What’s Your Latest, Greatest Product Buy?

There is no greater feeling that peeling the cellophane off of something new. It even feels good when it’s from a brand new $5 DVD from the bin at Best Buy. (Why yes, I still do buy DVDs! At $5, how can I afford not to?) Better, though, is the first time you lift that silly plastic sanitary seal off of a brand new mask. Ugh, it’s so delicious—that feeling. And the goo inside always looks so perfectly swirled. Almost a shame to mess it up.

I had that feeling this weekend when cracking open the new Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. “An ‘instant facial’ mask…” SOLD. (The rest says “…that invigorates skin and brightens appearance in minutes.”) It’s so creamy, it demands a brush for appropriately luxurious application; I’m partial to the one that comes with the Wei mask set. A brush is also useful because the exfoliating seeds are quite large, and it would be easy to get caught up in them if you apply with your hands.

The mask hardens in about 10 minutes or so, and there’s really no need to keep it on longer than that. The turmeric does quick work on generally fatigued skin. My post-post-Fashion-Week breakout finally seemed to hit the road after one go-’round with the stuff. Everyone tells me turmeric is amazing; I’m starting to see their point.

My routine with new products is a little bleak though. A week or two of absolute devotion, followed by sporadic flings when I’m bored of everything else on my shelf. Alas, time, age, whatever, is a cruel mistress.

But don’t let this end of my bleak note of product fatigue—what’ve you bought recently that you’re dying over? That has taken hold of your routine and made it shiny and new again? Leave me a good review; I’m going to need something else to try soon.

—Emily Ferber

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What’s Your Preferred Work Lunch?

Sometimes it’s the little things—like comparing slow cooker recipes during work-sanctioned happy hour (a surprisingly engaging topic over Palomas). Or realizing that the lovely Cherie added avocados to the office Fresh Direct order. Whatever it is, conversation around food, and good-for-you, made-by-you food more specifically, has really thrived at Glossier HQ lately.

Of course, this all comes in the wake of our collective 2016 New Year’s Resolution to bring our lunch from home more often. (Hey—we made it to February, which is better than most resolutions.) I’m trying to get my January groove back, because as Brennan recently said: “If I bring my lunch every day for the month of February, I will have saved up enough money for a flight to Tulum in March.”

That’s a plane ticket you really have to work for though, and one that involves learning to be thoughtful about a grocery list. My 2016 has been about making a bunch of different things—spicy tuna salad over spinach with avocado takes five minutes to prepare. Meatballs take longer—the recipe from Frankies is so good—but taste better. But for those off days, the dawn of Maple has been helpful—there’s usually a steady flow of their tan-and-yellow lunch bags arriving via elevator. Sweetgreen is also conveniently down the street, and their updated app has only made skipping a homemade lunch more appealing.

Assuming everyone on this page right now is sitting in front of a computer screen, likely at a desk, possibly eating lunch, lay on the suggestions. Specific ones that you can make yourself, ideally. What do you bring from home and actually look forward to eating? Tips on technique and process are appreciated—we’re novices.

—Claire Knebl

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What’s Your Perfect Heavy-Duty Moisturizer?

A rough, Slack-based poll of Glossier HQ shows that, on average, people like to rotate between at least three different moisturizers during the course of a given week. Blame the weather! Or maybe it’s just because your skin has different needs at different times (morning vs. night; summer vs. winter). Many of you have told us that Priming Moisturizer is great under makeup and on days you need something light on your face. But what if Priming Moisturizer had a richer, more emollient sister, for those extra dry days, and restorative nights?

We’re looking to add onto the Glossier family with a heavier face cream, and we want to get started right now. Since that teamwork we did on Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser went so well, we’re hoping you’re game to help out again. Tell us what you’re looking for in an ideal heavy moisturizer and over the next year or so, we’ll let you know how the development process is going.

Here are a few questions to get you started:
+ How should it make your skin feel?
+ Any texture preferences?
+ Got anything in mind re: packaging? (We’re thinking a jar.)
+ Ingredient suggestions?
+ Do you already sleep in the Moon Mask? If yes, first of all: you’re clever! Secondly, how could that experience be even better?
+ Which two creams could have a baby and produce your ideal moisturizer?
+ What’s the best song reference? Please say something by Boyz II Men…

We’ve already started to brainstorm a couple of baseline requirements—things like a texture that melts onto skin but doesn’t leave a residue and a formula that’s fragrance- and paraben-free.

Thoughts, recommendations, and wish lists below please. Let’s see what we come up with.


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We’ll get to work stat. While you wait, read about the synthesis of Milky Jelly (made with feedback from you guys) over here.

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What’s In Your Workout Bag?

Actually going to the gym is hard enough. (Show of hands, who else recently became a member at Equinox or some such in the last month?) The real hurdle is figuring out what to bring. There’s the sneakers, the secret stick of Secret you cheat on your natural deodorant with…not to mention the rest of the dopp kit full of things you might need so you can look normal again. The possibilities are endless and the stakes are high.

Some say it’s about the two bag technique—one pouch with shower essentials, one for everything else. Makes for a quick grab when the entire class is gunning to use one of three showers. Or there’s the non-shower route, supposedly. Less baggage, but more aerosol cans of dry shampoo.

So, please disclose: What’s portable, reliable, multi-purposeful? It’s important to get this out of the way now so that there’s time to focus on not hating the treadmill.

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Answer more burning questions—like, what’s the best workout playlist?—in ITG’s Open Thread.

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What’s Your Favorite Movie Look?

Style over substance works for me in a lot of places—movies in particular. If I’m going to be staring at something for 120 minutes, please let it be beautiful. It doesn’t even have to make sense, the writing can be crummy, who cares about the acting…I just want it to look nice.

In a Sofia Coppola movie, that might manifest itself in some dreamy hazy lighting. In a Wes Anderson film, set design would play a big part and so on and so forth; but in all movies, a huge part of the visuals is going to be the looks. The makeup, the hair, the gowns, the shoes maybe even. I’ll sit through a two-hour poor man’s Benjamin Button (Age of Adeline) just to stare at Blake Lively being that perpetual perfectly-dressed girl who just happens to be 200 years old or something but still cares enough to have her hair and makeup set perfectly.

That’s a bad example though, there are better ones. Like the makeup Gucci Westman did for Buffalo ’66. That’s one for the books—the blue eyeshadow and the peach glossy lip with Christina Ricci’s platinum hair…Without that, would screencaps from that film be plastered all over every cool girl’s Tumblr?

Or every single outfit from Clueless, ’nuff said. I like specifics, though, so I’d have to say my favorite hair would have to be from Almost Famous, Kate Hudson’s ’70s angel curls. My favorite makeup would be all the insane over-the-top ones from both the Charlie’s Angels reboots: the hearts drawn on the cheeks, all the blush, paired with those early 2000s Chloé sunglasses. What a time.

And my favorite outfits? The Last Days of Disco. Because first of all, disco, and second of all, Chloë Sevigny. Just watch it.

—Tom Newton

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