According to the Strengthfinder, one of my strengths is having a future-based mindset.  I'm forever imagining and fantasizing different versions of my future.  This is a cool skillset to have. But it does have its drawbacks.  Sometimes, looking too far ahead could hamper the actual creation process. The future seems so far away and we convince ourselves that we have ample time to create it, so we become lax in our level of activity.

Another strength of mine is coaching others.  This is because I believe in asking powerful questions. These types of questions cause a shift in our current pattern of thinking.  And, in doing so, they have the ability to create powerful outcomes.

Starting today, I'm going to start asking myself a truly powerful question that will impact my future starting now.
When we think about our future, we tend to look ahead 3-6 months or even 1-5 years down the line.  But how many of us are looking in the very near future.  I'm talking about 24 hours from now.

Yes. Where do you see yourself 24 hours from now?

Typically, the first reaction to this question is to dismiss it.  That's because, for most of us, the next 24 hours will probably look exactly like the last 24.

This is the reason why our lives don't change.  We keep reliving the same day over and over again.

But, if we were to take some time and fully answer this question (on a daily basis),  you could truly alter the direction of your life.  I love that the question invites us to visualize our day 24 hours from now.  It's giving us the freedom to daydream a little bit about what we can possibly create in a short period of time.  This question takes us a little outside of our comfort zone and I love it!

I was once introduced to the idea of our "default future." It's basically the future we create based on our past and current actions.  Since our actions tend to repeat on a daily basis (habits), our future will pretty much look like our current reality.  I was on a website that looks at current social media stats and predicts future results based on past growth. Let me tell you...looking at the future prediction is a sobering process.  Seeing how long it will take to get to my goal based on what I'm doing now is a real eye-opener.  My default future isn't pretty. Chances are,  the path of most of my goals look very similar.  They too will be delayed unless I do something to alter the course of the future.

It's time to do something that causes our lives to move in a different direction

 The direction of our lives is created 24 hours at a time (it's actually created hour by hour, but we'll discuss in a future article). If we take this question about the next 24 hours seriously, we won't squander the precious hours of today.

Best of all, we'll be rewarded with the fruit of our labor in a very short period of time.

I leave you with this video as a bit of motivation of what you can accomplish with the valuable 24 hours that you are given.  Pay close attention to what he says at the end of the video about being able to tell you where your life will be, years from now, based on what you do with your 24 hours.

This is a perfect reference to the idea of the "the default the future" that is currently in place.

While checking out some Snapchat stories,  I landed on one in particular where an entrepreneur/influencer posted an email written by a super-excited follower.   Weeks earlier, the influencer shared that she was launching a set of "affirmation bracelets" on her online store.  The bracelets were stackable and contained various positive, motivational phrases. 

In the email, the young lady detailed the exciting news of what's happened since she first received her bracelets.  According to the testimony, she received a contract worth $100,000.  Prior to that, the largest contract she ever received was for $10,000.  Basically, she increased her results by 10X!  She attributed amazing results to the bracelets. We all know that bracelets doesn't have the ability to create outcomes (otherwise, all of the purchasers would have similar results).  But, her email did remind me of a powerful lesson that we all need to apply whenever we're in the manifestation process.
I listened closely for clues as to why, all of the sudden, she experienced results unlike what she'd experienced before.  One sentence in particular,  caught my attention.

She talked about how, everyday she would look at her bracelets and focus on her goals. She didn't go into further detail but I suspected that her daily routine involved a heightened amount of mental focus on manifesting her desire.  If I were to compare her to the other people who purchased the bracelets, she was probably one of the few that dedicated mental energy, day after day, towards focusing on creating exactly what she wanted.

You probably remember the line from the secret where Mike Dooly boldly proclaimed

If I were to expound on his statement, I would say "thoughts that we place an extremely heavy amount of focus on....can becomes things."

When have a desire for something, that desire usually falls into various categories.

  • a wish
  • something that would be nice to have someday.
  • an obsession
If we're honest with ourselves, most of the stuff we say we want are actually wishes or "a nice to have."  Rarely do we ever really elevate our thought energy to the point where they actually manifest into things.

What I'm referring to are thoughts that create something we've never experienced before. Not the ordinary thoughts like what you want to have for lunch.  Ordinary thoughts are simple to execute. We know what we want, we know how to get there. It takes very little mental or physical efforts.  It's just a matter doing what we've done before.

But then there are the thoughts of manifestation or creation.  This is when you want to bring something new in your life. This takes a ton more physical and mental effort.  But our problem is that we rarely put enough mental effort to start the manifestation process because our minds are consumed with other priorities.  I'm sure lots of people purchased those affirmation bracelets, but how many of them used the bracelets as a daily trigger to remind them to stay firmly on course?

Once upon a time, I was manifesting like crazy.  Everything I wanted, I got.  Wanna know what I did to cause that?  I became absolutely obsessed with having it.  I watched countless Youtube videos on how to achieve it. I read endless accounts of those who created what I desired.  My mind wouldn't let me rest until the outcome was achieved.  It was mentally exhausting, but it worked!  It's hard to maintain that level of focus on something that doesn't exist yet.  But it was necessary to cause me to move into the type of action that brings new things into existence.  

Creating something new for your life will require new action. But new actions are scary so we typically avoid them.  That's why our actions don't shift even though we say we want to change our circumstance.  We must be moved into action.  This takes quite a bit of effort.  And this type of effort is nearly impossible unless we've convinced ourselves that moving towards our desire is a MUST.  you

There's a goal that I've had on my list for quite a while.  Based on my action, I wouldn't even classify it as a goal.  It's more of a "hope."  I'm hoping this thing happens for me even though I'm not taking any direct action to ensure it's inevitable outcome.  

You might say to me, "Nadege, isn't that how the manifestation process works? You just put it out into the universe and wait for it to happen?"    

Yeah, maybe if you're trying to manifest a parking spot or something.  But not when we're talking about outcomes for things we can control.  I'm not going to just wake up one day and find that I've reached that goal.  It'll require consistent, dedicated action.   

But that action will not occur until I switch my level of desire from hope to obsessed.  I need to wake up in the morning determined to do something that will bring me one step closer.  This obsession needs to repeat itself day after day otherwise, I'll waste yet another year hoping that it eventually happens.  

Once I get that process in motion, I may find that my results are magnified.  This is expected. At first, my hard work will bring minuscule results but as time goes on, the results will seem to outweigh your efforts. In summary, if you want to truly achieve the goals on your list, you need to raise your level of desire for them.  A small step you can take is to focus on them on a daily basis then turn that focus into daily action. 

Several weeks ago, I sat across the table from my brother. We were in his office, holding a mastermind meeting of sorts.  The topic of discussion was the present state of our businesses.  He shared his wins and his areas of focus for the remainder of the year.

When it was my turn to share, I talked about some of the great things that happened this year, but I also brought up the fact that I was experiencing a downturn in current results.  I came equipped with strategies and action plans to turn things around.  Weeks later, I'm happy to report that I've completely transformed the situation.  Month to date, I've doubled my results compared to the same period last month.

Let's talk about how I did it.
Years ago, I learned a principle so powerful that it changed my life.  Before applying this principle, I operated under an invisible ceiling in my business.  I generated a certain dollar amount in revenue and couldn't seem to grow it anymore.

Then I learned (and applied) a teaching that worked so extraordinarily well for me that I couldn't believe it. 

Basically, I was reminded of how important our "state" is when we are in the process of creating.  What I mean by "state" is how you are mentally and energetically.  Creation only occurs when we're operating at a higher energetic state.

For instance, when I'm laying on the couch with the MacBook on my lap, I'm operating at a low energetic state, so I rarely create high-quality work.  But if I work at my desk or at an outdoor coffee shop, there is a shift in how I feel, therefore I am able to create at a different level.

If I'm trying to brainstorm new ideas, I find it much easier to do so while bouncing on my trampoline. Why?  Because there is a physical shift that occurs. The act of moving stimulates blood flow to the brain and I'm fully present.  Therefore, it becomes so much easier to create new ideas from this state.

  1. 1.
    the action or process of bringing something into existence.

Creation occurs when something that didn't exist before becomes real.  Typically, before something comes into existence, it's only a thought or a desire.  Thoughts are great but they have little impact on the real world unless we act upon them.  Hence creation will never occur without action.

I've mentioned before that not all action is created equal.  To become a Master Level Creator, we must be aware of, and utilize, the type of action that creates the most optimal results.  The secret to creating powerfully is in raising your vibration as you take your action.

So what does that mean?

It means that if I want to create something powerful, I focus on my state.  So when I decided to redirect my energy on my business, one of the first things I did was start meditating again. Why? Because meditating calms my minds and helps to quiet the doubting voice.  The doubting voice is the enemy of new action which is why I have to silence it.

I'm also aware that movement raises our vibration so whenever I want to create something new, I always incorporate regular physical activity into my routine.  It could be something as simple as a daily walk just as long as I am moving.

The next step is critical.  If you want to harness your power to create I give you one piece of advice:

"If you don't know what to do, do what you know need to do."

Most times, we use "I don't know what to do" as an excuse to stay in the state of inaction.  That's the worst thing you can do.  Even if you don't know where to start........start somewhere. I promise you that once you start, new ideas will flow to you that will direct your course in the right direction.  As a Master Level Creator, you have only 1 job, to move from a state of inaction, into one where action flows out of you.

After I left my brother's place, I went on a whirlwind of taking action. I acted on what I knew I had to do and focused on staying in a state of gratitude and positive expectation.  I can't pinpoint exactly what action created the results I'm enjoying now, but I give props to the process.  I don't judge whether I'm doing the right thing, I just make sure I'm doing something. Once I'm in the state of action, I can always course correct. But the key is to get moving.

Now that I'm seeing positive results, I'm going to layer on new experiences so I can continue to raise my vibration. 

I've been in a state of action for a couple of weeks and, as each new week begins, I challenge myself to add a NEW ACTION into the mix.  Because if I just repeat what I've done in the past, the results will eventually start to decline.  Taking it up a notch is what ensures that I continue to enjoy amazing results.

To summarize, creation only occurs when we bring our ideas into reality.  It's easier to create when we focus on raising our current vibration.  This happens when we are executing our feel-good ritual or when we are in motion.  Use your current actions as a springboard from which you can build upon.  Once you find yourself in a consistent state of action, add new actions so your results can be multiplied.

The end. 
As we all know,  daily action is the recipe for success.  We're officially kicking off the last 60 days of 2017 and there's no better time to start a 30-day challenge then now.   I'm fully committed to putting in the work necessary to drive real results.  And, since time is limited, we have to focus on the type of action that creates our desired outcomes in the fastest ways possible.

Recently, I watched a video on Youtube that featured some network marketing folks discussing their wins.  As one of the participants shared his reason for success, I was instantly inspired to draft this post because his advice mirrored what I did to created success in my business.

The first part of his conversation revolved around the practice of taking daily action.  Without daily action, our dreams will suffocate.  This is a given.  But's it's what he said next that made my ears perk up.  His method to success was simple: track, monitor, and create accountability.

He then shared this quote:

"If you monitor/track your activities, your results will improve."

"If you track/monitor your activities and report them to someone else, they'll improve exponentially."

I'd like to share a story. The same year that I quit my job, I hired a coach to work with me 1 on 1 to help me reach my goals.  One of her first requests was that I do a time log of all of my activities.  Every week, I completed the time log of everything I did, every hour,  and we discussed the record of my activity on our weekly call.

Unfortunately, our professional relationship didn't last too long because I was looking for a coach that would hold me accountable to reaching my outcomes.  But, the best thing that came out of our sessions was this tracking of my activity on an hour-by-hour basis.

Having to report my results to her added an extra layer of urgency to make sure that I handled the important things on my list.  Even though our sessions ended, I kept a mental reminder to always value my time. It's probably no coincidence that the same year I started tracking my activities is when I finally manifested my dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

The guy on the YouTube video said something else that is absolutely critical to this process.  He urged the viewers to track their income-producing activity.  Doing so makes a huge difference in the type of action you take.   All action is not created equal.  Some of the things we write on our to-do list makes us feel good but don't produce any real results.  Get off that hampster wheel and shift your energy towards what really matters.  Even if it feels super uncomfortable.

These next 60 days can be absolutely magical if we put his advice into practice.  I need to get back into the habit of monitoring and tracking my activities.  I've been tracking my results (which is also good) but I've forgotten the fact that the right actions will create optimal results.   Basically, my next steps will look something like this:

1. Identity the outcomes I want to achieve.
2. Determine which (daily) actions will produce these results.
3. Track activity to ensure that I'm following through and taking action.
4. Assess results.
5. Determine if I'm taking the right actions or if I need to course correct.
6. Share results with an accountability partner on a routine basis.

Step 6 is important but if you don't have someone to report your activities, you can still be your own accountability partner.  I do this when I record my results into a voice recorder on my phone. You can also journal the process.  Just make sure you challenge yourself on some of your actions. That's what accountability partners are for. :)

Sixty days left.  Are you going to try this or nah?
I was on Pinterest the other day when a motivational quote appeared on my timeline that immediately caught my attention.  The message was written in bold font and said something to the effect of "this month's diet is next month's body."

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks.  That sentence was filled with truth and I couldn't ignore it.  I understood that if I took those words to heart, I could easily alter my future.
And that's exactly what I want!  It's what we all want.  And I'm not just talking about having our ideal body.  All of our current actions are now creating next month's results.  Since we're aware of this, we MUST do something about it.  Otherwise, we'll continue to perpetuate the same undesirable results longer than we need to.

I'm committed to operating differently now so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor a month from now.  There's so much can change between now and then.  

1. I could enjoy a slimmer, toner body.
2. I could increase the performance of my business.
3. I could organize & design my space.
4. I could take specific actions that grow my net worth.
5. I could be enjoying amazing experiences.
6. I could operate with immense focus and clarity if I meditate daily this month. 

There are so many things I can start doing today which will have an impact on my tomorrows.  Another reason why I love the quote is because of how realistic it is.  Planning for 2018 seems so far away but it's easy to think about next month's results.  It's kind of exciting knowing that, a month from now, things could be so very different.  

Heck, we can even tweak the slogan to say "today's actions is tomorrow's results."   It serves as a reminder of our role as creative directors over our lives. We're not meant to be passive observers, we're to lead and direct. 
 Never forget this. 

Here's a small example of how my actions today will create tomorrow's results. I know for a fact that if I work from a to-do list, I'll be more productive by leaps and bounds.  Yet, I often work without one.  When this happens, the odds of having a highly productive day dwindle dramatically.  If I chose to work from a focused list of actions for an entire month, the next month would be exceptional.  

Anything and everything we do this week, this month, or today, will impact our immediate future.  Another benefit to this way of thinking is that it causes us to always be focusing on our future. Most of the time, I only operate in the moment (which has it's pros & cons).  The more you think about the future (in a positive light) the more we engage in the LOA process.  

The next step is to write down all the results I want to experience a month from now.  Then I brainstorm ways to cause those results to manifest.  One more thing I should mention is how powerful NEW ACTIONS are when we're trying to create new results.  That's when transformational results are possible.   Coming up with new actions can be a challenge but I find it easier to do when I'm in a new environment.  So if I want to come up with new ways to grow my business, I'll go for a walk in nature or work from a different location.   But even before I come up with a list of new actions, I first make sure I'm doing the fundamental things that always bring consistent results (like a daily to-do list, meditating, etc).  

If you really want to get serious with this, try pairing it with Albert Einstein's visualization technique to really paint a vivid picture of your desired life a month from now. Ideally, we want to replicate this future creation process every single month.  This is allows you to evoke the Compound Effect.

First, focus on what consistently works, then layer in new actions to enhance and elevate your results.  What do you want your life to be like by as early as next month?  Whatever it is, you can ensure that you're closer to it than you are today.  All you have to do is work on it now.

That's my advice.  Get started on this today.