist and I really enjoyed collecting colorful eyeshadow palettes.

When I’m wearing makeup for myself, I like products that don’t feel like makeup-makeup. I prefer things that at least feel like they’re better for my skin. RMS Beauty is great—it’s all coconut oil-based. I use their Un Cover-Up and Living Luminizer with Tromborg Mineral Foundation. My favorite eyeliner is the YSL crayon because it’s very easy to smudge. The only lipstick I use is Armani Lip Maestro in 201 because it goes on as a gloss but dries matte. Tom Ford makes my favorite eyebrow pencil—it’s called the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor and it gets the angle just right. Mascara is always Diorshow Waterproof. It lasts longer, and if I go to the gym, I don’t want to accidentally rub my eye and end up with it all over my face. Then the Shiseido Shimmer Cream Eyeshadow in Yuba is a good taupe—not too dark. The Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palettes are also really beautiful. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to wear bronzer. Maybe I haven’t found the right color, shade, or technique to do it, but I suck at it so bad that I just don’t even touch it. Also, I’m a lefty, so I do one side and it looks OK, but then the other one looks completely different—I don’t know what it is, I don’t know why right-handed people can do symmetrical jobs and me, with my left hand, I cannot.

I never really touched my hair length or color up until a few years ago when I got a job for L’Oréal, and I had to go strawberry blonde—almost red, actually. Before, my hair was a pretty dark, ashy blonde. We thought it’d be an easy process to get that reddish-pinky tone to my hair, but unfortunately it was not that easy. They had to completely bleach my hair, which was down to under my breasts at the time. That process sucked everything out of it. For four hours, I thought all my hair was going to fall out, it was so scary. The pictures turned out really, really beautiful, but then two or three days later, they had to bleach my hair again because of course I had to go back to my natural blonde. It was tough job to turn it back to normal, so I came out a little blonder, and unfortunately, the color has started turning yellow. Then I was getting these terrible, unbrushable knots because my hair was so broken, so I went to a hairdresser and said, ‘Chop it all off.’ It was while I was in Paris, so my agency couldn’t do anything about it after the fact. But it looked so beautiful—I don’t know if I realized that it was really time for a change.

For my color, I got to Lena Ott now at Suite Caroline—I found her after Doutzen tagged her in a photo on Instagram. She does an amazing, amazing blonde, and she does it very naturally. And I also told her that eventually I want to go back to my normal color, so we’re kind of working on me growing that out. For now I’m using Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner—they’re the best at keeping the hair moisturized.

I have my dad’s nails—man nails. They don’t grow, it’s really funny. People laugh at it, but I resemble my dad a lot. And my mom, she has these beautiful, long, feminine nail beds and strong nails, and then I look at my nails, and they look like I was playing the guitar for five hours straight. And they’re soft so they don’t grow. As soon as they grow, they break. And then I looked at my dad’s hand one day and I was like, yeah, definitely. I get a mani/pedi once a week at a place in Union Square called Rehoboth. They’re the best!

Actually one of the best gifts that I’ve ever gotten was this Chanel nail polish, and it was a very, very beautiful red that they only had for one season, and I tried to get it but I couldn’t. And literally two years later, I was working the day before my birthday or something, and they used that color on my nails, and I told the manicurist, this is my favorite color, and what would I give if I could get it…And she’s like, ‘Yeah, but it’s discontinued. I’m sorry, I would give it if I can…’ And I’m like, that sucks. Somebody sneaked into the picture and said, ‘Oh, by the way Eniko, happy birthday!’ So at the end of the day she’s like, ‘You know what? It’s your birthday… here’s the nail polish.’ I was like, yes! Yes! My favorite nail polish ever, and it’s all mine! I think I have over 50 or 60 Chanel nail polishes in a big kit, organized by color. I had it with me in Europe and I tried to ship it back, but the courier said that it’s extremely dangerous to ship nail polish. So it’s literally stuck in Denmark. It’s the greatest part of my whole beauty collection—my nail polishes!”

—as told to ITG

Enikö Mihalik photographed by Tom Newton in her home in Brooklyn on December 11, 2015.

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Things We Finish: R+Co Sunset Blvd Shampoo And Conditioner

Ever since I went from my natural dirty blond to almost-white blond, I often relate to that excitable blond emoji lady in the pink shirt with her hands on her head. Really—it’s a very fun hair color. But going blond is never easy—even if you’re already blond to an extent—and now that I’m in highlights overdrive, I’m more aware that my shampoo and conditioner should address any potential brassiness.

There are a couple of really great, oft-mentioned purple shampoos and conditioners that come in deep eggplant-y shades. They do their job very well if you use them once a week. If you use them more than that while in a state of hyper-blond, your hair can take on a slight purple tint, which is what happened to me. Looking for some guidance, I emailed Colleen Flaherty of Spoke & Weal, who does my highlights—she quickly confirmed that I needed to cut back on the Shimmer Lights:

“You wouldn’t want to use a purple shampoo every day because your hair shaft has different porosity throughout the strand and can pick up the purple unevenly and possibly progressively.” And if that happens, the accidental gradient (oh hi, ombré, is that you, again?) of purple wash on your hair might take professional color correction to clear up.

But the thing is, I wash my hair every day, and I only want to use one shampoo and one conditioner. So I started searching for a pair that I couldn’t accidentally “overuse.” That pair is R+Co’s Sunset Blvd Shampoo and Conditioner. They’re both significantly paler in color than most purple products, which means they fight brassiness well, but also that you can use them as often as you like without worrying about unnatural buildup. They don’t strip hair of moisture, and both come in photogenic bottles that remind me to Instagram more than once every five days. Now that I’m all out, I keep forgetting to Insta, and my latest shower thought has been that it’s time to reorder.

—Claire Knebl

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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If you read my blog regularly, you may know that I’m currently working with Schwarzkopf LIVE on their latest #LIVELookbook to freshen up my hair colour! My hair has always been a fairly light shade of blonde but a couple of months ago I decided to go quite a bit darker – and I almost immediately regretted it. Dark hair, unfortunately, just doesn’t suit me! I’m a blondie through-and-through!

With that being said, I wanted to take my colour up a few shades and go blonder with the help of Schwarzkopf LIVE. I decided on their shade ‘Absolute Platinum’ and whilst the term ‘platinum’ can sound daunting when referring to blonde hair, I wasn’t too worried. I feel really light blonde hair suits my complexion and is definitely more fun than my natural mousey brown colour. I couldn’t wait to get my colour refresh underway.
Myself and four other fabulous bloggers headed down to London towards the end of July to shoot the new Lookbook campaign with the Schwarzkopf team and their fabulous LIVE hair colours. We were shown how to use the box colours at home to achieve our desired shades and we then talked through the whole process so that we can answer your most pressing questions: how to get the best blonde results at home; why your hair colour might not turn out platinum in your first go; and how to avoid any hair damage in the colouring process!
I’m so happy with how mine turned out! As you can see from the photos I’ve been posting, it’s really light but I don’t think it looks too over-the-top which can sometimes be a concern when you’re going really light blonde. Instead I feel it really brightens up my complexion and makes me feel more like myself again. My friend also said going lighter makes me look younger and that can never be a bad thing, hehe! 
Going lighter again has definitely made me realise that this is ‘my’ colour and the one I’m going to stick with from now on. I must admit that blonde hair does take a little more looking after to ensure it stays and looks healthy but with a little bit of hair oil after washing and a deep conditioner once or twice a week, I haven’t had any problems. In fact, going that bit lighter has actually made my hair look shinier. I also like to use a LIVE toner a couple of times a week as this ensures the colour doesn’t go brassy. 
If you’re interested in knowing more about how I achieved my new colour and how you can achieve it yourself, I’ve embedded the video I created with Schwarzkopf which answers some of the questions you might have! You can find part 2 on the website here.