After learning of the power of acids to eliminate dead skin cells and diminish discoloration I immediately sought to implement it into my daily skin routine.  So far, I've picked up a glycolic acid based cleanser and a serum.

Although the products I chose are pretty mild in strength, I still enjoyed some benefits.  Recently, a facialist checked my skin up close under ultra bright lights and commented on how well the scars were fading.  That made me feel good but, in reality, it's still taking way too long for them to finally go away.

Today I stumbled on a study that detailed the effectiveness of acids on treating discoloration. Turns out that I could have experienced faster results if I had gone with a different type of acid.
The study involved a group of 50 participants.  The women ranged in ages from 30-60 years old.  These ladies struggled with hyperpigmentation along with fine lines and wrinkles.  For 12 weeks, they were instructed to apply either a glycolic acid or a salicylic acid peel.  This was done bi-weekly over the course of 12 weeks.

At the end of the study, 41% of the salicylic acid group experienced a noticeable improvement in their fine line & wrinkles compared to 30% of the glycolic acid group.  With regards to discoloration, 46% of the women noticed a significant improvement thanks to salicylic acid versus the 34% who noticed improvement with glycolic acid.  Essentially, the study demonstrated that salicylic acid was superior to glycolic when it comes to treating wrinkles and discoloration.  They also concluded that salicylic acid was effective at a lower concentration.  A solution of only 10% salicylic acid was as effective as a 20-50% glycolic acid solution.

Salicylic acid may sound familiar to you if you've ever purchased an over the counter acne wash.  Not only is it a great exfoliating agent but it also can help you address your acne concerns.  It penetrates pores while delivering powerful anti-inflammatory qualities.  This makes salicylic acid a superior exfoliator if you have oily or acne prone skin.

Now that I'm armed with this information, I'm definitely switching over to salicylic acid to see if it's a better option for me.  Based on the results of the study alone, I feel like a salicylic peel would make more sense.  Don't get me wrong, glycolic is good, but I'm looking for even greater results and according to the folks heading the study, "salicylic acid peels are better."

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