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Naturally Glam is baaaaaack with Jasmine aka CurlyGaisha!
Jasmine grew up in beautiful Garden State, New Jersey, with NYC right in her backyard, so she's a city girl through-and-through. Natural for three years, find out why she says it's the best decision she ever made, and how she plans to use her love of hair to inspire young girls around the world!


Tell us about your hair?
Now, to describe my hair texture and curl pattern, my hair texture is more toward the kinky side with roots that are prone to dryness. I have low porosity hair, which means it’s harder for moisture to penetrate; it’s important to know what works. With low porosity hair, products sit on the strand and need extra help (i.e. heat/steam) to open the cuticles to penetrate. Knowing my hair porosity has helped tremendously with the growth and health of my hair. I couldn’t understand why I had flakes or why products did not melt into my hair like the girls I saw on YouTube. That is why I love to help women I connect with. I don’t want them to waste their time and money trying endless amounts of product in a blind search to find what works. Another thing with my texture, I cannot use shampoo because it strips my hair of it’s moisture, so I substitute with bentonite clay / apple cider vinegar mix. For my curl pattern, I have tight coils on the right side in the front, loose pattern on the left side in the front and crown, and then 3c curls in the back. YES, so many curl patterns, but it has been a great journey so far getting to know them all. So be strong on your journey and do not take one person's experience as the key for yours.

What does having natural hair mean to you?
 Being natural is more than a hair thing, it's embracing everything that is true to you from your hair, to your beauty and the skin you’re in. Since starting this journey, I have become way more confident and sure of myself, loving all of me. I wish I discovered this part of myself years ago, but my belief is, everything happens when it is supposed to. I am excited to continue my journey and see where it takes me, with meeting new people and growing as a Black Boss Woman.

Do you have any fav black-owned products that you use?
My fav black-owned business products are Eden Body works, Camille rose, and Shea moisture. I know Shea moisture is not 100% black owned anymore, but the founders are black and the black community still greatly benefits from the work they do in the community. I must be selective with my products because I tend to have flakes and dryness, so that is why I stress knowing your hair porosity. I love Eden Body Works entire coconut line, sadly I feel they do not get the recognition they deserve. I promise you, I get the best results with my twist outs when using their leave-in conditioner and curl cream. I have low porosity kinky curly hair with a mix of four different curl patterns, this product line addresses all of it. I also LOVE their Co-wash it is in my top favorite of all time, I always recommend it! I haven’t yet mastered a wash and go with the products, but that is my next project and I’ll be sure to update you on how that goes. Camille rose curl maker is AMAZING when doing a wash and go! Last, but definitely not least, Shea Moisture, my hairs first love. There are numerous lines within the brand, but my favorite is the coconut and hibiscus line. I highly recommend the co-wash, conditioner, and curl smoothie. The line also has body products, as well as, kids’ hair products. I have used the coconut and hibiscus line since the beginning and I do not see myself giving it up. My latest obsession is the Low porosity leave-in and when I say IN love!! I mean IN LOVE!! I’ve mastered my wash and go with that beauty, pairing it will eco styler gel. My next project is to try other black owned brands, such as TGIN and The Mane Choice, so I will let you guys know how that goes.

What do you do and why do you love it?
I am focusing on building my brand, CurlyGaisha, one video and post at a time, while aspiring to inspire and motivate girls worldwide. I create content of my natural hair tips and tricks to help others with their journey and hopefully make their journeys easier. I create tutorials on my YouTube channel and give advice on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I love it because I am contributing to my community by helping women of all ages embrace their natural beauty. Loving yourself is the first step to becoming the best version of yourself. If you do not love yourself, how can anyone else?! So, I love helping women master their hair and the challenges that come with it. It is fulfilling to see someone else get excited about being more confident and mastering their natural hair because I know how rough it can be. My long-term goal is to create my own hair product line and continue to reach as many girls as I can.

Has having natural hair contributed to you meeting your goals?
Since going natural, I’ve learned I have so much to offer and have not scratch the surface yet. I discovered I enjoy talking to anyone I encounter about natural hair, and that is why I started my YouTube channel. I reached one of my biggest goals of being featured on CurlyNikki, which is extremely exciting for me. As small beginning Natural hair influencer posted on one of the top natural hair blogs, that’s huge! Natural hair is a movement, it’s an identity, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s confidence. Since going natural, I learned the importance of standing in my truth and not allowing negative opinions to penetrate my mind. Society has a way of shaping your thoughts about how you look, about how you should act, and what is acceptable but just starting my hair journey has helped me tap into much more, starting from the color of my skin. I used to think having lighter skin was being beautiful because of society’s view, but now you CAN NOT tell me anything about my chocolate skin, that glows in the sun. Starting from our crowns to our skin in all the shades of melanin to our culture, WE ARE DOPE!

Jasmine & Sis showing sisterly love
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1) Where are you from and how long have you been natural?
2) Do you have any fav black-owned products that you use?
3) What do you do and why do you love it?
5) If you have a business, are in school, have a blog, products you sell, advice to give, or family that you are proud of and want to share, please do.
6) Has having natural hair contributed to you meeting your life goals? If so, how?
7) What's been the best part of your natural hair journey or your hair journey in general?

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By Mary Wolff

Curls are beautiful in all their variations. While they are beautiful, they may require a good amount of care to stay healthy and looking their best. One of the biggest problems in curly hair, especially for those with thicker hair, is shrinkage. Shrinkage can make your strands look smaller, shorter, and flat. When it comes to preventing shrinkage in natural hair, here are a few tips to help you keep hair looking its best.


1. Blow Dry Roots 
Heat is a tricky thing for curlies. It can damage hair when used too often and without properly moisturizing strands. When dealing with shrinkage, it can be your best weapon of defense.  Blow drying at the roots is a good way of preventing shrinkage in natural hair because heat causes hair to expand. The key here is to let your hair mostly dry on its own before using the blow dryer. You will get the best anti-shrinkage results if you blow dry roots that are only slightly damp as opposed to soaking wet.

2. Blow Out
With the same principle as blow-drying roots, a complete blowout might help prevent some shrinkage. This will help show off your length, but you should use this method in moderation to avoid long term hair damage. Also, make sure you use a heat protectant to be on the safe side. One of my favorites for this is Every Strand Coconut Oil & Pure Shea Protective Leave-In Hair Treatment because it is a two-in-one moisturizing treatment and heat protectant.

3. Banding 
If you want to forgo heat altogether, another option is banding. This is a method that uses hair ties to gently stretch out either wet or damp hair. You simply section hair and place the hair ties from root to tip to stretch out hair.  Let hair air dry and wrap in a satin scarf to help with fizz. It is important to note this method can lead to breakage so only use it occasionally.

4. Pull it into a High Bun 
This method of preventing shrinkage also uses the same principle of stretching hair. When you pull your hair into a high bun, you are essentially stretching the hair to avoid shrinkage. You want to pull the bun tight enough to give a good stretch but not so tight that it hurts or breaks your strands.  After a few hours in the bun, take hair down and be shrink-free!

When dealing with shrinkage there are few ways to handle the matter. With these tried and true methods, never worry about shrinkage again!

Shea Scott Edwards
If you've been rolling with CurlyNikki for a while then you're familiar with Naturally Glam, where you, the reader, got to share your natural hair journey with the rest of us. Well, we're bringing it back, this time with a focus on hair and the other aspects of your life worth highlighting. Are you in school, do you have a business, blog, products, advice, or even photos of your family to share? If you'd like to be featured in the Naturally Glam reboot- whether you live here or abroad- submit your photos and answer the questions inside this post!

First up, we have Shea Scott Edwards, originally from Richmond, VA, currently living in the City of Lost Angels. Yes, Shea's hair is gorgeous, but we also love her commitment to giving back through her online ministry, blog, lifestyle brand and YouTube talk show, "Faith Rocks." Find out why Faith may be just what you need in your life!

Shea Scott Edwards

How long have you been natural?
I've been natural since 2006, after I got my first relaxer in LA, and my hair totally rejected the new chemicals. I did a gradual chop over the course of a few months because I couldn't fathom doing a BIG chop all at once.

What have you learned about yourself since going natural?
I've learned that my hair is such a huge part of my self-expression. Being natural makes me feel so connected to my spirit and culture. During the past four years, I experimented with a platinum blonde pixie (on and off) and although I LOVED the look and color it totally stripped the natural curl pattern from my hair. It was similar to having a relaxer. I've learned the health of my hair and natural defined curls are more important to me than color or bone straight looks. I want to be an example to my daughter in celebrating her naturally curly hair. I've learned I'm a naturalista for LIFE!

Tell us about 'Faith Rocks."
As an online ministry, blog, lifestyle brand and YouTube talk show, Faith Rocks is the #1 Destination for Faith & Lifestyle. We exist to encourage innovators, artists and entrepreneurs to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe in incorporating faith into every aspect of life. We are on a mission to spread the Gospel throughout the world by helping others experience the unconditional love, peace and freedom that comes through a surrendered life to Christ. I've recently written my first book, "Success in Celibacy" the Millennial's ultimate guide for self care through embarking upon the celibate journey. It's about identity, integrity, love, stillness and transformation. Life can be just as glamorous and fulfilling with NO sex in the city...at least for now. This book is EVERYTHING I wish I had in high school, college and while young-"adulting." It is currently available for pre-order on my website.

Why and when did you create "Faith Rocks?"
I've always dreamed of having a talk show. I started out as a panelist on the BET show, Teen Summit back in the day. After finishing graduate school at UCLA, I answered the call to ministry. Not too long after, (About 5-6 years ago) my husband and I came up with the "Faith Rocks" Talk Show as a way for me to encourage people on the daily grind of life by offering quick message, guest interviews and prayers on YouTube. I'd experienced so much rejection and defeat as an aspiring actress and needed to turn those lemons into lemonade. Faith Rocks is a form of total artistic expression enabling me to use my trials and triumphs as a way to help other people find God or become stronger in their faith. I chose to use the rejection, fear and sacrifice, mixed in with an unshakeable fire in my bones for the Lord in an effort to spread an authentic, relatable message of faith!

How can it help us?
We live in an era where people are looking for deeper intimacy with God, but don't necessarily connect to the culture of attending church for one reason or another. Faith Rocks is an online ministry for people in the in-between seasons of finding a church home OR to just be there to help enhance your current relationship with God.

Did going natural help in creating "Faith Rocks" in any way?
My esteem has grown through being natural. I've always been on a journey of finding, "my best look" similar to my walk with God, I was always looking for "the best spiritual path" for me. In trying so many different looks and exploring many different ways of doing things my own way I realized my best look is just being free. Natural hair gives me the ultimate freedom as does my walk with God. Natural hair helps me stay in my own lane and celebrate all that is uniquely me. It helps me combat comparison by accepting the skin I'm in and celebrating other women doing the same. Now, I will press my hair sometimes, wear braids and may even put in some clip ins- but being naturally glam is my most effortless, authentic look. I think women relate to me more in business and ministry with natural hair because they look and think, "there goes a woman unafraid of being her most authentic-self."

Can you share any favorite black-owned products that you use? 
Kinky Curly Curling Custard/Gel
Cantu Shea Butter Conditioner Creme

To keep up with Shea visit:
Website: https://sheascottedwards.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/faith_rocks83/
YouTube: http://youtube.com/slsworldwide

To submit to be featured in Naturally Glam email: [email protected]
And answer these questions
1) Where are you from and how long have you been natural?
2) Do you have any fav black-owned products that you use?
3) What do you do and why do you love it?
5) If you have a business, are in school, have a blog, products you sell, advice to give, or family that you are proud of and want to share, please do.
6) Has having natural hair contributed to you meeting your life goals? If so, how?
7) What's been the best part of your natural hair journey or your hair journey in general?

By Kanisha Parks

Lurking in the comment sections / dropping shade left and right
Mad at the world / always ready to fight.
They think they run the hair scene / their way or none
Natural Hair Nazis / mad since day one.

Seriously, cheesy poetry aside: Natural Hair Nazism is real and thriving. It’s unfortunate, really, because ultimately, it really is just hair. But Natural Hair Nazis take this hair thing to a wholeee other level. While being natural for seven years, I heard the term “Natural Hair Nazi” thrown around pretty consistently but since returning relaxed, the term instantly became personal. I never knew how much women cared about other women’s hair!

What’s more is, Natural Hair Nazis don’t just discriminate against relaxed ladies—they get mad at the hair choices of other naturals too! They feel as though “being natural” should be conducted a certain way, and anything contrary to their opinion of what it means to be natural is frowned upon.
So the question is (and be real)—are you a Natural Hair Nazi? Let’s find out!


You don’t like it when naturals define their curls.
You feel like naturals should just let their hair “be,” and that if women prefer their hair defined it means they’re not happy with the way their hair naturally acts. You ride or die for the wash and go, and you mean that literally—not wash, define, and go. You get bothered when you see a natural who invests a lot of time in making sure her hair looks “perfect,” and think she’s doing too much.

You don’t like when naturals straighten their hair.
You think they’re “trying to be European.” (Insert exhausted eye roll). That they think beauty means sleek, straight hair. That they’re trying to “tame” their curls, coils, and kinks instead of embracing them. That they prefer the straight look because society’s beauty standards are still influencing their hair decisions.

You don’t like temporary straightening kits or hair dyes.
Of course if a Natural Hair Nazi is against straightening hair, temporary kits (like the Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System) are definitely a big no-no. You can’t stand words like, “tame,” or “manage,” so when you see other naturals gravitating towards those options, your claws come out. You think that anything that somehow alters the hair texture, even temporarily, is off limits. Even hair dyes are a no for you—henna is okay but anything remotely chemical and/or permanent means the person isn’t natural anymore.

You don’t like fake hair of any kind.
Weaves, wigs, extensions. You’re not for women who choose to protective style with weave. Especially straight ones. The only weaves you semi-tolerate are ones that are closest to the person’s natural hair texture. Even then, she better not have it in too long or else that means she’s trying to avoid dealing with her own hair which again, means she’s not comfortable with her natural hair.

You have no tolerance for women who relax their hair.
Last but most definitely not least, you feel like relaxers are ultimate sin. You don’t even want to interact with women who have relaxers and think they’re not “woke,” or aren’t tapped into their African heritage. You think they secretly want to be white and are going to damage their hair beyond belief. You’re ready to stage an intervention.

Sure, I may have exaggerated some of these, but real talk: please stop trying to dictate what another woman should or shouldn’t do with her hair and simply worry about what grows on your own head. That’s all.

Love, your friendly neighborhood former natural.

Serious question, are you a Natural Hair Nazi?
Kanisha is a Christian writer/author based in Augusta, GA. Other than CurlyNikki.com, she has also written for BlackNaps.organd Devozine, and has authored a book of poetry entitled, "Love Letters from the Master." Kanisha can be contacted for business inquiries at [email protected]