Win This: Glossier & $1000 To Totokaelo

Something you may not know about Glossier HQ: We have great neighbors. It’s part of the charm. Man Repeller, for instance, is just up and over a few blocks. Totokaelo—the Seattle boutique full of Rachel Comey, Yohji, and home goods so nice they’re called Art-Objet—just opened their first New York outpost smack-dab in between our two offices. Very convenient for mid-afternoon shopping (you can call them ‘meetings’).

To celebrate, we thought, why not host a little sweepstakes for you guys—maybe you’re not Soho-based, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t partake in the fun. It’s simple: Sign up for our newsletters below (only one submission box, for your convenience), and you’ll be automatically entered to win the entire Glossier lineup (Phase 1 Set + masks) plus $1000 to spend as you please at Totokaelo. It’s the stuff pastel-colored, minimally designed dreams are made of.

The winner will be picked at random—and is more than welcome to drop by the office if you’re in town. We’d love to show you around.

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Type your email address in the box below and hit submit for a chance to win all the Glossier products, plus a $1000 gift certificate to Totokaelo. One entry per email, US residents only. Enter by September 28th, and the winner will be announced September 29th. Best of luck!

Illustration by Lucy Han.


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Dopp Kits Are Your New Sidekicks

Traveling light is something to aspire to. I understand the concept, but I’m always going to pack both full-sized foundation and tinted moisturizer—it’s just who I am (even though the more I fly, the more I think I’m coming down with a case of Carry-On-Shoulder, which is this really un-sexy red indentation that I can only blame on “the airlines”).  I’m trying to be better, though, looking to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for inspiration (like everyone). Marie Kondo focuses on the closet, but why not apply this to your cosmetics bag? Instead of bringing enough makeup to fill a roll-aboard, treat yourself to a snazzy new dopp kit, and only bring what fits. (Your shoulder will thank you.) A selection:

Smythson Burlington Collection Small Wash Bag
Just looking at this buttery, forest green leather beauty makes me feel like I have a graduate degree (Why have one degree when you could have two? Similarly, why have one zip when you could have two of those, too?) Everything Smythson makes is timeless, but it also gets better with age, unlike that sample sized bottle of perfume you’ve been holding on to since freshman year (throw it out!).

Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Marconi Travel Case
Woowee. Doesn’t it make you want to whistle like a leery construction worker gazing upon a sexy piece of dopp kit? Just me? That’s cool. Well this ain’t no Clinique free gift rubber bag filled with sample-sized lipsticks you’ll never use (throw them out as well!). Packing this in your overnight bag will immediately class up the joint, and make you feel like the grown-ass woman (or man)/international spy that you are.

Billykirk No. 257 Snap Dopp Kit
No, you can’t fit 257 things in it, but that’s a good thing! This dopp opens up in an ingenious design that makes it a hell of a lot easier finding your tweezers in a plane bathroom with terrible lighting. (“Excuse me, sir, you’ll have to wait your turn, my brows are askew!”) Ash waxed canvas is also this brilliant material that only gets better the more it’s scuffed and loved. Thumbs up, Billy.

Shinola Travel Kit
Also opens up to a cube! Shinola makes the kind of goods people pass on to their children. “Honey, this was mommy’s most trusted dopp kit and it held some of her most majestic lip stains as she traveled the greater midwest and all over the world!” But seriously, water-resistant, tough as Detroit, and easy on the eyes.

Anya Hindmarch In Flight Patent Leather Trimmed Travel Case
Everything Anya Hindmarch makes is winking at you, Lucille Bluth-style (and winking at those construction dudes, too). Wonderful. Tell those TSA agents to get off your back, almond butter isn’t explosive, and neither is your mini jar of under-eye cream. Everybody chilllll.

Herschel Chapter Dopp Kit
Herschel knows what you need in a bag (which is why their backpacks are everywhere you turn)—pockets. And this dopp, which is pretty girly cute if you’re into that, is just the thing to store only the essentials in, or at least four different glimmer creams and cheekbone highlighters. Glisten on.

—Alex Beggs

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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Glossier Balm Dotcom Is On Net-a-Porter!

This is particularly exciting for two types of people: those who like innovation in packaging, and those who live abroad. Packaging because this isn’t just the Balm Dotcom—it’s a Balm Dotcom three-pack in a nifty pink carrying case that works for balms as well as other things. (It sort of feels like a sneaky playing card case, but we can probably agree that balm is infinitely more useful than cards.) The logic behind a three-pack is simple: one balm for your current purse, one balm for your office, one balm for your bedside table (the judges will also accept coat pockets, cars, vanity drawers…). Better yet, you can share it with two of your closest friends, so they stay universally salved as fall approaches. Then you can use the box to organize any selection of three lipsticks, mixed and matched.

Secondly, yes, anywhere Net-a-Porter ships, the Balm Dotcom will now ship—we’re getting worldly with this one. So if you’re someone who’s new to us by way of another country, a quick primer: The Balm Dotcom is a gentle, waxy salve that you can put on lips, cuticles, cheekbones—anywhere, really—to protect and hydrate. It’s great because it stays put and it’s not particularly glossy (though it does work well as a subtle highlighter).

Lastly, we’re happy to be in good company at Net-a-Porter. Hop on over to their site to check us out.

Photographed by Brayden Olson.

Once you’ve got your three-pack, experiment with another balm flavor (we’ve also got coconut).

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Rid Your Closet Of Black, Replace Everything With Cream

Wear cream this fall. The color is classic and light, but it still envelopes you—sort of like the way the interior of a luxury car feels simultaneously cavernous and cozy (on that note: has anybody ever noticed how well Mercedes Benz hones in on the coolest color of leather for their seats? That’s what I want to wear).  Of course, I’m not coming down on black as something to totally abandon in terms of your wardrobe (or car). It’ll always be there for you—just take a break for the foreseeable future with the help of:

1. Totême Luca Blouse: Conveniently structured like a pajama top, for days when you don’t want to get out of bed, but you have to anyway.

2. Simone Perele Celeste Briefs: Something lacy and a little racy to go with said top and under whatever you want.

3. New Balance For J.Crew Sneakers: Practical and mellow in a two-tone color scheme. Just add jeans and a solid-colored t-shirt. Sneakers your dad would wear, but a little more polished.

4. Wilfred Baudin Sweater: Cozy enough to curl up fireside, lightweight enough to wear it with denim cut-offs and slide right into fall gracefully.

5. Veda x Man Repeller Trench: Another item that comes with options because versatility really is the name of the game here. This one is both a good ol’ trench and can also become something a little more exciting with the addition of a red satin sash. It’s good—really good—both ways.

—Claire Knebl

Photo via GANNI.

But what shoes are you going to wear? May we suggest these?

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Easy, Comfortable Evening Options

One thing you learn as a working professional is that there’s a more comfortable alternative to pretty much any situation—including nights out. This is something I realized when, as an intern, I attended the Prospect Park Summer Soirée dressed in a black dress and 4-inch heels that were pretty cool but also pretty hard to walk in. Jane Bishop was my boss, and as we already know, she’s incredibly chic in the most natural of ways. The vibe that night was almost casual—looser dresses, flatter shoes, undone hair. Thanks to an “anything goes” atmosphere, it’s not so much that I looked out of place, but by the end of the night, as I was making my way out of the park in the rain and mud, I realized that dressing down gives you more freedom to actually enjoy what you’re doing. So, below, some suggestions to take you from August into fall.

1. Stone Cold Fox Farrah Dress: Something super short with a relaxed bell sleeve for your consideration. It fits loosely, which is all the better for eating, dancing around, or doing anything, really. Looks best worn with flats—slip on some sandals now and an ankle boot later.

2. Tibi Denni Loafers: Or, you could slip on these babies from Tibi—I can’t sing their praises enough. I have a similar pair in white that I wear over and over again. They look really polished with whatever they’re worn with but allow your ankles be 100-percent out there. Free the ankle.

3. Forever 21 Ribbed T-Shirt Dress: Yes, this is from Forever 21, and it’s conveniently priced at less than most Seamless orders. And it’s good—really good—as are most “marled” things from F21. I picked up a turtleneck version after seeing Diane Kruger in it—stretchy, simple, and works year round (and sadly no longer available). But anyway, onward and upward. Style this one right with weighty shoes—maybe a chunky flat or a sandal with a low, blocked heel. Maybe a mule. Your shoe collection is your oyster.

4. The Lair Leather Hendrix Belt: Another option is adding a belt that defines the waist. This one also looks good with high-rise trousers, jeans, and culottes. With two buckles, it’s satisfyingly symmetrical. All of your other belts will look lopsided after welcoming this one into your life.

5. Vanessa Seward Adrienne Leather Shoulder Bag: Hands free, of course, because you have better things than a bag to hold….like a drink!

—Claire Knebl

Image of Amber Valletta via Getty.

Get comfortable for an evening wedding by mixing and matching these five cool things.

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