A while back, I was inspired to write a post on the topic of “being amazing” in order attract amazing experiences and people into our lives.  While I do feel that the message is relevant, I’d like to tweak the verbiage just slightly.

While I do still believe that being amazing will attract wonderful people and experiences into your life, I think I’ve found an easier (clearer) method to constantly attract more of what we want.
When you tell someone to “be amazing” the first thought that pops into your head might be “sounds good, but how exactly do we do that?”  I can try to answer that question to the best of my ability, but I instead, I suggest you try my alternate technique.

Instead of trying to “be amazing,”  I want you to focus on “feeling amazing.”

Feeling amazing is a much more objective outcome that you sorta can measure.  If I were to ask you, how you’re feeling right now, you’d have no difficulty answering my question.  Law of Attraction experts urge us to focus our attention on our feelings if we wish to attract more of what we want.  Apparently, when we are feeling amazing, we vibrate at a higher frequency.  Eventually, we supposedly get to the point where we vibrate at a frequency similar to what we desire to attract.

If we maintain a high frequency for a long enough duration, then we start to experience a shift in our everyday reality.  I’ve known this information for a while but never put it into practice as fervently as I have recently.  Ensuring that I feel good has been a priority for the past several weeks.  I’m happy to report, that because of my efforts, manifestations have been occurring on a very regular basis.   I haven’t won the lottery or anything like that, but I have noticed an ease in how my intentions are becoming manifestations.

On a practical level, all I do is ask myself (numerous times a day) how I am feeling.  If my response isn’t that I’m feeling great, I take a series of steps to instantly shift my mood from good to great.  From there, I try to maintain my feelings of elation for as long as possible.

 That’s it.

Basically, I made a commitment to put the law of attraction into real practice in my daily life.  But, instead of thinking positive thoughts, I focused on generating powerful positive emotions.  And, as a result, positive experiences have been continuing flowing into my life.  Even if nothing changes your life as a result of this process, at least your mood is lifted.  Most of the time, we want something simply because of the feeling we associate with having that thing.  What I’m attempting to do is to generate similar feelings as a precursor of what’s to come. 

And, so far, things have been working out really well.  Best of all, it takes little to no effort.   If I’m not in a good feeling place, I simply rely on some go-to activities that instantly lift my mood like playing music, transforming my environment, making sure I look pretty, or focusing on everything that’s going right in my life. 

Feeling amazing is the prerequisite to becoming amazing.

If I continue this practice on a regular basis, for the entire year, I’m pretty certain that the compound effect will come into play to create massive results.  And that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to.

Take a moment and reflect back on the goals you set for 2018.  How’s the progress going? Do you feel like you’re steadily working towards the realization of your desires?  If this isn’t the case.  I’d like to suggest a solution that will unlock your ability to accomplish all of your goals.

The one thing that stands between you and what you want is resistance.  Our job is to identify then dismantle our resistance so it no longer stands in the way of what we want.
Imagine yourself standing in front of a brick wall. And on the other side of the wall is everything that you desire.  As long as the wall remains, you will struggle to experience your manifestation.

People give lots of reasons for why they haven’t achieved their goals, but if we take a look at the root cause, we’ll see that resistance is the underlying issue.

I’ll share a few examples.

  • You’re struggling to lose those 15 lbs that you’ve talked about.  You say you’ll work out on a certain day/time. But when the time comes, you don’t go.
  • You’re working on growing your side income but when it comes to having to market yourself, or your business online, you avoid taking the action.
  • You express a desire to expand your social life but you decline opportunities to spend time outside the comfort of your home. 
  • There’s work you’ve been putting off. You keep saying that you’ll do it at a certain time, but you don’t follow through.
Basically, anything that you said you’d do (or should be doing) but aren’t, is the result of resistance.  It’s like the invisible forcefield that holds us back. Our job is to identify its existence, determine what’s fueling it, then obliterate (or dismantle it).  
Obliterate and dismantle are two very different terms.  One means to immediately destroy, while the other alludes to a consistent taking apart of something.  Ideally, we should strive to obliterate our resistance but sometimes our hesitation runs deep and eliminating it requires more work.  
So how does one start the process of removing resistance?  Essentially, you have two options.
1. You can acknowledge it exists then decide to ignore it.
2. Or you can work to marginalize its power/control over you.  
Ignoring resistance is ideal because, each time you do so, it becomes less of a factor the next time it appears.  If you condition yourself to go to the gym even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll notice that resistance will eventually go away.  
The only advice I have for you on the subject of ignoring resistance is to remind yourself that this is what you wanted.  When you start engaging in that action, you will feel a surge of confidence for having overcome internal resistance.  
We’ve all been there before.  We dread starting on a certain task, but when we actually sit down and do the work, we realize that it isn’t that bad as once thought and we’re proud of ourselves for tackling it. 
Dismantling resistance takes a bit more effort.  It’s like having the task to eat something disgusting, but instead of swallowing it whole, you opt to eat it with a fork and knife bite by bite. 
 Understanding the drivers of your resistance isn’t a bad thing, it just extends the process which could delay the realization of your goal.  
Sometimes this means taking baby steps instead of charging directly at your goal.  I’ve used the method of taking the path of least resistance by choosing to implement small, easy actions instead of the tasks that generate the most internal resistance.  For instance, driving to gym might seem undesirable, so I’ll do a few minutes of movement on the trampoline instead.  I haven’t fully overcome my resistance, but I still follow through on my desire to get some physical activity into my day.  
Any time you say you want to do something, but you don’t follow through, know that resistance is the culprit.  Knowing the source of your inaction is half the battle.  From there, we just have to decide if we will ignore or disarm it.  A great book on the top is Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art.  He discusses at length how resistance cripples those who involved in creative roles (like writers or artists).  Anytime you want to create ANYTHING, know that resistance will rear its ugly head.  We can’t let it linger too long because that will allow it to gain power.  Its job is to stop you. Your job is to keep moving. 
This week, notice anytime resistance shows up.  Instead of mindlessly following along, try to see what small action you can implement that weakens the power of resistance in your life.  This is so important.  
Resistance is what is standing between the life you have now and the “unlived life” you desire.
  The ability to break down resistance is a skill that will allow you to experience pretty much anything you want. 

I love reading about the entrepreneurial journeys of others.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for those who shared their wins and struggles.  Today I bring the full story of someone you might be familiar with.  I featured Nikki in a previous article where she talked about how the Compound Effect helped inspire the launch of her business.

Today she’s back and sharing her entire story.  She was faced with the difficult decision of leaving her long-term career for her passion.  Stepping out into the unknown is never easy.  Especially when we have the comfort of what we already know.  I believe in learning from those who have experienced what we want.  Nikki is one of those people.  Let’s learn from her journey to success.

Brows have always been my love, if I didn’t put on any other makeup my brows were always done. So when I decided to learn Microblading, it was no surprise to the people around me. I started this journey on a quest only to learn a new skill for a “side hustle”, but little did I know it would be the start of a new career path. My degree is in Biology and my background is in the oil and gas industry, totaling a little more than 10 yrs which includes working in goverment and private sector. Like everyone who graduates from college, I was ecstatic and extremely grateful for my new career, (I still am very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given). 
However, after about 10 years the thrill had diminished. The oil and gas sIump in 2016 did not make it any better. The morale at work dramatically took a turn for the worst. It was extremely stressful going to work seeing your friends, people you’ve been working with for years, get walked out by HR, and coming in to work not knowing if this was the day you would be laid off. For me this was my WAKEUP CALL! This stuck something in me, I was not okay with my job having this much control over my life. I felt like my livelihood was totally dependent on someone else which scared the crap out of me. 
I stared reading Bellemocha Blog in my spare time (it’s AMAZING!). I found myself super inspired by her posts, which lead to me to start making some new goals and dedicate my time to investing in myself financially, spiritually and physically. I started reading a slew of self help books and became extremely inspired to starting doing something that I loved. At the time I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do but I knew I was going to do something. Reading tons of self help books and being inspired by a number of new things led me to lots of new ideas to start generating addition income. 
I eventually enrolled in a Microblading Training (which was a horrible class by the way) but I was determined. These classes are not cheap, so I refused to let this be a waste of my money. I practiced, practiced, practiced read everything I could and and eventually mastered it. I did everyone’s Brows I could, sometimes free or for a really cheap to build my portfolio. With patience, hard work and consistency I was able to build my clientele in no time. It all happened so fast it was scary. I couldn’t believe the revenue I was doing my own thing, being my own boss. At this time I was still working my 9-5. On my off time, I focused on building my business. I ate, slept and breathed Brows. I eventually jumped out on faith and opened my own small brow studio and it was a success. 
I started being so busy with my business it was became hard to give both my career and new business the attention they needed. Needless to say after about 2 years of doing both Microblading and my 9-5 it came a time when I had to make a choice. I could not continue to do both and be successful. So I made the decision to resign in June 2017. This took much faith on my part, all I have known was going to school, earning a  degree, and finding a career. Entrepreneurship was never at the forefront of my mind. I never In a million years though that I would own my own business. 
In 2017 I relocated to a larger location, where I not only take appointments but also hold classes teaching the same skill that has brought me much success. I love what I do and it is truly a blessing. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it is totally worth it. Nobody will pay you like you pay yourself. I have the joy of meeting amazing women and building all kinds of connections. I love making women look and feel fabulous. My clients are so awesome and I am so grateful for them. I also get the privilege to teach others this amazing skill, it’s a good feeling to help someone else generate additional income and be their own boss as well. 
I have truly been blessed with amazing clients who support me. What started out as a potential side hustle turned into my full time business. Resigning from my job was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made.  Little did I know it would come from my love of brows. I took the leap of faith, invested in myself and haven’t lookedback since.  My business is growing daily, and I’m excited for what the future holds for Lukx Brows.

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Nikki prior to her leap of faith.  She worked hard to build a thriving, profitable business.  But, at the same time, she felt a lot of resistance towards leaving the “security” of her full-time job.  Yes, her job provided a paycheck that arrived on schedule.  But, her livelihood was in someone else’s hands.  Now, she has full control of her earnings.  Not to mention that she’s earning more in just a few years than from 10 years in the workforce. 

Last night, I had dinner with two former coworkers.  I could tell that they were stressed out and wanting desperately to try something new.  But, at the same time, they were filled with hesitation and resistance.  I understand it because I was once in their shoes.  After realizing that fear was keeping me in an undesirable circumstance, I started working on removing the resistance.   And that’s what we’ll talk about next week.

While I was in corporate America, I dreamt of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  At the time, everyone I knew was also a part of the system.  Thank goodness for the internet.  There I found countless examples of successful people who launched their own company.  Back then, the silicon boom was still in effect. So all of the stories featured 20 something males who lived in San Fransisco.

Times have changed. Now pretty much anyone can launch and scale their own brand. This is good news for us because there’s tons of inspiration available.  Even though I’ve been on my own for 3 years, I still look for women who are out there doing their thing!  Today, I’d like like to share a few of my entrepreneurial inspirations and why they’re each so amazing!
Olori Swank

I’ve followed Olori since before Instagram was a thing.  Back then she was a full-time celebrity stylist who’s worked with the likes Teyana Taylor, Keyshia Cole, and many more.  She ran a blog that featured some behind the scenes activities required to be a top stylist. I loved how transparent she was…..and still is.  

Olori has embraced social media and uploads countless stories each and every single day.  Her content ranges from mindset advice, business strategy, to behind the scenes looks at her Olori Swank photo shoots.  Olori Swank is the clothing brand she launched years ago.  I’ve received so much inspiration from watching her stories. Not only that, Olori is a great cook and will often share step by step recipes for her delicious meals.  When she’s working on her health & fitness, she takes us along on that journey as well.  This woman doesn’t stop giving out advice. I feel like I’m always learning or being reminded of something whenever I consume her content. 
Nichole Lynel
I’m a relatively new follower of Nichole and, let me tell you, this woman has an exciting future ahead.  Nichole is the owner of a clothing boutique and she is the face of the brand.  This woman has an insane work ethic and dreams big.  You can often find her hosting extended Instagram Live sessions where she answers endless questions from followers who too want to experience the success she’s had.  Not long ago, Nichole was waiting tables and, after an altercation with a disgruntled customer, she realized that she wanted to do something greater than “getting someone’s water.”  
The rest is history, now she runs a six-figure a month business and is creating the life of her dreams. Here she is doing a little bit of dream building by visitng the type of home that she’d like to manifest one day.