There’s an uneasiness in you, a restlessness, that causes you to stay checking your phone. 

Feel it. It’s a symptom of being ‘disconnected’ from your real SELF and the reason for the ‘delay’ in the manifestation of yo shit.

The next time that urge hits, STOP, and check-in with yourself. What are you waiting on, or hoping for? A life changing email? Your video to go viral? A DM from your crush? What are you needing to happen before you can allow yourself to feel good? You see the issue, right?

The love and excitement you think that DM will bring? It’s already in you, it is you. The security and happiness that email will provide? You are that. YOU are the Source of all the good feels you’re seeking and the moment you accept that and begin living it, the good feels become the good experiences. #ButSeekYeFirstTheKingdomTho

So, consciously connect to and feel the inner joy, peace and happiness, now! Embody those feels, now. Be HER, now. And start using the impulse or urge to check your phone as a reminder to take your power back. Every time you reach for your phone, reach for the inner joy first, then commence scrolling. ️#BeHerNow


If you’re triggered, no matter the reason, just watch. Don’t try to feel good or ignore the negative emotion or change your thoughts or behavior...just watch. Watch that body like it doesn’t belong to you— like it is someone else, entirely— like you’re watching a movie... a movie that you just started in the middle, with no context whatsoever about the plot or characters. You have absolutely no idea what’s currently happening on screen, nor do you know what happened previously, or care about what may happen later!

You don’t understand anything you see.  #ACIM

That’s what folks mean by ‘detachment.’ You don’t have to suppress angry emotions or try to smile when you’re sad. You just have to transcend the storyline for a second, watch and remember who you really are beyond the present fuckery— you have to detach or disentangle your real self from the limited self. A few seconds is plenty!

This simple shift in perspective (going from thinking to watching), not only brings up the feels of inner peace and joy, it allows the movie to shift in your favor. That’s the dope side effect. See the movie for what it is. Stay watching. You got this. #BeHerNow


Breathe in slowly from your heart, and feel every muscle in your body melt as you exhale through your open mouth. Let everything go. Feel your shoulders relax down from your ears. Let everything be, as it is. Feel your stomach muscles release. Become aware of the body breathing, slowly, deeply.
Now, straighten up that posture, shoulders back, chin up. SMILE, diva!

Feel that?! That’s your real energy— joyful, light, relaxed, flowing... Go(o)d. You might feel it in your stomach or your chest or even in your toes! Even if you only feel it a little bit, place your attention (like a spotlight) on whatever goodness you do feel, and watch it become more noticeable...seemingly stronger. When you’re feeling this energy you are no longer being ‘you' you are ‘HER’ and everything that comes with it— HER life, confidence, success, love, abundance. In each moment you can either choose (1) ‘old you’ and more of the same, or (2) HER, and the path to your best life. Keep smiling.

This is Day 1 of your decision to sustain this energy. Your preferred energy. Your soul energy. HER energy.

And if you continue to stand as HER, to choose HER (aware of and marinating in this uncaused joy), things get wild. Negativity can’t touch you. Toxic people fall back. Shit situations resolve themselves. Dope opportunities find you. Versions of your long forgotten dreams start coming true. Your past loses all of its power over your present— you become limitless... powerful. Your life becomes unrecognizable — and all because of the simple decision to finally smile and be yourSELF. #BeHerNow #Day1 #BackOnYourPath

Will you commit?

In a notebook, write down who SHE is. What does she do? How does she feel? What does she have in her life? And as you go through your day, feeling the joy, know that you are THAT, you are HER, already. The inner feeling becomes the outer experience.

You could also say, “Gratitude is the bridge from being ‘you,’ to being HER.” It’s the bridge to your new world.


Commit to silently repeating ‘thank you’ to yourSELF for the rest of the day. Say it as you walk to the car, while you wait in line, while you pretend to listen to your co-worker, while you check your hurr in the bathroom mirror.

Repeat it non-stop, loop it, and when you notice you’ve stopped, smile and pick that mug right back up! The more you say it, the more you feel it— especially if you silently but excitedly shout it to yourSELF. Try that, now... ... you feel that? That’s it. That’s all you have to feel. That’s all you have to do. Just this. I promise you’ll see positive feedback from your environment today, but if you keep it up for the rest of the month, you’ll be DM’ing me your testimony. #BeHerNow

p.s. This mantra (or any other one) isn't making things happen, it’s not ‘attracting’ or ‘manifesting’ your good. It's just calming and focusing the thoughts and thus bringing the background awareness (the SELF, God, the Divine) to the foreground. This background awareness is the source of all— it already is ‘that,’ it already is ‘HER’ and every and anything else you could ever want to have or be. It is that ‘current of joy moving through you.' Silently repeating ‘thank you’ is just one way to experience this background awareness. It’s just one of many ways to experience and be your true SELF.