I’m a fan of all things nude. And though I wholeheartedly support Lena Dunham’s nakedness on Sunday nights, I’m speaking of the color variety here. Minimalism is always chic (think Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy). So when Clinique announced their 16 Shades of Beige Launch I was into it. Firstly, I salute their inclusiveness. It’s great to see a major brand like Clinique offering nude shades for all the ladies out there.

The eight polishes in the collection are elegant, refined and frankly a breathe of fresh air. This year nail art saturated the glossies with geometric shapes to graphic tips. I do love a bold nail look but am happy to get back to basics. These nudes are the Yin to the nail art Yang. From soft cottony shades to deep cocoas and bronzes, there’s a hue for everyone. And they are limited edition so get on it!

-Photos by Aimee Blaut in Stockholm

We’ve all been victims and victimized by the horrors of bad B.O. and either end is painful. To avoid this (and because we aren’t cavemen) we wear deodorant, but sometimes one swipe isn’t enough. I’m trying to steer clear of ‘unsure’ moments so I’ve been on a quest to find what works.

After rubbing crystals under my arms and ravaging the deo aisle at the local drugstore I’ve concluded that most deodorants wear off on busy “high impact” days. And then some just decide to stop working after years of stellar protection. Luckily I stumbled into Walgreens looking for twizzlers and was distracted by Degree’s new motionSENSE deodorants. Basically any deodorant that is ‘motion activated’ gets points in my book.

These deodorizers don sporty names like ‘Active Clean’ and ‘Fresh Energy’ that make you feel like Sporty Spice before you even leave the house. It’s three times more powerful than basic anti-perspirants with a key selling point being wetness protection. There is a certain kind of awful reserved for inappropriately sweaty moments, which always strike when you’re wearing a new silk blouse, or about to step into an important meeting.

And since nothing puts a deodorant to the test like a good party Degree and Walgreens are giving away two tickets to the Grammys, click here for the deets.

-Photos by Jared Blaut in Miami and Aimee Blaut in Stockholm

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“After studying economics I realized that numbers were not for me. I’m more of a cream, lipstick and perfume kind of person (laughs). So I started out in the industry working at ELLE France. I got an internship for thee months in the beauty department and when that ended I started working wit them on freelance projects. And now of course I work there full time as a Beauty Editor. I really enjoy my work. We have an amazing team and spending hours opening bags of new cosmetics is always very exciting.

I cycle through products really fast clean out my bathroom often. I’ve been using less cosmetics than last years and I m very careful with the ingredients that I do use. I try to use at least eight percent organic products and now that I am pregnant I am even more careful.

In the morning I do a sprtiz of Eau Florale de Lavande from Melvita. I am still looking for the perfect organic cream, but at the moment I’m using one by Ren. I’m not a huge fan of the texture though. I also like the Rose Otto Face Oil by Estelle & Thild, but I mostly use that in the summer time.

After I moisturize I apply my makeup, which is so minimal. I use a little bit of Decleor BB crème, Terracotta de Guerlain and a “soupçon” of Blushing Fabric from Armani. I love Dior mascara, especially the last one, Overcurl the effect is perfect!

On special nights out I’ve learned a great trick from makeup artist Violette. She taught me how to do a very light smoky eye. I use Clarins black Kohl or a liner from Kajaja. I bought it in Morocco four years ago and I never found it again.

In the evening I clean my skin with water and soap or gel, cleanser. Currently I’m using Erborian BB Cleanser followed by a sprtiz of my Eau Florale.  Then I put on a huge amount of night cream. I love really oily creams or even hard oils. I have very sensitive and really dry skin so I love to go to bed with something heavy on my face, which can cause my boyfriend look at me with curiously! Depending on my mood, I’m alternate between Huile 27, Rose Otto from Estelle and Thild or Egyptian Magic.”

-As told to The Formula Blog, Photos by Aimee Blaut in Paris 

The time has come for our obligatory holiday fragrance post. And before you roll your eyes I’d like to invite you to take a moment to reflect on all of your not so fresh scented moments from the past year. Don’t you want to smell delightful and furthermore encourage the company you keep to smell ridiculously good too. Like all good things we’ve mixed old staples with fast favorites to create very spritz-able guide.

Dolce and Gabbana Intense speaks to my most feminine side, inviting her for macarons and tea at the Pierre. The scent is decidedly womanly with a level of sophistication that it’s hard to imagine anyone disliking it. This is easily the safest scent to gift to the ladies. If your looking for something little spicier then Gucci Guilty fits the bill, it’s loaded with Pink Pepper and Patchouli. The notes aren’t the only things on the bold side. The bottle is super-luxurious and is encased in reflective gold.

For those of us who don’t own fireplaces but are yearning for a smokey scent under the Christmas tree, Dyptique, Eau Duelle layers vanilla on a smoked base note with black tea. The combination is warm, festive and wears well on both the men and the ladies.  Another favorite in the androgynous scent club is Aedes, Iris Nazarena. This sexy floral smells seriously amazing. Iris, Patchouli and vetiver are the stand out stars –it’s almost too good to gift. I recommend wrapping it as soon as you get home to keep temptaion at bay.

On a more rugged note-if you have a man in your life: father, brother, lover, sexy uncle—literally any man, HYLND, Spirit of the Glen has created the perfect man scent. I am not sure why it works or how it works. The ingredients read more like the contents of a mixed drink than a fragrance. Combining things like whiskey, wild pineapple, oak, bourbon and flora seems like a horrible idea on paper, but somehow it smells amazing. The fragrance claims to be unisex, but this one is for the boys.

Greg Lauren recently launched his premiere fragrance in collaboration with Barneys last month– I am obsessed. The fragrance is light and refreshing. If you close your eyes just for a moment, you almost forget it’s winter. It is the perfect fragrance for the lucky ones escaping to St. Barths.

Last but not least Show Beauty, Decadence Hair Fragrance is the perfect gift for those annoying friends who have everything.  (And if they aren’t a beauty editor and already own hair perfume, it’s probably a sign to cut ties.) The bottle feels expensive while the scent is surprisingly light. Rose water and coconut milk nourish the hair while vanilla and white musk offer a subtle scent. It’s also really gorgeous to keep on your vanity.

The Extras// Candles

I hoard candles in early December since they make the best hostess gifts at holiday dinners and parties. And this season there are two stand out stars. Diptyque, Frankincense, which looks as good as it smells and Frédéric Malle, Bougie Joyeux Noel. Frédéric Malle essentially took all of the best parts of the holidays and turned it into a very chic orange candle. It is scented with pine, cinnamon, amber and all of your childhood memories.

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