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I first created this super easy high bun for my maternity photo shoot, inspired by a style I saw on the beautiful Cassandra Beccai. Since then, it has easily become one of my go-to styles and the one I get the most compliments on. Today, I’m SO excited to finally share this high bun tutorial with you!s

I’ve worn this high bun at least three times for the year including back in July for the NY Natural Hair Expo, right on time for this style shoot that I did two days later. When all else fails and I’m out of ideas, this Cuban Twist bun is it!

PLUS, as a toddler mom, I’ve gotta have styles that won’t take too much time to do, are easy to maintain and will last me at least a week. And I make this last for two… cuz ain’t nobody got time for doing hair every day!

Last year, I gave y’all a step-by-step breakdown of this easy high bun, but many of you gals are more visual. So, after many months, I’m finally sharing the goods! Be sure to read below for a few tips I didn’t get to mention in the video…

(Oh, and forgive me if the voice-over volume is low… technical difficulties and all.)

Some Things to Note

* Moisture
Yes, my hair was moisturized prior to styling. I always apply a leave-in conditioner to my hair but especially when prepping for heat. I then follow-up with an oil. The combo serves as my heat protectant. I’ve never had any issues with my hair not reverting back to the kinks. Even if the gel you use is alcohol-free like the one I use here, us kinky hair girls need moisture so don’t skimp on this step!

* Stretching the Hair
I only blow dry on medium heat, at the most, twice a month and never with the intention of getting my naturally kinky hair bone straight. The idea is just to stretch the hair for styling. Here are some ways you can stretch your natural hair without heat but also, a few helpful tips if you DO decide to use heat when styling your hair.

* Maintenance
To maintain this style until your next wash day, it’s best to use a large square scarf folded on a diagonal or into a triangle. Place the wide part at the back of your head, bring the ends around to the front, making sure you cover the bun and knot it. If it’s really long like mine, tie it once at the front, bring it to the back and knot it. It should stay in place during the night to keep everything looking neat. In the event that you get a few stragglers, lightly mist the hair with a bit of water and add a little gel if necessary. Smooth it gently with a brush and put the scarf back on for a few to really lay ’em down.

Hmmm… I think that’s it! Did I leave anything out? If you’ve got any questions, ask away! Please share on Insta if you try it!

What’s that go-to natural hair style that YOU can always depend on no matter the occasion?
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Even before starting my natural hair journey 8 years ago, being able to put my hair in a bun was the basic requirement of any hairstyle or hair cut I wanted to get. I was considering a major haircut recently, but my responsible hair stylist refused because she knows how much I love the option of putting my hair in a bun at any given moment. We see it on t-shirts and coffee bugs – people are about that #BunLife. Whether you are using your own hair or hair extensions to create the style, wearing it messy or super sleek, bun styles are easy to do and fitting for any occasion. For me, the bigger the better!

Here are 7 easy jumbo bun styles that you can try yourself, or ask your hair stylist to create for you.


Textured Flat Twist & Low Bun Style. Transition your old twist out to a new style with this textured flat twist & low bun style. To give the bun a larger look, I used a foam bun styler to give it more volume. You could also use hair extensions as well.

Simply and Easy Fan Bun Style. This is slight variation on a traditional bun, and is a great option if your hair isn’t that long. In the video, I’m creating the style without any hair pins – just using a non-metal ponytail holder. If you want to make this jumbo bun even fuller, you could use a fan shaped bun styler.

Simple Braided Low Bun. If your hair is long enough to put into a low ponytail, than you can do this style. So this style is a great options for hair of various lengths. It is also a great protective style.

Jumbo Top Bun. Again, if your hair is long enough to put into a high ponytail, you can do this style. For this style, she uses clip in hair extensions but you can use extensions without clips as well.

Top Knot High Bun. Here’s another tutorial on a top knot high bun with a similar look to the fan bun. You can do this style with an old twist out to give your hair a new start. Secret: In this video, she uses a pair of pantyhose as her ponytail holder. I’ve done this as well, and it works especially if you have a lot of hair.

French Braided Bun Updo. I love this style – it’s serious in the front, and a party in the back with this french braid. Using braiding hair gives this bun it fullness. What a cute way to show off your undercut too.

Queen Bee Bun. This is the classic bun on textured hair. If you have long hair like hers, then you can do this style without extensions. But if not, you can put your hair in a pony tail like in the other tutorials, and use hair extensions. It’s all about how your place the hair in the bun that gives each variation it’s own look.

As you can see, the options for creating your own unique jumbo bun are plentiful. Which one of these jumbo bun styles will you be trying next?

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There is something about having your hair all pulled up that is so effortlessly chic... every girl can wear it with confidence. High buns, by far, are the quickest go-to for last-minute styling. If you haven’t quite mastered the high bun, check out some of the best natural hair high bun tutorials I’ve come across, which cover a variety of textures and lengths.

Natural Hair High Bun Tutorials

1. Up first is a tutorial by Sumetra Reed with a soft braided high bun. This style is great for relaxed or natural hair. Her tutorials are the best!

2. Don’t have enough hair for a bun yet? This tutorial by Jasmine Winters has all the steps covered. Maybe I’m late but I was just let in on the faux high bun style with Marley hair a few months ago and I’m in love! Can’t wait to try myself.

3. If you are not ready to add Marley hair to your puff, this video by YouTube Channel All That Ishh shows how to fake a bigger puff/bun by separating the hair in two sections. Very smart and easy to accomplish for short to medium hair as well.

4. Finally, if you have very long hair I adore this 5 minute lazy girl high bun by Ahfro Baang. It’s also something cute to try if you are wearing a sew-in protective style and need a last-minute fix for your hair.  

Which style of high bun is your favorite? Let me know!

Wearing a ‘fro is one of my favorite things to do! I love the look and I love anything that’s BIG. But after about a week, your ‘fro starts looking crazy. You either have to wash it and start all over or turn it into a entirely new style. If your a busy woman like I am, you probably would rather turn it into a quick style that’s presentable.

That’s where this handy tutorial comes into play! In 10 minutes you can change your fro into my a sexy, stylish two-strand twist bun.

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 1) To re-moisturize my hair, I used two products from Arvazallia; Arvazallia Premium Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Ultra Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil.

2) In medium sections, I two-strand twisted my hair. When you are doing your two-strand twists, make sure to twist a little bit tighter at the root because this is going to give your twists definition while they are in the bun.

3) I gathered up my hair and placed a donut bun in the middle of my twists. A donut bun will give your bun a nice, full look. To achieve a realistic bun, I wrap kinky curly hair around the bun before I use it on my head. This ensures that if there are gaps in your bun you will see hair that matches your own and not a fake looking donut.

4) Wrap your twists over the top of the donut bun. Secure the twist to the donut bun with bobby pins. And lastly, place an elastic band around the bun to give it shape.

If you tried this style out, I wanna see! Please share your pictures with me on Instagram @TheWeaveWhisperer with the hashtag #ProctectiveBunWW