10 Things You Forgot About The Breakfast Club

Do you ever, while sitting at your desk clicking between Gmail and your favorite beauty site, realize that school is happening right now? Just in the time it took you to read the last sentence, thousands of teens were sentenced to detention for being tardy to class. May their experience at least somewhat resemble that of Claire, Andrew, Brian, Bender, and Allison of The Breakfast Club, the film that taught us the most important thing about being a teen: we don't necessarily have to listen to authority, but we shouldn't be jerks to each other, either. Let's take a few moments to reminisce about some of the other awesome things from the classic, second installment of the Molly-Ringwald-John-Hughes trilogy:

1. There is never a problem big enough, a moment stressful enough, or a Saturday boring enough that would not benefit from some dancing.

2. The movie poster [1]—ranking among those for The Endless Summer and Breakfast At Tiffany's in terms of dorm-room decor—was shot by none other than Annie Leibovitz.

3. They key to any man's heart—particularly hunky, wrestler jocks—is a good makeover.

4. Have you ever wondered how to light a match with your teeth? Well, now you know.

5. In 1985, sushi was apparently the most bizarre lunch option available.

6. Like any true American "princess," Claire's ensemble was purchased entirely from Ralph Lauren.

7. Shermer, Illinois, the town in which many of Hughes' '80s classics take place, does not actually exist, much to the chagrin of Jay and Silent Bob.

8. John Cusack was originally cast as Bender, but was replaced by Judd Nelson. Which was probably for the best, since there could never be an '80s role better suited to him than the embodiment of the perfect boyfriend, Lloyd Dobler, in Say Anything.

9. While Allison (Ally Sheedy) seemed to be in desperate need of some Head & Shoulders, the film's dandruff was, in reality, just parmesan cheese. 

10. But more than anything: don't ever let The Man keep you down—whether the man is your principal, your dad, or society, in general.

*Cue the music and celebratory fist raise.*

Rodarte Fall 2014

James Kaliardos (Nars): "Kate and Laura were very much inspired by the romance and nostalgia of their early childhood, which here starts off with the Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow, which will be new for fall. The reddish-brown is going full-strength on the eyelid and up to and in the eyebrows. It’s sort of strange to use this color in the eyebrow because normally we use a more muted, tawny grey color rather than a red, but it looks really interesting with the eye shadow going all the way up. We use the brown underneath, too. It’s like a full-circle eye with soft edges. Then we use the lavender color on the inner corner and a little bit on the center of the lid, just to soften the brown.

And then the glittery mouth—to me, it's classic. I wasn’t thinking of this at all before, but if you picture Pretty Woman or Cinderella—or maybe like the '70s TV version of Cinderella—this is what they would have on. There's a brown version and a pink version—we line the lip with a pencil, and then we made up a mash of loose glitter and either dark or light lipstick. I thought it would be dry and cakey and falling off the girls' mouths, but it's a miracle; it's just so cool. If you try this at home, try using a couple shades of glitter because it adds dimension—gold and mauve, and brown and rust.

We wanted really perfect skin, so we used powder and concealer and the Cream Compact Foundation. Then, blushUnlawful, which we're using in a sort of '80s-blush style, angular on the cheekbones. Then we use the pink, sheer Anguilla Multiple on top, so it’s kind of pinky and cute."

Odile Gilbert (John Frieda): "We did easy, young, long hair. We used the Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioner and gave the girls four braids. Then, they go to the makeup chair, and when they come back, we undo the braids and we have natural waves. We didn't apply any heat or anything. All the girls have clips, with the twist, and all but one has long extensions."

Photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on February 12, 2014.

Models Before They Were Famous

It's Thursday, February 6, 2014 and New York Fashion Week is officially upon us. The city's swarming with models, trooping through the sludge in their off-duty finest, rushing to get to the next show. Of course, the models with the exclusives probably have a cushier experience involving things like cars and escorts and heated mittens, but there was a time when women like Gisele, Miranda, Chanel, and Karlie had to pay their dues and rough it with the other up-and-comers. In real #TBT tradition, we present a throwback to a time before they were famous. Polaroids from when Angels were just girls on go-sees. When a Vogue cover girl was just a teenager from Florida. When the young ladies above looked up to Kate, Naomi, and Cindy like this fashion weeks’ burgeoning stars look up to them. Happy TBT, everyone, and a very happy NYFW. Leave your prediction as to which model Alexander Wang will bring out of NYFW retirement below...

 photo chsun6_zps6ee3371f.jpg photo chsun3_zps8df89933.jpg photo chsun1_zps65a2d229.jpg photo chsun2_zpse3e215ab.jpg photo chsun10_zpsd8c70a4f.jpg photo chsun7_zps5e444a26.jpg photo chsun11_zpse318e20e.jpg

(Acne Velocite shearling jacket and cap, Bec and Bridge sheer tank, T Alexander Wang satin bra, Ba&sh trousers, Theory Alito boots, Goyard shoulder bag)

Wearing your shoulder bag inside of your jacket is the new not ever putting your jacket on completely, but it’s of course best to do both if possible. So yesterday morning I woke up in this very specific mood to drown in my clothes and this is what I ended up with. The slouchy/sloppy trousers and bag are fresh from Paris last week and the rest is stuff you’ve seen before on here. Wore this in the LA almost-rain to run some errands in the city. Yes it was freezing and yes I’m terrified to head to New York on Sunday so I am forced to revise that statement. Also excited though! Fashion week looms.

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 photo av1_zps98df9162.jpg photo av6_zpsd3db8d18.jpg photo av3_zps032c7bae.jpg photo av4_zpsac1ebf00.jpg photo av2_zpsf9c62d80.jpg photo av9_zps4a0ec2d1.jpg photo av7_zps0b85d822.jpg photo av10_zpsf863fb73.jpg

(Alexander Wang chenille turtleneck, Reformation Ozone dress, Theyskens’ Theory cross strap wedges, Terzakou Paris shoulder bag, Hortense and Catbird rose gold rings)

Swanning around yesterday on Melrose in the last bits of daylight. So I love recycling pieces from my closet. If I like something, I commit wholly and would ideally be able to come up with a million ways to wear it into the ground. Which I’ve done almost to a fault for fashion blogging standards with these items (sorry?). But I love the extra touch of overboard-ness and texture this bag I got in Paris in October adds. Inky color palette you are addictive.

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