Happy Monday!  Once again, we're blessed to have a fresh to new week bursting with potential.  Pretty much anything can happen over the course of the next 7 days.  But what ends up happening most of the time is a replication of the weeks prior.  It's like groundhog day.

It takes a whole lot of intentionality to craft a plan that will keep you from repeating the same week over and over again.  We should make a concerted effort to plan for a successful week  because it's a bit risky to assume an amazing week happens on its own.  Unless we seed our week with specific actions, we'd be foolish to assume that these 7 days would be any different than the last.
This is you, living the life of your dreams after you've mastered the successful week planning process.
So what does it look like to plan for a successful week?  Here are three steps to get your started.

1.|  Visualize It. [If you could live out a perfect week, what would it look like?]
For me a perfect week would include some of these aspects:
a.) Highly productive days.
b.) Feeling good about myself
c.) Being in a great, inspiring environment
d.) Having lots of energy
e.) Connecting with friends/family
f.) Making substantial progress on my business
g.) Enjoying new experiences.

From this list, I can start to create specific actions.  Everything on the list is an outcome.  In order to achieve that outcome, certain actions must take place.   For example, if I want to have lots of energy, I should ensure that I eat well throughout the week, get enough sleep, schedule exercise sessions, etc.  The same goes for everything on the list.  Those things don't just happen on their own, I have to be an active participant.  Your first piece of homework is to create your list of outcomes that would make your week amazing.  Then figure out what you need to do to get to those outcomes.  Once you're done with that, you can move to step 2.

2.| Plan It [How will I ensure that my perfect week happens?]
Once you've identified the attributes of your perfect week, then we plan the necessary actions needed to create this ideal outcome.  For me this means means breaking out my planner and writing down what I need to do and when I need to do it.  I literally have to schedule time to call my parents and brother because, if I don't, the week could fly by without me realizing it.  Also, I probably won't have a productive day unless I set aside time to plan and execute my morning routine.  Again, none of this happens on its own.  Part of the reason for this is because I currently don't have solid systems in place to unsure they happen automatically,  but's that's a whole 'nother post.  For now, I have to put in direct effort otherwise, my desired outcomes won't happen.  Planning it means that I'm setting aside time to do the things that aren't likely to magically take place.  I write down (or mentally plan) when I'll go work out, or what actions I need to do to reach my business goals, and what food I'll eat for the week that'll feed my energy levels.  Even though you take precious time to plan your day/week, nothing ever goes 100% according to plan.  That's ok.  Because a 40% execution rate on a great plan is much better and executing a lousy week at 100%.

3.| Elevate It [ What are you going to do differently this week to create new, amazing results?]
Whenever you're reflecting on how you will allocate your time, always remember this.  The same plan executed over and over again will eventually create diminishing results.  I don't care how great it is.  We'll soon get into a comfort zone rut and things will go down hill from there.  So whenever you are reflecting on the week ahead, ask yourself "what can I do to take things to the next level?"  This is critical!  Elevating actions are the key to infinite results.  By the way, elevating actions don't have to be super-crazy.  It's about importing new actions, experiences, people that will shift your paradigm.  It could be as simple as listening to audio books in the car or as big as waking up at 5:00 am every morning to work on your creating your dreams.  Obviously, the bigger your action, the greater your shift.  But keep in mind that small actions lead to larger ones so don't be afraid to start small.  The cardinal rule of elevating actions is that they need to keep elevating.  Otherwise, they become normal actions.  Normal actions don't have that same burst of power as actions that elevate.

Always remember,  we won't typically take elevating actions if left to our own devices. These actions must be planned and carefully inserted into your day, otherwise today will look exactly the same as yesterday.  Last month, I infused my life with lots of elevating actions (as an experiment) and the results were absolutely incredible.  I saw huge progress in all aspects of my life and had the best month of the year in my business (I also reached another huge milestone as well).  I'm here to tell you that this works!!!!

Monday's can be viewed as another start to a long, boring work week or, we can turn them into Life Transformation Days.  Which do you prefer?

Today we're keeping with the theme of finishing 2015 strong.  Hopefully some of you have decided to take on a personal 90 day challenge.  Recently, I received an email from a reader who asked me about how to stay motivated into taking action (and staying in action).

Here's the thing.  Goals are new outcomes we want to bring into our lives.  This means that they don't currently exist.  They don't currently exist partially because the current environment does allow for it.  This means that we have to be very deliberate to bring about these new goals into the current environment.  That isn't easy to do.  It's like trying light a flame in an oxygen deprived environment.  Unless you oxygen exits, the flame will be snuffed out.  And that, my friends, is what happens to our goals.

One thing that has helped me tremendously in my journey is the ability to keep fueling and feeding my desires until they finally become solidified in reality.   You've got to do the same.  Give your goals no choice but to happen.  Here's how.

One of the classic techniques legendary goal achievers use to remind them of their goals is to write them down every day.  This serves as a daily reminder to you that you're on a mission.  When you re-write your goals every day, you're taking the first step which is to put your mental energy towards the desired outcome.  Some super achievers like Grant Cardone rewrite their goals both morning and night.

For me, writing goals doesn't raise my vibration enough.  I need a little something more.  So when I need a burst of inspiration, I seek visual stimulation. This means heading over to Youtube and watching motivational videos.  Which videos do I watch?  It just depends on what's going on.  But if I seek it out daily, I get a dose of motivational nutrition that feeds my actions.  Actually, now that I think about it, I did an alternative version of writing my goals daily.  Whenever I sat in a meeting or had to endure a long drive, I would craft out my MASTER PLAN.  At the time, my MASTER PLAN is what needed to happen in order for me to escape corporate america.  Now, I'm working on a new plan. And I still write down steps that need to happen in order to bring it into reality.

Other ways to stay in action includes surrounding yourself with like minded people.  The people you communicate with on a regular basis should talk about and do similar things as you. They should be on their own journey, or at the least, really support what you do.  If you don't have anyone like that in your life, go find 'em.  Attend Meetups, watch videos,  get a coach. Do whatever it takes. This is the precious oxygen your goal need to survive.  Listen, we behave in accordance to our level of belief.  If you don't have people in your circle doing what you want, then your level of belief is likely to be low.  I too had a low level of belief, so I sought out people who were living the reality I desired.  And It worked like a charm.

Another way to feed your goals is to spend money!  You heard me correctly.  It's my belief that if you aren't investing any money into your desired outcome, you don't really want it as much as you say you do.  Money represents a measure of value.  Things we deem valuable, we're willing to exchange more money for it.  If it's not valuable to us, we don't buy it.  If there's a goal that you want to reach, but haven't invested any money towards it, you're subliminally categorizing it as not valuable.

 My favorite example of this is how I obtained my car.  For years, I had a picture of it on my screen saver & vision board.  I even test drove the car a couple of times and even took video of myself driving it. Three, four, five years passed and still no car.   Sure, that visualizing did help a little but it's a low vibrational action compared to when I opened a new bank account for the car and put $200.00 away each paycheck with the clear intention of buying the car.  Suddenly,  intensity levels around getting the car was elevated.  It wasn't long before I stumbled on an amazing deal on the car I drive now.    I firmly believe that putting money where my goals were is what moved that intention from desire to reality.  I have some really lofty goals in my business and recently stepped out of my comfort zone to invest a very large financial investment into coaching.  I'm already seeing huge results from taking that action.

Sometimes, we let money stop us from having what we want. And that can be a big mistake.  I'm not talking about going into debt or spending money recklessly.  I'm referring to being an investor of your income (not just a consumer).  How much money from your last paycheck have you invested into something greater?  When I was faced with the option of allocating multiple thousands of dollars into a coaching program, I simply looked at what I would get as a result of saying yes, and took the plunge.

Think of money as an accelerator.  If my goal is to have salmon for dinner, I could pull a piece of salmon from the freezer, defrost it, marinate and cook it. Or, I can go to a restaurant and hand over $25.00 and have a salmon meal quickly prepared.  Same results. The only difference in the scenario was the allocation of money.  Again, I repeat, I'm not talking about mindlessly spending money. I'm referring to using money to accelerate your goals.

Lastly, you should constantly measure your results and reset your actions week after week.  Every Monday is a fresh start.   Every Monday we start again on the journey. And we never, ever stop. Stopping is the only thing that kills your goals.  When you stop, you immediately cut off the oxygen supply.  Use the micro-action approach before you even think of stopping.  Honestly, the micro-method has been the biggest contributor to the results I enjoy today.  So don't fret about small results. They will absolutely compound over time.
Happy Monday!  Today, I have a treat for you.  Over the past several months, I've had the pleasure of connecting with a reader.  I've exchanged tons of emails and after having several wonderful phone conversations, I invited her to share a guest post with us.  She just completed a rigorous life coaching certificate and is bursting with knowledge. I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom.

My name is Nelida Barbosa and I am a 31 years old life coach! After spending almost 10 years working as a financial consultant in corporate banking, I came to realize that I didn't want to live that life anymore. I knew there was a different way of living my life where I could be authentic and creative (no more auto pilot for me). I didn't want to take on this journey by myself. So my goal now is to help people become a true conscious leaders in their own lives. I believe it's possible to change your life and make it worthy waking up every day. 

Where are you spending your time?

Today I want to reflect on where you are spending most of your time. 
As human beings we have the benefit of having two worlds available for us:

WORLD #1 - the first world that I am referring to, is the world of thoughts and ideas.

WORLD #2- the second one is the world of action, where we can translate the ideas from the 1st world in to reality.

Now let's see what happens to most people who have an intention they want to achieve.  The intention often starts as an idea.  The idea transforms to a vision of what we want to build and the life we want to live. This corresponds to the first world: It's very comfortable and full of excitement. In the world of ideas there is no risk.  So we keep adding new ideas to our vision, and new content everyday... This world is so perfect and secure.

Nothing wrong with this. We just need to realize that is just the first step. The problem starts when you keep repeating the first step over and over again. What happens is that you start attracting more books, more teachers, more courses, and so on... all in order to make you ready to take action. But guess what? The feeling of being ready never comes. And the action never takes place.

So, the trick is to remember that we are also physical beings, we should be operating in "World #2" where action lives.   In this physical world where things are actually manifesting.

Keep a close attention to your day, and ask yourself these questions: 
- Where am I spending most of my time? 
- What actions could I be taking right now? 
- What is preventing me from taking action?
- How can I overcome the obstacles that I face?

Is perfectly fine if the answers don't come right away. Just keep them in the background of your mind, and let your subconscious mind come up with the solution.

The physical world is a world of movement.  Everything is moving. Even the table in your kitchen is made up of fast moving particles.  So If we want to thrive in this world we should take action. Don't stand still. Nothing happens there.

Remember that if you remain in World #1 (the world of ideas), you may lose the momentum, causing your energy to decrease because you see no change in your reality. Everything remains the same and frustration will start to set in.  Let me give you a personal example.  After attending coaching school to become a certified life coach, I was extremely excited to begin helping others achieve their dreams.  But, at the same time, I was fearful about how to deliver high value and guarantee my clients results.  I thought that I needed to be more prepared so I sought out teachers, courses and more programs. What I didn't notice was that I was avoiding taking the necessary action of offering my services to people.   I was very comfortable learning and confused it with progress and action.  The minute I realized what I was doing, I re-structured my day so I could monitor how much time I spending in World #1 vs. World #2.  

Nadege's notes:
I'm really grateful to Nelida for her reminder of how we are spending our time.  It's too easy to simply think about taking action, making plans and contemplating next actions. Days, weeks, months go by and nothing new exists from all of that time spent in our head.  It's like investing money in a company that produces no revenue.  It's a waste of time and money.  Let's not kid ourselves with the lofty plans we're creating.  Lofty plans are really great and absolutely useless at the same time.  Unless they cause you to quickly move into the world of action, ideas hold no value.  Confusing ideas and plans for action is a huge mistake. But we can easily avoid that as look as we schedule time for action.  

Honestly, you don't have to spend a lot of time in action, you just have to do it regularly. That's all. Regular small actions are greater than lofty plans.  For those of you who are on a 90 day challenge,  I invite you to set aside 1 hour a day to take action.  Just an hour.  But watch it compound into something phenomenal.  

If you'd like to connect with Nelida to find out more about her journey or to speak to her about living a life you love, check her out at Awaketothrive.com.

This year seems to be flying by.  In just a couple of weeks, we'll be entering the last 90 days of 2015.  Three months is just enough time to make major progress on pretty much any goal that you set for yourself and haven't yet manifested.  .
If you're ready to participate in your own 90 day success challenge, let me share with you a few tips to make sure you have what you desire at the end of the 90 days.  To carry out a success 90 day challenge, you will need:

Element 1:  Your Desired Outcome

Element 2: Identify your starting point, highest leverage actions, and milestones to achieve along the way.

Element 3: Daily Motivation

Element 4:  Accountability/Coaching

Element 5: Reward(s)

That's pretty much it.  You start off by identifying what you want to achieve over the next 90 days. Once your goal is set, invest some time in doing your highest impact actions.  High impact actions (HIA) are those that move you ahead faster than anything else.  HIAs are powerful because they bring out real results.   What I like to do is write out my to-do list, then identify which of those actions will have the Highest Impact.  Those are the ones I do first and repeat.  Be careful not to confuse research, preparation and other activities with High Impact Actions.  This can be a huge mistake.  You'll use a lot of energy in the process while being left with minimal results.

If I could share any piece of advice for your 90 day challenge, it would be this:  "Get to a result as fast as possible!"  So if you want to loose weight, instead of reading books and blogs to try to find the right diet, just go to the gym and eat natural foods.  The faster you get to losing your first pound, the better.  The same thing applies to income earning goals.  Don't spend a lot of excess energy with all the preliminary stuff.  Do what you can to earn your first dollar ASAP!  Use the micro goal method to get you there.  Ask yourself, "what can I do to get results within the first week?" Then go for it!

Executing a 90 day challenge is nearly impossible if you don't also incorporate daily motivation and accountability/coaching.   Keeping your goals "in existence" is crucial.   This means that each day you wake up with a sense of purpose and commitment to get closer to goal than you were yesterday.  Some people write down their goals daily. Others visualize it or journal their intentions. Whatever you decide to do is fine.  Just don't wake up like it's just a normal day.....cause it isn't.

If you layer accountability to your 90 day challenge, you are pretty much guaranteeing success.  This month I'm participating a high level coaching program because I'm serious about achieving what I want.  Our actions are different when others are watching or if we will have to talk about our progress with someone who will hold us accountable.  When I first began my success journey, I noticed that a lot of people who reached the level I wanted to be, worked with a coach.  Or, at the very least, they surrounded themselves with others who were striving for the same goals.  So I decided to start investing in myself at a higher level.  I believe those investments are contributing to the wonderful results I'm experiencing today.  Because of that, I've decided to invest even more knowing that next year will be a breakout year.

Lastly, you want to pair your progress with rewards.  I did this in the beginning of the year and it worked tremendously.  With every sales goal I reached, I identified an experience as a reward.  If I made X number of dollars, I'd treat myself to lunch. X number of dollars, then I get to enjoy a massage. And so forth.  This helped me make a ton of progress early on.  Will definitely apply this method again over the next 90 days.

I wish you the most amazing success over the next 3 months.  If you'd like to work with me to help you accomplish your 90 day goals, send me an email.

So you want to change something about your life and create new results?  Where's the first place to start?  Write down your goals? Sure.  Visualize your desired outcome? Absolutely!  Work on your beliefs?  You bet!  All of those are wonderful steps that will point you in the right direction.  But, unless you have this necessary component, you might experience frustration and disappointment.
Once you know what you want, the very next step is to set up the infrastructure needed to guarantee your success.  And what is that infrastructure? It's your environment.   Lemme tell you a story.  Years ago, I heard the story of how Nobel Prize winner Alexis Carrel kept the cells of a chicken alive in a test tube for 34 years.  Chickens in general have a lifespan of only 3-5 years.  So how was Alexis able to create such an impossible outcome?  Simple, he created the ideal environment.  He learned that the cells would continue to live if they were immersed in mineral rich water that was changed every 48 hours.  When the water wasn't changed, 34 years later, the cells died.

Your environment dictates your outcomes.  And many of us tend to forget about this part of our reality creation.  Surrounding yourself in the right environment is an absolute must!  Let me give you a few examples.

Once upon a time I joined Planet Fitness.  The gym was close to home and very inexpensive.  Several times a week I made the short drive to get a work out in.  Then I realized something.  Often times, I was the the seemingly most fit person at the gym.  This may not have been the case, but it was my perception.  As the weeks went by, I noticed that I didn't push myself as hard as I should have.  Then my husband recommended I joined another gym further away and cost nearly 3X as much.  When I visited, not only were the amenities great, but it seemed like everyone was on their game when it came to their fitness levels.  That's when I realized that I wasn't as fit as I once thought.  I joined immediately.  Within a couple of months of going regularly, and pushing myself harder than before, I had the body I always wanted.  Just a shift in the environment made all the difference.

Sometimes I'm really unproductive when I work from home, but at the coffee shop I suddenly have the ability to focus and knock tasks off my list.  If I clean my home in the morning before starting work, I have a much more successful day.  Authors will sometimes retreat to secluded places to create their novels.  If the environment remains the same, so do the results.

Yesterday, I watched The Biggest Loser for the first time.  That show is the perfect example of how a different environment can create radical results.  Transformations were able to occur simply because they created the ideal environment for weight loss.  Maybe you can't confine yourself to a ranch for months at a time, but here are some tips to help you create the right environment for success.

  • Find places where others are doing what you are doing (or want to do) and go there!   When I go to a coffee shop, I'm surrounding myself with others who are focused on their work. It makes me want to do the same.  When I wanted to experience financial freedom, and freedom over my time, I would visit the wealthy part of town on my lunch breaks for motivation.  
  • Connect with people that align with the outcome you want to create.  When I worked for a company, I didn't know anyone who worked for themselves.  Worse yet, all of my coworkers were perfectly content with their jobs.  So I invested lots and lots of time online finding people online who achieved what I wanted.  I din't know them personally but I knew their stories intimately enough to feel as if it were my own.  And when I got on my own,  my first priority was to get around people who lived in the manner that I wanted to live. 
  • Do whatever it takes to transform your current physical environment.  If you want to release weight, you've got to adjust your environment to align with that.  Whatever it is that you want to achieve, your first move should be to alter your physical environment in some way, shape or form.  
Think of your environment as the air that your dreams need to survive.  Kinda like how the flame of a candle will not sustain with out oxygen.  The new results you want to create can not occur within the current environment.  Something has to shift.  You need a new, mineral rich environment that supports your ideal outcome.  Our job is to identify the elements that are currently missing and inject them into our day.  Your survival depends on it.