Three Tips On Achieving Your Minimalist, Organized Home Fantasy

I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, but I’ve heard enough people say “If it doesn’t bring you joy, throw it out” to pretend that I have. I desperately need to tidy up, but her approach worries me—if only because my mood changes! An example: My mom was sweet enough to buy me this silk Barneys Co-Op shirtdress when my high school boyfriend broke up with me (a long, long time ago), and for obvious reasons, I sort of hated it for awhile. First real heartbreak? Try and fix it with some clothing! Anyway, I didn’t wear it for six years, but now I love it. I wore it twice last week—once on the weekend so work people wouldn’t notice. Had I Marie Kondo’d in college, I’d have had to buy myself a new shirtdress at some point. That’s what I call money down the drain.

I’m also a bit distrustful of the situational joy that happens at places like the Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond. Sure, the Elfa Shelving System seems perfect under the gleam of fluorescent lights and stacked with a rash of monochrome display books. But at home, it always feels decidedly unchic. You could say that true organization isn’t meant to be stylish, that it’s all about functionality. But if you did, I would assume you hadn’t met Jill Wenger, CEO of Totokaelo (pronounce TO-to-KYE-yoh, according to their email signature). Her newest store in New York is conveniently five minutes away from Glossier HQ and its minimalist, airy, clean aesthetic makes for a great place to display the newest Margiela boots I can’t get out of my head. If there was a woman I would want to instruct me on how to have a better-looking home, Jill would be that woman.

Of course, her approach isn’t that much different from how everyone else is feeling. I ask her, “So, how much stuff do I actually need?” and she responds “As little as possible!” I guess it doesn’t matter when all that stuff is Acne, Rachel Comey, etc.

Buy More To Keep Less

Jill’s rule of thumb for when to know if you’ve accumulated too much stuff: “My personal gauge is when I haven’t used or noticed something for a full season.” You want to keep things out (visible) but not cluttered. Jill uses “unique ceramics, bowls and containers collected over years of thrifting, antiquing and collecting. I use an assortment of miss-matched containers to store cutlery, writing utensils, everything one needs. My bathroom has a wooden-slab countertop that’s filled with perfume bottles and a mix of found objects and bowls for jewelry and cosmetics. I love using small sculptures to hang my necklaces on and vintage dishes for rings.” She recommends things like the Nousaku Black Clip Holder, Haley Anne Robinson’s Geometric Ring Holder, Kati Von Lehman’s Stoneware Mug, and Helen Levi’s Gilded Eye Bowl, all of which Totokaelo conveniently stocks. They’re all a bit heritage and definitely not a matching set, but the thing about taste is that everything goes together if you like each piece on its own. Look for things that could serve several purposes—like the Bedside Carafe Set. Use it to hydrate, or use it as a vase in a pinch. And for drawers, the usefulness of organizers can not be overestimated.

Go Digital

Eliminate stray notes and papers by going digital. “I’m fully digital regarding tasks and appointments,” Jill says. In your closet, get some inspiration from Cher Horowitz’s digitized closet: “My shoes in boxes with images of what’s in the box, on the outside and my clothes arranged by style and color. Books alphabetized by author and title. Super nerdy.”

Get Everything Out Of Your Bedroom

“My bedroom is super minimalist,” Jill says. Not surprising. “Only a bed, pillows and white sheets and one built in shelf with my favorite 30 books. The walls are white and empty and there’s one blue and white oversize african basket in the corner for laundry.” Make any space sparse but inviting with something like this herringbone throw (OK, it’s a towel, but I give it the seal of multipurpose approval) and a super large, pastel tie-dye pillow. Set up shop with a book on Yamamoto & Yohji and a candle to reach peak chic-tude. Well done.

—Emily Ferber

Photographed by Tom Newton.

From the living room to the powder room: more organization tips care of the ITG beauty closet, right this way.

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Ingredient To Know: Echinacea

Constantly having a head cold is my winter look. It’s never just a fleeting state of sickness. It goes like this every time: chilly weather hits and so does my telltale sore throat. The following months are spent nursing lingering symptoms of that initial cold while squelching subsequent ones that no doubt crop up. Yes, it is somehow possible to get a cold on top of a cold. And after colds on colds on colds, I have sprayed, gargled and chugged every preventative measure.

Prevention means heading to Juice Press, Duane Reade, Whole Foods or the Chinese Herbal Apothecary to pick up the usual suspects: vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, ginger, garlic and…echinacea, perhaps the most intriguing of the cold-fighting ingredients, if not the trickiest to spell. As with all supplements, there’s conflicting evidence as to the effectiveness of each. When in doubt, chalk it up to that elusive placebo effect. Nevertheless, I consume any number of them in various combinations until the sore throat either a) shrinks back to wherever it came from, or b) morphs into a full-blown cold.

To play it safe, I’ve also begun to pay closer attention to the hero ingredients in beauty products—perhaps loading vitamin C, et al., straight into my skin would lessen my sick chances. Luckily echinacea, one of my immunity mains, is the new ingredient that’s all of a sudden in everything. Here are the standouts:

The Fresh Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask—far more luxurious than your echinacea supplement, but the same principles are at work here. Echinacea’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities are what’s said to nip a cold in the bud or reduce its duration. On skin, the mask coaxes a dewy glow from even the most sleep-deprived of faces, while also soothing any cold-induced redness. After blowing my nose on repeat, the mask is a much-needed recovery treat. Not to mention echinacea’s co-star, sweet, sticky, antibacterial honey—great for those Puffs-Plus-With-Lotion-induced breakouts. The Fresh Crème Ancienne line is inspired by monks and their diligent use of natural remedies, and the mask strikes a perfect balance between luxe and medicinal.

The Davines Well-Being line had me as skeptical as WebMD on homeopathic cold remedies. However, it’s my favorite discovery of the bunch. The products, which contain echinacea and vitamin C, have cured my unhealthy hair. Shampoo and conditioner-wise, you don’t need much—they smell lovely and subtle, and leave locks silky and not weighed-down, which, with fine hair, is the curse of overly rich conditioners. The Well-Being Shampoo somehow cleans roots without drying hair. The real champion, though, is the De Stress Lotion that I originally wrote off. Not a shine spray or a curl-enhancer, I wondered what, exactly, this product proposed to do. Well, what can’t it do? I have found the perfect supplement for my hair’s overall well-being. When applied wet, the lotion (more of a spray) feels like it’s locking in the effects of the Well-Being Conditioner. I don’t need any additional products, despite sickly-looking split ends. It also encourages my curls—and not in a crunchy, salt spray kind of way. Later in the week I learn it’s also the perfect supplement to dry shampoo—sort of helping to disperse the product and freshen up hair in terms of scent and texture without resorting to hair perfume, which seems drastic. If dry shampoo is like pressed powder, then Davines De Stress Lotion is like facial mist. It’s the perfect remedy whether your hair is sick or just in need of an immunity boost. If only I remembered to swallow echinacea in pill form as often as I now mist my hair (and body, according to the bottle) with it.

Honorable mentions include Jurlique Rose Hand Cream (the rose smells divine, even through a stuffy nose), the entire Farmacy line (shoutout to the Soothing Coconut Gel Mask, which features kale you don’t have to eat) and Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream (echinacea is perhaps overshadowed by, you know, real gold, the luxury of which has brightened my seasonally-affected morale, along with my complexion).

So while it remains to be seen whether echinacea has had a hand in preventing any potential colds this winter, I can say, with confidence, that it’s done wonders for my skin and hair, which even prompts me to believe it’s been the secret hero of my awful-smelling Source Naturals Wellness Formula pill—though I think I’ll continue to down Ginger Fireballs and Emergen-C’s just in case.

—Michaela Waites

Michaela is a Glossier Editorial Intern. Photographed by Tom Newton.

More ingredients to know: Practical information (and product recommendations, obviously) for blue tansysea buckthorn oilfern, and more.

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Remembering David Bowie

Two days ago, at the age of 69, David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Goblin King) passed away after a battle with cancer. As the Glossier team mourned while listening to Modern Love on repeat—and, just down Lafayette, New Yorkers lined up for blocks to lay down flowers and candles in front of his apartment—the photo-sharing site imgur produced what is perhaps the best way to pay our respects to the legendary rocker: his Top Shelf. Actually, it’s his “Makeup Do’s And Don’ts,” as told to the publication Music Scene in 1973. His tips are as follows:

Shop Internationally
“[M]ostly all of his makeup comes from a little shop in Rome, Italy, that imports fantastic colored powders and creams from India. (He’s not telling the name of the store, however!!!)”

Remember To Highlight
“For stage, David will often use an iridescent base, usually pure white. When he paints that gold circle on his forehead that’s such a hit with his fans, he uses a German gold base in cake form bought at New York’s Makeup Center.”

“In his last few English concerts, Bowie painted tiny lightning streaks on his cheek and upper leg. Once in awhile he uses pearlized gloss on his lips in a tan/pink that comes across like a white-silver highlight.”

Skincare Can Be Makeup
“Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden is what you’ll see shining up David’s lips and eyelids in photographs, it gives that extra-gloss effect.”

Use The Whole Eye
“David will often paint waves of color all the way across his eyes and eyebrows, rather than on the lids only–usually a pink or mauve tone.”

“[A] must is that old-fashioned black mascara, (sometimes blue)–you know the kind that you spit on the little brush and it’s in a cream/cake form…”

A Warning
“He doesn’t use glitter too much, because it falls into his eyes when he’s performing and it just isn’t soft looking enough, he feels.”

And Finally—Let Your Skin Breathe
“As far as off-stage makeup is concerned, David doesn’t wear any base; he uses a light natural moisturizer with rice powder dusted on top–but most often he prefers to show his very light, bare, clear English skin…”

Photos via Getty. 

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Getting Ready With Kirsten Dunst For The 2016 Golden Globes

For those of you who opted to watch the Kardashians take Fashion Week last night instead of the 73rd Annual Golden Globes broadcast, please take this time to google “Golden Globes 2016 style” and come right back. All done? Great—you just saved yourself four hours of guacamole-fueled couch sitting. Now, we invite you to a pre-event gathering at Kirsten Dunst’s house, thanks to makeup artist Pati Dubroff (using all Chanel everything). Here’s how they achieved last night’s best smoky eye:

“The process started last week—Kirsten started texting me pictures of the dresses and so I started texting her inspiration photos for the makeup. It’s an exciting time, that build-up. The dress is Valentino Couture…It’s velvet and incredible. With her stylist, we started talking about John Singer Sargent paintings, and how in those paintings, the velvet really reads. Then we were looking at images of Debbie Harry because there had to be a rock ‘n roll element. We knew we wanted to do a dark, dramatic eye. And then I started to look at Helmut Newton and at vampire movies…the process went all over the place. So from Thursday to Friday, I was in super research mode, and then Saturday was all about getting the kit ready.

On Sunday, we all gathered at her house—Garrett [Hedlund] was there, and Cervando came to do her hair. She kept saying, ‘I’m chill, and I’m excited.’ And we were like, ‘OK, there’s chill and relaxed, and that’s chillaxed… what’s chill and excited? We were like, chill-ited? That sounds like a disease…’

On her face, I start with skincare. Samantha from Intraceuticals had come and given her an oxygen treatment, so her skin was prepped and glowy, and then I put some Simple Facial Moisturizer on her. And then for primer I used Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer, which mattifies. There’s something about the velvet dress that I wanted the skin to also feel like velvet and not have any sheen. It just felt right.

For the eye, I started with a black pencil first—Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Noir Intense—and smudged it close to the lash line and the inner rim. I also had her do some of the eye herself, so she could really get in there and make it perfect. Then I took the same pencil in Purple Choc, and I went lashline to crease, and blended it. For the shadow, I used Chanel Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Ebony, and layered an eggplant-colored Nars Matte Eyeshadow over that, so the eye is dark but tonal. Then I put Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Luminous Eyeshadow in Mirifique over the purple, which has a slight shimmer.

On the lashes, there’s loads of Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir. Loads and loads. We layered it three times, upper and lower lashes—I didn’t care if it got a bit clumpy, because it helps with that rock ‘n roll vibe. For the browbone, we used Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Moonlight Pink. That helped push her browbone back a little bit. The brow was defined. We used an Anastasia Brow Pencil, but a little bit lighter than I would have used normally, just to give her some brow definition. I would’ve loved to bleach her brows, but this isn’t the Met Ball.

For the blush, I had her smile. I only put it where the apples pop out, so you don’t get too close to the sides of the nose. And I use a fan brush and just fan over those apples, avoiding the creases. For the lips, I layered a bright shade and a pale shade of apricot. For the first layer, I pushed Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine in Article into the lips with my finger. Then I did the paler of the two tones—the same lipshine in Script—and I kept that in the center of the mouth. And then I pushed that in with my finger, too, cleaning it up on the outer edge with a concealer brush—no lip liner. The lip and the cheek are a bit peaches and cream, like her complexion. But then there’s that hard eye. You never want it to get too sweet.”

—as told to ITG

Photos via Pati Dubroff and Getty.

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The ITG Gift Guide 2015

The best thing about the holidays is presents. The second best thing about the holidays is all the great present slideshows that make procrastinating at work particularly materialistic. One could probably argue that a third great thing about this time of year is that there’s less shame around being so materialistic—but that feels beside the point and is probably more than enough fodder for a different post.

Anyway, in the spirit of those three things, plus love and holiday cheer, here is a gift guide. You’ll notice it’s full of gift recommendations, but sans any suggestion re: specific gift-getter. Peruse with your own gifting intentions in mind (maybe just for yourself?). A little 2pm deskside window shopping never hurt anyone.

1. Glossier Mask Duo Set
Six Nespresso-pod sized Moisturizing Moon Masks; six Nespresso-pod sized Mega Greens Galaxy Packs—with plush headband and pretty gift wrapping. Also consider: It makes for a fun activity during any at-home downtime. Masking makes for great bonding.

2. Candles! Specifically from Diptyque, MCMC, Ds & Durga, & Coqui Coqui
Candles are far and away the safest gift option. And not in a bad way! Even if the recipient is lukewarm on the scent, it still looks fancy on a shelf.

3. Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collection
The surprisingly versatile gift. Just one of the adorable, boy-named mini lipsticks (it’s not mini when you think about how long it actually takes to get through a tube of lipstick) is $35—affordable and luxe. A three-pack is $105. Buy every single shade, plus decorative organizing case, for $1,950. It all depends on your Secret Santa limit.

4. Hay Glass Carafe
Hydration is always a good thing to encourage. And what better way to do so than to give something that’s a little more shishi than a Camelback?

5. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub and Balm
Cleansing gifts can be hard—you don’t want to inadvertently tell someone that they need to clean themselves via passive aggressive present. This, however, is not that. There’s been no other bodycare product duo so lauded on our pages then those from Aesop. Bonus: The Aesop gift sets are really bomb this year—and astrology-themed, if you’re into it!

6. Himalayan Sea Salt & Grater Set
For the cook who has everything already but would like their salt to make more of a statement. Grind it over anything for an instant dose of unprocessed, pink (!) minerals.

7. Joya Composition No 1 Parfum
There’s a contest running here for which is more beautiful: the scent or the bottle in which its encased. Call it a toss up and just enjoy the luxurious feeling of dabbing perfume on your pulse points with a gold-dipped wand. (Also worth noting—made in Brooklyn!)

8. J.W. Anderson Gold Sphere Drop Earrings
Chances are, Christmas shopping and general good tidings have taken up too much time to plan a New Year’s Eve outfit. Make the last holiday of the season simple with these earrings. Everything else you could possibly wear will be secondary.

9. Bellus Wine + Jayson Home Key Bottle Opener
Momofuku Beverage Director Jordan Salcito’s wine label is environmentally and socially conscious—the grapes are organically grown and proceeds from all the bottles go to various charities. For instance, a percentage of the sales of the Girasole Sangiovese (photographed) go to female entrepreneurs via the Tory Burch Foundation. As good a reason as any to knock a few back.

10. L&G Studios Deskscape System with Diptyque Stationery and Leff Amsterdam Tube Audio Speaker
In terms of resolutions, “Be healthier” is probably number 1. Coming in at a close second though is most likely, “Appear to the outside world as a more organized person.” Consider this very Bauhaus-inspired deskscape to be a step in the right direction. Make the actual experience of sitting at a desk less soul-numbing with some whimsical Diptyque stationery and a cool speaker that’ll play whatever tunes you want.

11. A subscription to Stack Magazines + Hay Ballograf Pen
Print isn’t dying; it’s just getting more indie! Sign up for Stack and give a magazine surprise every month for the foreseeable future. Place next to this fun pen and bask in the Instagram that has become you or your loved ones’ living space.

12. Tibi Denni Loafers
Clothing is a tough gift. Accessories, on the other hand, are worlds easier. The entire Gloffice recommends these shoes. They’re easier than average to break in, class up any outfit, and make great office shoes to look forward to every morning.

13. Delfonics Quitterie Pouch + Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné Palette & Eyelash Curler
Shu Uemura’s holiday collection in association with Maison Kitsuné has cute on lock. But you’ll need somewhere to put that Plum Eye and Cheek Palette plus limited-edition gold Eyelash Curler. Pouches always make thoughtful gifts.

14. L.L. Bean Terry Cloth Robe
Nothing says true luxury like plush, customizable gift that’s also affordable. A #glossierpink robe with an optional monogram (an $8 add-on—very worth it) checks all those boxes.

15. A food basket from Mouth
Like cheese of the month club, but for the startup generation. Send one big holiday-themed bundle (an assortment of goodies from their 12 Days Of Christmas and 8 Nights Of Hanukkah tasting boxes are photographed), or sign up for one of their 3, 6, or 12 month packages. It’s a subtle way to invite yourself over for dinner again and again.

16. Fairmont Hotels Scent & Senses Packages + Joshu+Vela Duffle
Another good way to enjoy someone else’s gift is to take them on a trip, because you get to go, too! Strategically plan your stay in New York, Santa Monica, or San Francisco and get access to Le Labo after hours where you can mix your own Rose 31, start to finish. And remember, memories make good gifts, too.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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