What’s Your Favorite Movie Look?

Style over substance works for me in a lot of places—movies in particular. If I’m going to be staring at something for 120 minutes, please let it be beautiful. It doesn’t even have to make sense, the writing can be crummy, who cares about the acting…I just want it to look nice.

In a Sofia Coppola movie, that might manifest itself in some dreamy hazy lighting. In a Wes Anderson film, set design would play a big part and so on and so forth; but in all movies, a huge part of the visuals is going to be the looks. The makeup, the hair, the gowns, the shoes maybe even. I’ll sit through a two-hour poor man’s Benjamin Button (Age of Adeline) just to stare at Blake Lively being that perpetual perfectly-dressed girl who just happens to be 200 years old or something but still cares enough to have her hair and makeup set perfectly.

That’s a bad example though, there are better ones. Like the makeup Gucci Westman did for Buffalo ’66. That’s one for the books—the blue eyeshadow and the peach glossy lip with Christina Ricci’s platinum hair…Without that, would screencaps from that film be plastered all over every cool girl’s Tumblr?

Or every single outfit from Clueless, ’nuff said. I like specifics, though, so I’d have to say my favorite hair would have to be from Almost Famous, Kate Hudson’s ’70s angel curls. My favorite makeup would be all the insane over-the-top ones from both the Charlie’s Angels reboots: the hearts drawn on the cheeks, all the blush, paired with those early 2000s Chloé sunglasses. What a time.

And my favorite outfits? The Last Days of Disco. Because first of all, disco, and second of all, Chloë Sevigny. Just watch it.

—Tom Newton

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What To Download Now

First, a given: You are attached to your phone. Mobile is king. About half of us worldwide are on Facebook, and most of those people probably spend a fair amount of time thumbing though their respective newsfeeds looking for something halfway interesting to pause on. A fine respite from boredom, sure, but you’ve been doing that since high school. Isn’t it time for a different type of distraction? Or better yet, something that’s convenient, productive, and/or fun! So, without further ado: five new things you should download now—tell us what we missed below.

1. Instacart: The easiest way out there to recruit an actual, real-life person to do your grocery shopping for you. Enter your list in the app and a person goes to see what the grocery store you selected has in stock and lets you know what else is available if they’re out or don’t stock it. They also text you to tell you what other options are there. Thoughtful, right? And then they deliver it (walk-ups included). Your first order is $10 off with free delivery, too.

2. Oliver: An app that finds you an apartment! The exact one you want—and you don’t have to do any work. No, just kidding—that’d be unreal—but this app does cut out the broker from apartment hunting by connecting those looking for an apartment directly with landlords. It’s progress, people.

3. One Night Standard: For those who want a nice hotel room at The Standard for a nice price and are only interested in a one night stay. OK! Cute dopp kit free upon arrival with all the necessities (toothbrush, mouthwash, etc…).

4. The Wolfpack: Watch this documentary about a reclusive New York family in theaters or from the comfort of your own couch, where you, too, can be a recluse. It’s available online for less than 10 bucks.

5. Rx Breakup: The first thing most people do after breaking up is cry. That’s totally cool, and normal, but consider making the second thing you do be to download this app. Created by relationship therapist Jane Reardon and Stila founder Jeanine Lobell, it’s an insightful 30-day guide to getting over a relationship, organized by what you’re dealing with, what to write, and what to do. You got this.

—Claire Knebl

Images courtesy of Instacart, Oliver/iTunes, One Night Standard/iTunes, Magnolia Pictures, Rx Breakup/iTunes.

Studies show premium app-browsing time is in the mornings, under the covers—do it in some comfy pajamas.

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Jessie Kahnweiler, Filmmaker

“My awkward stage probably lasted from when I was born to last week. I was always such a weird-looking kid, but I’m really grateful for that. All of my experiences growing up have ultimately ended up, someway or another, in my work. I think it’s an amazing time to be an artist. You can help people understand and find their identities. I made this short film Meet My Rapist about running into my rapist at the farmer’s market, and now I’m working on a show called The Skinny about my relationship with bulimia. I think it’s really important to be honest about your experiences. If I fucking have this eating disorder, I think we need to start talking about it. I don’t want to be the only one, but I want to start the discussion. It’s about making really personal work but then not taking it personally. And something that I really want to get across in my shows or films is that I’m OK—that people like me are OK. Yeah, I had this disorder, but I was also a  filmmaker, a girlfriend, a daughter, and a cat owner. And I had this big, beautiful life. I’m still kind of reconciling those two sides, but that’s the story I want to tell.

I think it’s really important with beauty stuff to find your one thing. For me that’s when I get my mustache waxed. I did it for a date last night, and it’s just like $12 that makes me feel like I’m OK—like I’m me. It doesn’t have to be this super extreme thing. When I was in the thick of my body image issues, I would just not take care of myself, but when I get my mustache waxed I feel like a child of the universe. Every now and then, I’ll rage against the beauty complex, and be like, ‘Fuck that, I don’t need it.’ But it’s not about them, it’s about you and what you want. So rock that. Sometimes I don’t shave my legs. Sometimes I do. It doesn’t matter. I don’t wear makeup. Actually, I just only started wearing red lipstick sometimes, but it’s when I want to. And I don’t feel like myself when my hair is straight. I have all these things I know about myself, but like with the lipstick I’m starting to explore a little with what feels right to me. I feel like I’ve gone through this second puberty at 30 years old, where I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s cute! That’s a new feeling! Oooh that girl is super sexy!’ Like, what is going on? But it feels like my body is waking up to what I want instead of seeking being wanted.

In the morning I wake up and I pray. I’m like, ‘Alright, let’s handle this.’ I channel the goddess. I don’t know what God is, but I know that God isn’t me. So I pray to whatever is not me, and I’m like, ‘No matter what thoughts I have about myself, please let me not abandon myself today.’ I say that every morning. Then I brush my teeth, because I usually forget to the night before. Then I floss. I’m very big into oral hygiene, because that’s something I think young people just don’t do enough of. It’s super preventive. Also it’s your smile—your moneymaker. That’s your biggest asset and you have to take care of it. I quit smoking, so that really helped with the stains on my teeth. I guess it’s also good for your heart and stuff, but most importantly, my teeth are white. [Laughs]

When I turned 30, my girlfriend who works for the skincare company called Arbonne was like, ‘You need to use this shit.’ So when I wake up, I wash my face with Arbonne Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener. I used to think that because I didn’t have big zits, or whatever, that skincare didn’t really matter, but now I literally wash my face like a grownup woman. I’m being serious. It’s such a turning point. I feel like even doing this little thing every day helps me feel worthy of being in the world. I look at it like a spiritual experience. People say, ‘Oh you’re glowing’ when I use this stuff. I live in California, so before that I would just slap on Banana Boat, but now I put on Arbonne’s Nourishing Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 20 like five times a day. Then I use their Moisturizing Night Cream. I’m also all about cocoa butter allover the place or Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion.

You know what pisses me off when I get my eyebrows done? Every single time, they show me the wax and they laugh. Every time I’m like, ‘No way, they’re not going to do it this time!’ And every single time whoever is waxing me says, ‘Oh my god, so much hair!’ And I go, ‘Yeah, but you’re a waxing lady, you’ve seen it all! You must have seen more hair than this?’ And they go, ‘No.’ [Laughs] So that’s something I’ve always been really aware of. I can name all the times in my life when someone has out loud made fun of the hair on my face. I have resented it and hated it, but I also know that I may have that, but I also have amazing hair on my head that I love, so it’s a trade off.”

—as told to ITG

Jessie Kahnweiler photographed by Rick Rodney in Los Angeles. Read more about daily routines in The Face.

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What Are Your Favorite Product Cameos?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Scarlett Johansson is capable of making most things look good. Case in point: her slapdash application of bubblegum pink lipstick in a suite at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Name that movie. (Lip my stockings, Mr. Harris. It’s Lost in Translation.)

Now, what about that lipstick? Anyone? Anyone?

I didn’t know either—the tube was indistinguishable by color and shape—but I also couldn’t leave it at that. And so, one idle winter’s eve, I found myself on Born Unicorn, an online compendium of all appearances product-, perfume-, and tattoo-related in movies and TV. Here, I discovered the answer (‘twas Clinique’s Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace) then found myself falling, like a product-high Alice, deeper and deeper into this digital rabbit-hole for the beauty-inclined. Among other things, I came to know the name of the soap used by one Annie Hall, the Diptyque candle preferred by Winona Ryder in the ’90s, and American Psycho Patrick Bateman’s aftershave routine. Time well spent; this was valuable information indeed.

The Sherlock behind Born Unicorn is Teresa, whom I recently had the chance to speak with about some of her favorite finds. No-nonsense in the realm of on-screen product identification and passionate about Italian films, her format is straightforward and edifying: screen grab + brand name + product name = post. “As a cinephile and a makeup and perfume addict, identifying and archiving products in movies and TV shows came naturally to me,” she told me. Among her proudest moments are spotting Claire Underwood’s perfume collection (and Nars Lip Glosses) in House of Cards, the Bésame brand-allegiance of the women in American Horror Story, and Melanie Laurent’s Kryolan faceliner in Inglorious Basterds. Desperate to duplicate Beyonce’s 7/11 bathroom counter spread or Viggo Mortensen’s Russian mafia tattoos in Eastern Promises? She’s got you covered there too.

“Everything I post is a precise ID,” she says, citing her archivist/educator background as motive for accuracy. “I couldn’t stand posting something I’m not sure about.” When I asked how she figured out the provenance of the Lost in Translation lipstick that had me so stumped, she is pragmatic: “That Clinique lipstick ID was tricky! I had some shades in mind, but then I turned to the brand, and they confirmed my guess.” A strategy to live by—when in doubt (or when Sofia Coppola’s number is hard to come by), go straight to the source.

Like any good hunter, Teresa’s got a white whale she’s trailing after. “There is an ID which has been haunting me for a while now, though: the bottle of men’s cologne appearing in Roman Polanski’s Carnage.”

Here’s where we turn to you, readers. Any hot tips out? Or products you’re personally itching to ID? Post your screen grabs/queries below and we’ll puzzle out the clues together.

—Lauren Maas

Romy Schneider image via Getty. For more Open Thread discussions, click here.

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Elise Eberle, Actress

“I got my start acting in New Mexico when I was very young. I was able to get my start acting there because of the tax incentive. It’s also the reason why I’m filming Salem in Louisiana. It’s supposed to be based in Massachusetts, because of the Salem Witch Trials, but it’s cheaper to film six months out of the year in Louisiana. Films are rarely made in Los Angeles anymore.

I came to New York when I was 17 after I was cast in the movie Tiger Eyes, which was based on Judy Blume’s book. Since I was a minor and my parents weren’t able to afford living in New York with me while I filmed this movie, Judy actually volunteered to take me into her home, so I was living with her while filming. More recently, I did this little independent music video for the Silversun Pickups, and on the first day of filming, a piece of camera equipment fell on me and cut my face. I had no idea how bad it was because we just filmed a scene where I was running, so I was full of adrenaline. I seriously thought it was just a scratch. I remember saying, ‘Let’s just keep going.’ It was this huge cut on my cheek that required 27 stitches in total. It’s really interesting because a lot of people are like, ‘Oh my God, you’re an actress. Wouldn’t you worry about having a scar right on your face?’ Actually, not at all. I was calm as a panda bear. I love scars. I think it gives someone so much character and so much more spunk. Everyone was like, ‘You should put Retin-A on it,’ and I didn’t because I wanted to have it. I think it’s a huge part of me, so I don’t want to cover up something like this.

I love simple makeup. When I have my makeup done on set, they’ll go for a makeup-free look, but it will actually take 30 minutes of sitting in a chair. My mom was a very makeup-free person, so I think that’s how I was, too, growing up—with the exception of a weird teenage phase where I outlined my entire eyes in black. It’s for that reason I stay far, far away from smoky eyes.

Every day I use this Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 facial sunscreen. It’s also my moisturizer. It has transparent zinc oxide. It’s amazing, and it smells really good. I had a late growth spurt, so I experienced acne recently, which was really scary for me because I’ve never really had skin problems before. When you’re a teenage actor, you’re basically fucked. Either they try to cover it up, you get on a prescription, or go on birth control. Because I got it later, I feel like I can manage it more. I use Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion as a spot treatment because it really does work for me.

When I wear foundation, I wear this one my aesthetician made. Her name is Korina, and she’s based in Santa Monica. It’s really hippy—she makes her own cleanser, foundation, and retinol products. There’s no label…I don’t even know her last name. [Laughs] Anyway, I like it because it doesn’t cover freckles. I think the only reason I like using foundation is because it tones down redness. When I want a little more coverage, I use Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer in 325.

When it comes to makeup, I’m a Maybelline girl. I’ve been using their products since I was 14. I’m fortunate to have pretty rad natural lashes from my father, but I like to use Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara, and then I like Maybelline Expertwear Twin Brow and Eye Pencils. It’s my go-to look—I do a red lippie from MAC and do my brows with the Expertwear.

I used to have this beautiful wavy, auburn-red hair down to my belly button. Two months before I started working on Salem, I told my team that I wanted to cut my hair. More specifically,I wanted to shave my head. I also wanted to be in a period piece, and with my character in Salem, it worked out because I got to kill two birds with one stone. When we were done with the pilot, I shaved my head. I looked like a badass with my patchy hair, my scar, and a leather jacket. I remember during the holidays, I was home and lying on my mother’s lap with my shaved head, and she bent down to kiss my head, just being a mother. She told me my scalp smelled just like it did when I was a baby, and it brought tears to her eyes because it was such a huge trigger. I’ve been cutting my hair now. It’s asymmetrical, which works! I lived in France for a period, and I met a man there who hadn’t washed his hair in two years. At a point when you just stop washing your hair, the oils sort of go away, and it’s totally beautiful.”

—as told to ITG

Elise Eberle photographed by Tom Newton. Read more of The Face here.

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