Tom Ford’s Latest Runway Show Is A Music Video

Last season, Tom Ford hosted a runway show in LA—before that he had one in London and before that it was in New York. It seems like the conclusion he came to after all that city-hopping was that maybe a runway show just wasn’t for him. Thankfully, what he decided on also happens to be just what we needed (runway shows are OTT enough, without ever quite owning up to it—this video is definitely owning up). And unlike the stiff models of past seasons, these girls are lit. The dance moves are on point, the sequin dresses are dreamy and Lady Gaga’s cover of Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ has us intrigued. Also; the cast is perfect. Xiao Wen, Aymeline Valade, Valery Kaufman, Kayla Scott, Lida Fox and, of course, Lucky Blue. What more could you ask for?

Happy weekend.














Original video via Tom Ford—see the whole video on their website.

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Win This: Glossier & $1000 To Totokaelo

Something you may not know about Glossier HQ: We have great neighbors. It’s part of the charm. Man Repeller, for instance, is just up and over a few blocks. Totokaelo—the Seattle boutique full of Rachel Comey, Yohji, and home goods so nice they’re called Art-Objet—just opened their first New York outpost smack-dab in between our two offices. Very convenient for mid-afternoon shopping (you can call them ‘meetings’).

To celebrate, we thought, why not host a little sweepstakes for you guys—maybe you’re not Soho-based, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t partake in the fun. It’s simple: Sign up for our newsletters below (only one submission box, for your convenience), and you’ll be automatically entered to win the entire Glossier lineup (Phase 1 Set + masks) plus $1000 to spend as you please at Totokaelo. It’s the stuff pastel-colored, minimally designed dreams are made of.

The winner will be picked at random—and is more than welcome to drop by the office if you’re in town. We’d love to show you around.

ITG, Glossier, Tototkaelo, Man Repeller

Type your email address in the box below and hit submit for a chance to win all the Glossier products, plus a $1000 gift certificate to Totokaelo. One entry per email, US residents only. Enter by September 28th, and the winner will be announced September 29th. Best of luck!

Illustration by Lucy Han.


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Into The Gloss Turns Five

Today marks this site’s fifth birthday. To put that in context, five years ago, Instagram didn’t exist, same-sex marriage was only legal in seven states, Gigi Hadid was just a volleyball player in a little town called Malibu, and I was sitting on a beach in Norwalk, Connecticut, one late summer day, telling my parents and now-fiancé how I wanted to start a beauty blog. “But it will be more than a blog,” I said, “It’s really more of an online magazine idea. It won’t be about me, it will be all about other people—like, beauty made cool. Nothing like this exists. I wish it would.” I was right about two things: that nothing like it existed, and that it would be more than a blog.

When I think of Into The Gloss today, I think about a community. There was a third thing that went through my head way back when—a real worry—and that was, “I wonder if anyone else will care about this.” My hunch was, yes, surely someone else will want to see beauty the way I see it—through people, through style; unbridled and smart and honest and sexy and cool and fun. Into The Gloss is buoyed by the people on it, the people who read it and discuss it, and the people who work on it. Together, we form what I think has started a small but mighty movement toward taking ownership of your beauty routine, making your own informed decisions about how you want to look and feel, and being proud of who you are every day.

For some, Into The Gloss is just a blog, and that’s cool. For us, it’s the connective tissue between us and you, and that has paved the way for the creation of a very different kind of beauty brand: Glossier. The impulse for Glossier was not dissimilar to that original itch for ITG, and I’ve never had a perfect answer pointing to one ah-ha moment. “I don’t know,” I usually say. “I just feel like there’s such a disconnect between some of these brands and me. I use the stuff, but would I wear the sweatshirt?”

Products are a way to connect with, or disconnect from, who you are. And I believe we’re entering a time when women are open to authenticity—who they are, and want to be, in real life—like never before. Now more than ever, people are striving to develop their own unique identities, go on their own journey, and talk about it. That’s at the heart of what we’ve always tried to do, and will continue to do. I want not just the products, but the product company, that celebrates this. And so we’re making that company.

What was once me in my apartment with a cat and spotty wifi is now me and one united team of 38, covering three floors of a Soho office building (with spotty wifi). We have, on this fine September day in 2015, exactly one photographer, two interns who got promoted to full-time hires, a former competitive figure skater in Marketing, an amateur astrologer in Creative, weekly happy hours where we eat Domino’s pizza, product-naming group chats, conference rooms called Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Madonna, dogs named Marni, Buttermilk Biscuit, and Quincy, all here at Glossier, of which Into The Gloss is now the editorial heartbeat of.

Coming up, between Fashion Week coverage and several grab-a-cup-of-coffee-and-get-settled-down Top Shelves, we’ll be introducing you all to not just our editors—here’s looking at you, Annie, Ferber, Claire, Tom—but our whole team and process, because I’m inspired every damn day by what someone’s wearing, doing, saying or making at our company, and we want you to be involved now more than ever.

Glossier—our content, our products—it’s for all for you; it’s ours. And we hope you’ll continue to inspire us every day: in the comments section, on Instagram, on Snapchat, on the subway, everywhere. The beauty of this beauty company is that it will be the first to be built together. Thank you for caring and for being part of the journey.



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Glossier Balm Dotcom Is On Net-a-Porter!

This is particularly exciting for two types of people: those who like innovation in packaging, and those who live abroad. Packaging because this isn’t just the Balm Dotcom—it’s a Balm Dotcom three-pack in a nifty pink carrying case that works for balms as well as other things. (It sort of feels like a sneaky playing card case, but we can probably agree that balm is infinitely more useful than cards.) The logic behind a three-pack is simple: one balm for your current purse, one balm for your office, one balm for your bedside table (the judges will also accept coat pockets, cars, vanity drawers…). Better yet, you can share it with two of your closest friends, so they stay universally salved as fall approaches. Then you can use the box to organize any selection of three lipsticks, mixed and matched.

Secondly, yes, anywhere Net-a-Porter ships, the Balm Dotcom will now ship—we’re getting worldly with this one. So if you’re someone who’s new to us by way of another country, a quick primer: The Balm Dotcom is a gentle, waxy salve that you can put on lips, cuticles, cheekbones—anywhere, really—to protect and hydrate. It’s great because it stays put and it’s not particularly glossy (though it does work well as a subtle highlighter).

Lastly, we’re happy to be in good company at Net-a-Porter. Hop on over to their site to check us out.

Photographed by Brayden Olson.

Once you’ve got your three-pack, experiment with another balm flavor (we’ve also got coconut).

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Tomorrow: The Glossier Showroom Hosts Paintbox

Have you stopped by the Glossier Summer Fridays Showroom yet? If not, you’re in luck—the best is yet to come.

That best being Paintbox gel manicures, free with your Glossier purchase. Pick from a curated selection of nail designs (mainly Glossier pink, but other options, too) and start the weekend with nails that won’t chip, even if you wanted them to. Incentives are a beautiful thing, aren’t they?

We’ll be here starting at 11am. See you then.

Photo by Nadine Head-Gordon.

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