The ITG Gift Guide 2015

The best thing about the holidays is presents. The second best thing about the holidays is all the great present slideshows that make procrastinating at work particularly materialistic. One could probably argue that a third great thing about this time of year is that there’s less shame around being so materialistic—but that feels beside the point and is probably more than enough fodder for a different post.

Anyway, in the spirit of those three things, plus love and holiday cheer, here is a gift guide. You’ll notice it’s full of gift recommendations, but sans any suggestion re: specific gift-getter. Peruse with your own gifting intentions in mind (maybe just for yourself?). A little 2pm deskside window shopping never hurt anyone.

1. Glossier Mask Duo Set
Six Nespresso-pod sized Moisturizing Moon Masks; six Nespresso-pod sized Mega Greens Galaxy Packs—with plush headband and pretty gift wrapping. Also consider: It makes for a fun activity during any at-home downtime. Masking makes for great bonding.

2. Candles! Specifically from Diptyque, MCMC, Ds & Durga, & Coqui Coqui
Candles are far and away the safest gift option. And not in a bad way! Even if the recipient is lukewarm on the scent, it still looks fancy on a shelf.

3. Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collection
The surprisingly versatile gift. Just one of the adorable, boy-named mini lipsticks (it’s not mini when you think about how long it actually takes to get through a tube of lipstick) is $35—affordable and luxe. A three-pack is $105. Buy every single shade, plus decorative organizing case, for $1,950. It all depends on your Secret Santa limit.

4. Hay Glass Carafe
Hydration is always a good thing to encourage. And what better way to do so than to give something that’s a little more shishi than a Camelback?

5. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub and Balm
Cleansing gifts can be hard—you don’t want to inadvertently tell someone that they need to clean themselves via passive aggressive present. This, however, is not that. There’s been no other bodycare product duo so lauded on our pages then those from Aesop. Bonus: The Aesop gift sets are really bomb this year—and astrology-themed, if you’re into it!

6. Himalayan Sea Salt & Grater Set
For the cook who has everything already but would like their salt to make more of a statement. Grind it over anything for an instant dose of unprocessed, pink (!) minerals.

7. Joya Composition No 1 Parfum
There’s a contest running here for which is more beautiful: the scent or the bottle in which its encased. Call it a toss up and just enjoy the luxurious feeling of dabbing perfume on your pulse points with a gold-dipped wand. (Also worth noting—made in Brooklyn!)

8. J.W. Anderson Gold Sphere Drop Earrings
Chances are, Christmas shopping and general good tidings have taken up too much time to plan a New Year’s Eve outfit. Make the last holiday of the season simple with these earrings. Everything else you could possibly wear will be secondary.

9. Bellus Wine + Jayson Home Key Bottle Opener
Momofuku Beverage Director Jordan Salcito’s wine label is environmentally and socially conscious—the grapes are organically grown and proceeds from all the bottles go to various charities. For instance, a percentage of the sales of the Girasole Sangiovese (photographed) go to female entrepreneurs via the Tory Burch Foundation. As good a reason as any to knock a few back.

10. L&G Studios Deskscape System with Diptyque Stationery and Leff Amsterdam Tube Audio Speaker
In terms of resolutions, “Be healthier” is probably number 1. Coming in at a close second though is most likely, “Appear to the outside world as a more organized person.” Consider this very Bauhaus-inspired deskscape to be a step in the right direction. Make the actual experience of sitting at a desk less soul-numbing with some whimsical Diptyque stationery and a cool speaker that’ll play whatever tunes you want.

11. A subscription to Stack Magazines + Hay Ballograf Pen
Print isn’t dying; it’s just getting more indie! Sign up for Stack and give a magazine surprise every month for the foreseeable future. Place next to this fun pen and bask in the Instagram that has become you or your loved ones’ living space.

12. Tibi Denni Loafers
Clothing is a tough gift. Accessories, on the other hand, are worlds easier. The entire Gloffice recommends these shoes. They’re easier than average to break in, class up any outfit, and make great office shoes to look forward to every morning.

13. Delfonics Quitterie Pouch + Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné Palette & Eyelash Curler
Shu Uemura’s holiday collection in association with Maison Kitsuné has cute on lock. But you’ll need somewhere to put that Plum Eye and Cheek Palette plus limited-edition gold Eyelash Curler. Pouches always make thoughtful gifts.

14. L.L. Bean Terry Cloth Robe
Nothing says true luxury like plush, customizable gift that’s also affordable. A #glossierpink robe with an optional monogram (an $8 add-on—very worth it) checks all those boxes.

15. A food basket from Mouth
Like cheese of the month club, but for the startup generation. Send one big holiday-themed bundle (an assortment of goodies from their 12 Days Of Christmas and 8 Nights Of Hanukkah tasting boxes are photographed), or sign up for one of their 3, 6, or 12 month packages. It’s a subtle way to invite yourself over for dinner again and again.

16. Fairmont Hotels Scent & Senses Packages + Joshu+Vela Duffle
Another good way to enjoy someone else’s gift is to take them on a trip, because you get to go, too! Strategically plan your stay in New York, Santa Monica, or San Francisco and get access to Le Labo after hours where you can mix your own Rose 31, start to finish. And remember, memories make good gifts, too.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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