Make A Better Bed

I’ve resolved to sleep more and better in 2016. And you should, too. A kicky concealer is good. But rest is better. 2am sex is electric, but 10pm sex followed immediately by dopamine-fueled slumber is a boutique fitness session and a juice cleanse for $0. You could indulge in chocolate and wine, sure. Or, you could get the check and tuck into nine uninterrupted hours of bliss. Because this, I know: Sleep is delicious. It’s time to treat it like the luxury good (note: great) that it is. It’s January, goddammit. You have opposable thumbs and big dreams! Get out there and make your bed.

1. Savoir Beds: When the Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan wanted guests to really unwind, it tapped Savoir Beds to furnish handmade mattresses for its rooms. Should you crave a posh mattress, look no further than the London-based manufacturer of luxury beds. Unlike cheekier upstarts, it’s been around for over 100 years and makes bespoke headboards, which seem lovely and very much like the kind of perk Kate Middleton would value.

2. Parachute BeddingAt $199 (or $129 without the duvet—your call), a set of Parachute sheets is pricier than Pottery Barn. But I dare you not to reach for your wallet when you lay your hands on them. Each is a cloth cloud. Online, you can order swatches of the woven enchantment. Should you decide not to purchase a cashmere quilt from the retailer, you can use them to dry your tears.

3. Claritin Pillow: Claritin—more than just nasal spray. The makers of your drugstore lifeline have gotten into the bedding business, selling allergen-free pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond. Stuffed with Clearloft down alternative, these babies block dust mites, pet dander, and stains. True story: I once slept on a balled-up college sweatshirt for almost three weeks, because I was “too busy” to buy a pillow. Be better than me.

4. Lumio Book Lamp: Your bedside table deserves better than an illuminated iPhone. To inspire you to forgo electronic devices in the bedroom and read novels, purchase the Lumio Book Lamp. You can CandyCrush in daylight.

5. Le Labo Petit Grain 21 Candle: For graduation, a fancy older friend who once lived down the hall from Jay-Z and Beyoncé gave me this candle. It smells like an olive grove at dusk and luck. It makes my evenings better and smarter and chicer. It gives me permission to forget that I do not have a whirlpool tub and that I do have work in 12 hours. God, what could be better than that?

—Mattie Kahn

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Make Your Next Flight A Better One

Recently I found myself migrating down to Miami with much of the rest of NYC for Art Basel weekend—a trip that’s busy and packed with people from the minute you park yourself on a sold out flight—middle seat, row 315 to be exact. You’re definitely going to want all the usual suspects for those in-air hours (see: face wipes, sanitizer of some sort, comfy socks) but there are also a few less-expected items that can turn an economy experience around. Mine are below—leave yours in the comments.

1. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo, Travel Size: We’ve sung its praises before. Acts like a texturizing spray for fine hair, and will absorb all greasiness from any hair that’s got some. If you don’t need either of those qualities, it also acts as a darn good fragrance. Spray (before boarding, if that’s your thing, because it lasts) and then just wait for your seatmate to ask you about your perfume. “Oh this? Just my dry shampoo.”

2. Plyknits Merino Pants: Looks like a pant, feels and fits like a legging, with the addition of kicky slits in back. The whole deal strikes middle ground between gym apparel and business wear—creating something that’ll improve your overall quality of life while traveling. Athleisure never loses.

3. Stella McCartney Asymmetric Scarf: Wearing a scarf with some structure, like this sweater-cowl/neck-scarf hybrid, is infinitely cozier than any rectangular piece of cloth has ever been, I don’t even care if it’s cashmere. Its structure holds you closer, but there’s also the practicality of it: Wear any T-shirt or tank underneath and immediately look more pulled together around the neckline. And if you’re going somewhere warm, you can easily take it off upon arrival. Get down with your clime-appropriate self.

4. Axel Agiato Sneakers: Welcome a clean and comfortable shoe into your life while all else is slightly chaotic—oh my God did I remember to pack my headphones? But back to the sneaker—serene pink and tan tones aside, the sole has a bit of height, making it more comfortable for when you’re on your feet.

5. Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil: Dryness is to be expected when you’re waaaay up (I feel blessed) and potentially sitting underneath a tiny stream of stale air (turn that thing off). Masks or heavy moisturizers are great options for dealing with thirsty skin, but lately I’ve been really into oils. Rub all over, brows included, and add some to the ends of your hair. Put your hair up in a ponytail while it all sinks in; this Tata Harper one doesn’t take too long to do so, and if you can get your hands on the mini travel size version, it comes in a convenient rollerball. Then find your headphones, and call it a day. Or a flight.

—Claire Knebl

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One Earring Is Enough

There’s something understated and modern about sweeping your hair behind your ears to reveal just one ridiculously cool earring. It’s jewelry that makes a statement while being the opposite of everything tacky “Statement Jewelry” claims to be—you know what I mean? Wear less to get more—an idea we’ve been into for awhile, but one that feels right again with all the holiday merriment of late. Your schedule is busy enough, your outfit doesn’t need to be. Plus there’s the casual, cool factor: You forgot half of your earrings. On purpose.

1. IAM by Ileana Makri Safety Pin 10-Karat Gold Earring: These find the right balance between tough and sleek. I’d pair with a simple gold stud on the other ear. They also offer a more elongated version, with diamonds…which I’m planning on buying should I win the lottery. I’m feeling optimistic about that.

2. Sorelle Mara Earring: The architectural feel of the hoop/rod combo plays nicely with a single sweet pearl. Keep the rest of your look simple and let this earring do the talking.

3. Hirotaka Pavé Diamond & Gold Bar Arrow Earring: Earrings—in this case, earring—are more fun with a little danger. Though the tiny pavé diamonds make this one look a little less threatening.

4. Common Muse Nelle Ball Earring: J.W Anderson-esque (check out our gift guide) and ornamental-looking—like a silver ball on a tree. The very friendly price point makes this one a great option for those who’d like to dabble in the single earring arena. 

5. Lee Brevard Julia Earring with Stone: There are loads of options from Lee Brevard both in style and price to mix and match. Inspired by antique French military medals, this one feels medieval and gives a nod to the beloved Stone Paris version.

—Eva Alt

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Rid Your Closet Of Black, Replace Everything With Cream

Wear cream this fall. The color is classic and light, but it still envelopes you—sort of like the way the interior of a luxury car feels simultaneously cavernous and cozy (on that note: has anybody ever noticed how well Mercedes Benz hones in on the coolest color of leather for their seats? That’s what I want to wear).  Of course, I’m not coming down on black as something to totally abandon in terms of your wardrobe (or car). It’ll always be there for you—just take a break for the foreseeable future with the help of:

1. Totême Luca Blouse: Conveniently structured like a pajama top, for days when you don’t want to get out of bed, but you have to anyway.

2. Simone Perele Celeste Briefs: Something lacy and a little racy to go with said top and under whatever you want.

3. New Balance For J.Crew Sneakers: Practical and mellow in a two-tone color scheme. Just add jeans and a solid-colored t-shirt. Sneakers your dad would wear, but a little more polished.

4. Wilfred Baudin Sweater: Cozy enough to curl up fireside, lightweight enough to wear it with denim cut-offs and slide right into fall gracefully.

5. Veda x Man Repeller Trench: Another item that comes with options because versatility really is the name of the game here. This one is both a good ol’ trench and can also become something a little more exciting with the addition of a red satin sash. It’s good—really good—both ways.

—Claire Knebl

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Low-Tech Watches Are Still An Option

Find the right watch, and you’ll never have to accessorize your lower half again, if you don’t want to. It’s a piece that’s really all you need to look pulled together. But beyond that, and more importantly, wearing a watch will make your life feel more pulled together—you’ll start being on time, early even, and all around start seeing more of the world since you won’t be hunched over looking at a phone all day. iPhones die, watches (with working batteries) are forever. Consider the following:

1. Nixon K Squared Watch: This big modern rectangular face doesn’t like to be crowded. Don’t let a bangle or bracelet or anything like that get in its way, and instead let it go solo on your wrist.

2. Larson & Jennings Lader Watch: If this watch were a refrigerator, it’d be a really sleek stainless one, free of ugly handles or distracting notes left on its doors. There’s no clutter here, just moody grey and clean design. Serve chilled.

3. Isabel Marant Stainless Steel Watch: All black err-thang. This candidate feels more like a cuff but gets the job done and does so with flying colors. There’s also the benefit of this being something you could wear every day and not tire of seeing it.

4. Shinola The Gomelsky Watch: The nicest of nice, the buck stops with Shinola. We’re talking top o’ the line with an intriguing green strap made of football leather.

5. Timex The Weekender Watch: A classic and, at under $50, a good choice for those with commitment anxiety…but just give it a week or two with this one and you’ll be able to write listicles like “82 Signs You’re In A Committed Relationship” in your sleep. Productivity at its purest.

—Claire Knebl

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