I have a friend who wears lashes on a daily basis.  It’s a habit that she’s employed for years. Homegirl has mastered the art of the lash application and can probably do it with their eyes closed.  Deep down, I wish I could sport a pair of long, feminine lashes every day, but haven’t yet been able to successfully apply a pair of lashes.  Something about the combination of tacky glue near my eyes and placing the tiny strip precisely in its place freaks me out.

But it looks like my troubles may be over, because there’s a new lash company in the market who’s determined to make applying false lashes easy.
The makers of One Two Lash created an absolutely new way to apply your false lashes.  Instead of having to mess with lash glue, they use magnetic strips that hold together in place on your lash line.  This makes them easily removable and very reusable.  The idea came to the founder while in the shower.  Like me, she also wondered if there was an easier way to apply falsies. Once the idea hit, she knew there was a market for it.

These magnetic lashes have “feather weight technology that’s strong enough to connect to your natural lashes.”  The design is a half-strip so it can fit most eye shapes.  Since the brand just launched, there aren’t that many reviews out. But One Two Lash is definitely a company that will stay on my radar.  I’m optimistic about the possibility that wearing magnetic could be less damaging than using lash glue.  But, we’ll see.

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