One of my other side gigs is coaching others who want to positively impact their lives.  An exercise I like to do is a roleplay where we pretend that I am a close friend who they haven’t heard from in a while.

Upon running into each other unexpectedly, I excitedly ask the person to tell me all about what’s happened in their lives since we last spoke.  The purpose of this activity is to invite my clients to describe in detail, all of their intended manifestations.  The inspiration for this idea came from my own life experience. After meeting someone I haven’t seen in a while, and being asked what’ new, I really couldn’t come up with any exciting to share.

That’s when I came to the realization that I didn’t have anything new to talk about because I wasn’t up to anything. I was just allowing life to happen.
As we grow up, there are distinct occurrences that happen in our life to signify the mark of a new era. Every 4-5 years, something new is happening in our lives. We’re growing, changing and constantly moving out of our comfort zones.  By the time we reach our late 20’s, things start to stabilize and not much new happens.  Aside from marriage, having kids, and earning promotions, nothing new tends to happen.

I realized that at a certain point, we have to cause new experiences and milestones for our lives, otherwise things will stay exactly the same.

If someone were to ask you today “what are you up to?” Would you have a hard time responding? I don’t mean the “what are you up to”like when someone asks you what you’re doing this weekend.  That’s an easy question to answer.  But what do you say when the person inquires about the exciting things that are happening in your life?

Instead of being caught off guard, I like to proactively ask myself this question from time to time.  This helps me put into perspective the realities of how I’ve been allocating my time. The real question is…..what have I been creating in my life?

If I don’t have the answer, then it becomes my responsibility to craft it.  It doesn’t have to be this grandiose plan. Just something that gives me a little dose of excitement when I think about it.  If I were to run into an old friend 6-9 months from now, what exciting piece of news would I want to share?  If you can’t think that far ahead, try shortening the timeline to 30 days.  By this time next month, what would you love to have accomplished?

Once you have an idea of what you want to create in the near future, it’s time to put your plans into effect now.  Sometimes I like to condense the process by asking myself to describe an ideal week then working backward to create it.  On Sunday, when I think about the plan for the week, I start by asking myself, “what would make this week awesome?” It doesn’t have to be much, just something I would be proud to boast about like saying I’m working out 4 days a week or I launched a new marketing strategy for my business, or I got to spend some quality time with loved ones. 

If I really want to get fancy, I incorporate a creative element to my planning.  By that I mean, I reflect on goals I want to achieve and work on them.  For instance, I found my next travel destination.  One creative action I could take is to find an Airbnb or hotel.  Then maybe I set up an automatic draft to passively set money aside for the adventure.   If someone were to ask me how my week went, I could excitedly tell them that I’ve started preparing for my next vacation.

The whole point is that if we just wake up and follow the path of the week, chances are that we aren’t creating anything, we’re just participating.  Participation is ok for a while but if we stay in that mode for too long, our lives become mundane.  From grade school to landing our first job out of college, new milestones happen in our lives every 4-5 years.  From that point on, we become responsible for creating our own story. One we’d be excited to tell over and over again. 

Last month I wrote an article about how feeling amazing helps you to attract amazing results.  I’m happy to report that since publishing the article, I’ve experienced some wonderful outcomes from my efforts.  Financially, it was my strongest earning month this year and I’ve also manifested two unexpected, random checks.

Not a bad reward, for only having focused on feeling good.

So now that I’m getting a glimpse of the possibilities of maintaining a high level of vibration. I’m ready to ramp up my efforts even more.  This has now become my top priority.  Let’s talk about the multiple ways to I’ll supercharge my manifestation.

But before I plan my next moves, I must first document what worked well in the past.

My strategy was to use “feeling good” as my main manifestation tool.  There are lots of tools available such as visualization, positive affirmations, vision boards, etc.  They say that feeling good is an essential component of manifestation.  It has the ability to accelerate our manifestation more than all of the other law of attraction practices.

Last month, I made sure to execute a ritual that supported a high level of vibration as often as possible.  This is what I did…..

Find Your Feel Good Triggers.
One thing I was really careful about doing was starting each day on a vibrational high.  This basically means that I ensured that I felt amazing first thing in the morning.  This doesn’t happen naturally.  I took clear, premeditated steps to create my own feel-good vibes.  Sometimes this meant that I turned on my favorite playlist and lit a wonderfully scented candle first thing in the morning.  Basically, I set out to awaken my senses in a positive way.

Next, I sought out visual stimulation.  When I see an image of something I want to experience, I’m filled with excitement. Every day, I make a quick trip to my Pinterest receive a visual reminder of everything I’d love to attract in my life.  This gives me jolts of exhilaration.  What I love about Pinterest is that they load countless images in your feed that are similar to what you already like.  It’s like a vision board that constantly refreshes itself with new images.

Once I got my dose of visual stimulation, I shifted my focus to listening to audio that reinforced my mission.  Often, while I worked, I played YouTube videos on the topic of LOA and feeling good.  This served as a constant reminder that I should always ask myself “how are you feeling right now?”

The more I practiced my feel good ritual, the easier it became to instantly raise my vibration.  Whenever I struggled with getting in a positive mood, I would simply rattle off a list of everything that was going well with my day or with my life.  That was an instant mood changer.  Just to be clear, I want to emphasize that I didn’t set any specific goals during this time period. My only goal was to maintain a high vibration as often as possible.

That’s the 101 stuff I did to ensure that I was creating a positive vibe.  Now it’s time to raise the stakes a bit so I can attract at a higher level.  I’ll continue to implement everything I did in March but in April, I’ll layer additional activities such as:

Focusing on my internal vibration.
I would love to raise my natural energy levels by eating clean, drinking green juices, and exercising regularly.  Along with that, I also plan on getting a few B vitamin shots.  The shots really give me a boost of energy and raise my productivity levels sky high.

I think I’ll also bring back regular massages.  My husband gave me a quick massage the other day and I immediately felt all the areas where I have stored up tension.  I don’t want to carry any of that around.  One massage here and there isn’t enough to fully remove all of the hidden tension. That’s why I am a huge fan of regular massages.

Feel Good Experiences
From there, I wish to place my attention on experiential-based feel good practices.
So far, I’m doing a good job of raising my vibe without doing much of anything.  Now I want to explore how to supercharge the process through experiences.  Getting a massage is an example of a feel good experience.  Other examples include taking a relaxing bath, going out of town, spending time with loved ones, doing things you genuinely enjoy.  Feel good experiences are extremely powerful.

While the feel good experience is occurring, you have to become intentional. You mustn’t rush through it.  Instead, you should relish it as a wine connoisseur enjoying a glass of fine wine.  The expert of wine engages every one of his senses with every sip of wine.  We must do the same. Let’s turn every experience into an opportunity to raise our vibration.

For example, my husband and I went out for lunch at one of our favorite places.  We dined there a couple of times before. But during my vibration experiment, I made sure to take in the experience fully by engaging all of my senses.  As I sat at the outdoor patio, I felt the sensation of the warm sun touching my skin.  I could feel a slight breeze and picked up the scent of our fragrances mixing together in the air.  I savored the flavor of every bite of my meal.  Not once did I reach for my phone. I was completely in the moment and I felt amazing the entire time.

  I didn’t expect to manifest anything specific from this experiment. But, much to my surprise, I did!  The most obvious of the manifestations were financial rewards.  My business performed very well in March and, on top of that, I received a couple unexpected cash payouts that seemed to come out of nowhere. Throughout all of this, I didn’t visualize, recite affirmations, write down my goals, or none of that.  I just focused on my feelings.  In doing so, I attracted outcomes in my life that aligned with how I felt.  The better I felt, the more I attracted things that made me feel even better.

What made this work for me was how consistent I was.  Our default method of operation is the opposite of feeling good. By nature, we’re judgemental individuals who often label our observations in a negative way.  Focusing on feeling good took a lot work. I had to be reminded to feel good ALL THE TIME.  If I didn’t watch those daily videos, I would have lost my focus. If you want to try this experiment for yourself, you must be diligent about reminding yourself to shift your mood (for the better).

If you ever find yourself in a bad place (emotionally), you don’t have to start feeling great. All you have to do is to try to diffuse the emotion.  Try to diffuse or neutralize some of that emotion as much as possible.  Once the negative emotion is diffused, you can then work toward creating a feel good energy again.

The other, very important area that I need to focus on to further raise my vibration is to match how good I feel on the inside with how good I look on the outside.  I’ve been doing a lot of mental feel good work, now I need to get focused on maintaining my out appearance.  I’ve got an entire strategy built out around this that I’ll share very soon. But in the mean time, get serious about using this feel good experiment in your every day life.

Self-care is something that I’ve been very interested in over the past few years.  The idea of treating and nourishing your outer and inner self was just too attractive not to pass up.

I fell in love with the idea of enjoying facials, massages, and various other beauty rituals as a means of taking care of myself.  All of these things are really great. But they fall into the category of what I call “self-care 101.” These are the easy activities that we enjoy doing but they only scratch the surface of the layers that make up one’s self-care journey. 

Let’s talk about some of the not-so-easy self-care activities that are just as important as getting a mani-pedi. 
But first, I’ll tell you a quick story. 

Back when I worked in corporate America, one of my responsibilities was to address employee complaints.  Often times, employees would request a transfer from one location to another because of disputes with their supervisor.  They’d complain that their manager was too strict or had too many rules.  Sometimes they’d ask to go to a location where they knew that manager was much more lax about following every rule.  The person assumed that they’d be happier working in an environment with less accountability.

More often than not, once the transfer was granted, the employee would soon realize that they made a mistake. Because they already know the value of working in a well-run environment, the difference at their new location is like night and day. They assumed that having fewer rules would make them happier but they were mistaken.

The truth is, many of us thrive in an environment that consists of daily rituals, clear expectations, and various routines that support optimal outcomes.  A well-run organization is one where a solid foundational structure is in place.  In our personal lives, however, we often live unregimented lives.  Don’t get me wrong, we do follow some routines.  But most of them are in place because if we don’t do them, we will suffer a consequence (example, we go to work every day otherwise, we will lose our job).

On the flip side, there are rituals and routines we should incorporate and follow because they support our overall well being.  Those are the first ones to suffer whenever laziness creeps in.  Why? Because the consequences aren’t immediate. Since the consequences seem far away (or non-existent) these self-care activities take a back seat.

Some examples of self-care rituals that tend to fall by the wayside are:

A portion of the items on the list are enjoyable, but many of them aren’t.  It’s kinda like working for a boss who’s making you do things you don’t feel like doing.  But, there’s a reason why she has such high standards.  It’s because she knows that a great running operation will generate greater rewards.  Many of the employees didn’t realize it, but transferring to another location where the manager didn’t run a tight operation meant that they’d probably receive a smaller performance bonus (because the other location was underperforming in sales results).  In the end, they were only hurting themselves.  
We have to get really serious about our self-care.  It’s more than just splurging on skin products or treating yourself to your heart’s desire.  What we truly desire is to feel fulfilled.  And most everything I listed above will contribute to your fulfillment.  
Do you have to do everything on that list at once? 
Just pick the one or two habits missing from your life that could really make a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.  Once you get rolling, you’ll continue to build on your self-care routine as time goes on.  But, let’s not forget that sometimes, the harder actions can contribute to you the most.  

We’re nearing the end of the first quarter of the year.  Around this time, I like to take a moment to assess my progress in relation to my goals.  In 2018, I’d like to apply the lessons learned from the goals reached in 2017 along with those that I didn’t accomplish.

After taking time to dissect the reasons why some goals happened, while others didn’t, I’ve finally realized the ultimate factor in goal achievement.
The differentiator was very clear.  The goals that I reached (or made huge progress on) were the ones where I allocated a bulk of my time.

I know this seems like common sense but you’d be surprised.  On several occasions, I would declare a desired outcome as a goal. But that was pretty much it.  I kept saying that I wanted it but nothing changed in my daily life.

  • We all have 24 hours in the day.  
  • Each of those 24 hours is already occupied with our current actions.  
  • Our current actions produce our current results.
  • A new goal is essentially a desire for a new result.
  • In order to produce a new result, you have to put the time in. 
  • If nothing changes in your daily/weekly routine, you will not likely reach your goal.
  • This is because your current routine is producing your current results.
It’s as simple as that.  
I can easily point out the intentions I’ve set but haven’t allocated any time. Those can’t be classified as goals. They’re more like wishes.  I wish they would somehow manifest without any effort on my part.  Realistically, they probably won’t happen.  Not unless I do something about it. 
 On the flip side, I set a clear goal for Q1 of this year.  I’ve also dedicated lots of focused time and attention toward the realization of that outcome.  I’m happy to report that I’m currently enjoying the fruit of my labor.  
Sure, I had to switch some things around in my routine to make it happen.  But it was worth it.  Going into this second quarter, I will follow the same process.  I’ll take a look at my list of goals and ask myself “which of these areas would I love to experience the most progress?”  I’ll then select the top 1 or 2 goals and make a plan to allocate adequate time towards executing actions that lead me directly to that result.  
It’s Monday.  A great activity to try is to review your actions over the past 7 days.  How much of your time last week was allocated towards reaching your goals? Not much? No worries….we have this week.  And with longer days ahead, we have fewer excuses to get the wheels in motion.  
Pick out your focuses for this week and establish a plan to ensure you are proud of yourself by the end of the next 90 days. 

The other day I captured a screenshot from an Instagrammer who shared a glimpse of how much revenue her online store is doing. After taking the screenshot, I sent it to a couple of friends who are aspiring entrepreneurs.  Soon afterward, we exchanged a series of messages proclaiming #goals while celebrating the success of another girl boss.

Looking back at my images, I realized that I’ve been capturing inspiring screenshots for a while now. Each one of them is more inspiring than the last. Yesterday, I came to the realization that no matter how amazing these screenshots are, they haven’t impacted my life one single bit.
This has to change.
I asked myself, what’s the point of getting all excited if I wasn’t going to do anything about it?  Was I truly being inspired?

  1. 1. 
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Can we talk a little bit about the true meaning of inspiration? Being inspired means that we’re mentally stimulated to do or feel something.  The inspiration I experienced caused me to feel something.  I completely forgot the second part which actually causes us to do something.  More specifically, something creative.
Creating, in my opinion, requires bringing something into existence.

If I was truly inspired by her exceptional results, I should have taken creative action.  This is the true meaning of being inspired.  I’ve come to realize that every time I come across something inspiring, it’s a sign to take a new action.  Since capturing those screenshots, I have taken action towards my business, but none of it is “creative” in nature.  My action is essentially the same before and after I received the inspiration.

As a result, I haven’t moved any closer to bringing my inspiration into reality.  There’s nothing wrong with just being happy for someone’s success.  But if I’m inspired to experience something similar, I have to work to create new results.  I’ve invested hundreds of dollars to attend countless live seminars. The sessions were loaded with inspiring content but I often missed the opportunity to take immediate creative action.

The one time I do remember applying this advice back when I conducted my pretty experiment.  Every time I saw an image of a woman that inspired me, I’d take a simple action to improve my appearance.  I didn’t do anything drastic, but all of those small actions compounded to create impressive results.

From now on, when you receive a spark of inspiration, think of it as a signal. A trigger to move into action.  Take it as a sign and an opportunity to get into creative mode.  Moments of inspiration are reminders that we need to get moving.

Let’s take full advantage.