How-To: Flowers In Your Hair

Now’s the time to wear flowers in your hair, even if you just tuck a rose in somewhere—doesn’t it just feel right? This tutorial is here to inspire you to wear them your way. You don’t have to walk around with a crown on your head (unless you want to). But if you’re going to be a bride or just want to add something special to your favorite outfit, this look is for you. Gothic makeup suggested but also optional.

1. Violet flowers: A semi-crown of small, deep-plum flowers are beautiful and very easy to work with. This color goes well with almost anything you wear and flatters dark-haired girls in particular. Cut the sprigs about 3 to 4 inches long, gather them, and arrange in a cluster. Then, bobby-pin the stems starting right above your ear (about an inch above, if we’re being specific). Start small and tuck in more flowers where you think you need filler. Repeat on the other side. Since the look is broken up, it won’t look too clichéd or dramatic.

2. Daisies: If you’re not a wild-flower girl, a couple of floating daisies are a great option to compliment a summer dress without looking overdone. Cut the daisies’ stems to about an inch and place the flower wherever you desire on your hair, securing with a bobby pin. Minimalists can choose to opt for only only two or three. The key is to place the daisies in such a manner to look like they’re floating on your hair. For that reason, I like to keep them disconnected.

3. Mixed greens: This is a special look for a particular dress or event. Surprisingly, wearing all green (down to the flowers) is a stunning neutral look. At the florist, ask for a mix of greenery like green virburnum, green kermit mums, and moss. It’s nice to get a mix of different kinds for texture. Once you’ve got your assortment, start on the top of your head with a small bunch of flowers, and secure it to your head with a small bobby pin. Then, you’ll build the rest of the crown from this anchoring point. Save the larger clusters for the sides of your head, and use heavy-duty bobby pins. You may need a few to secure these flowers for when you’re running away from the party.

4. Roses: Ugh, my favorite—especially using pink. It’s a particularly good look for blondes or light brunettes. Here, I only use two large buds and place them so they look like they’re floating against my temples. Instead of a bobby pin, you’ll want to use a small barrette or clip. Cut the stem down to 2 inches, and weave the rose onto the the top part of the clip—above the clamp. Keep in mind, these roses are heavy, so make sure your barrette is substantial enough to suit your flower. Wear this look only if you want to looks like an angel with halos illuminating your head once you step into a room.

5. Baby’s Breath: OK—maybe this is my favorite flower to wear (as well as to have around the house). I love to go buck wild and pile on these delicate flowers all over the top of my head. The bigger the better, but keep the flowers concentrated and no further down than the tops of your ears. Bobby pins are good here. Start with a huge clump right on top of your head, about 3 inches back from your forehead. You can cut the stems in different lengths for depth and strategic placement. The goal is to build a pointed crown with smaller pieces of baby’s breath trailing off to the sides. The look is best worn with hair down and wild.

—Stacey Nishimoto

Image of Brigitte Bardot via Getty. All other photos courtesy of the author. Wardrobe provided by Spanish Moss.

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