Katherine Power, CEO, Clique Media Group

“I definitely discover products through friends, or through some sort of social post from Byrdie or Violet Grey or Into The Gloss. But I’m not naturally curious about beauty—I would use the same thing my whole life, so it kind of has to fall in my lap. Someone has to tell me, ‘This is great—try it!’ And then I’ll get obsessed with it. I would say I’ve started trying new things a lot more, and on Byrdie there’s a lot of information on beauty hacks—how to save time doing something, how to fall asleep fast, all kinds of how-to information that I really love to read. It’s really approachable and it’s just kind of encouraged me to do more.

As far as face wash, every day I use Sanítas, which I was referred to by Francesca Paige, who’s an aesthetician. Then I use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 morning and night—it’s life-changing. I just started using this RéVive Eye Cream that I really love…I was never really an eye cream believer before this. I just sort of used whatever free eye cream someone sent me. But this one I bought, and I really do think that it works. It’s very expensive, that’s the only downfall. I don’t have dark circles—my problem is more the thinness of the skin and crepe-iness under the eyes. So this is supposed to be a little bit of a filler, and I think it’s helped my fine lines as well.

I’ve been using this iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum that the facialist Shani Darden turned me on to. It’s a really light way to moisturize, and then I put on my Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Sunscreen with it, so it’s not super greasy. Or sometimes I’ll use my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or Honest Beauty Everything Tinted Moisturizer, which have sunscreen in them. Once I put those on, then I put a little eye cream on, and then I go for makeup.

I just started using Retinol at night, which is new for me. I got Resurface from Shani Darden, and it’s amazing. Before bed, I use the same face wash and the P50 and then the Retinol. I’ll wash my face once, and then I put more of the face wash on my Clarisonic. I probably should use the Clarisonic every night, but I’m a little lazy about it, so I do it like four times a week. Of course I have my Glossier Balm Dotcom, which I typically use as lip balm or sometimes on my cuticles.

For facials, I go to Francesca Paige and Biba de Sousa at Esthetic Underground on South Beverly. Last year I went on a round of really strong antibiotics, and it completely messed up the bacteria in my gut, so I broke out with adult acne for the first time in my life—it was terrible. The reason it got better was because I took a lot of probiotics and worked on my stomach. Biba really helped me through that, and she gave me this Esthetic Underground Acne Gel [ed note: not available online]. The best advice I got from her was, if you have cystic acne, every night she would have me ice my face, basically rub an ice cube over it for two minutes, and then I would use this gel. And then I just started going to Shani Darden because Jessica Alba gave me a gift certificate to her for my birthday, and I really loved her, she’s great. Everybody has great light machines, but hers seems to really work for me. It’s definitely a commitment, because you look great the day after, but then it kind of goes away, so you want to do it every day.

I usually either use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, depending on the day. Normally I probably would just use the Laura Mercier, or if I have an event or something I’ll use the Armani for more coverage. And then Clé de Peau in Beige is the go-to concealer. Too Faced Primed & Poreless is a powder that one of my facialists recommended because it’s totally non-irritating and you can use it as a primer or as a setting powder. And then in my purse, I carry the Laura Mercier Setting Powder. For blush, I’ve been using this Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Plum Radiance with the little brush. And then I use a little bit of the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Highlighter and Bronzer—sometimes I use the bronzer, but mostly just the highlighter. Or I use Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Intensity One highlighter with my finger. And that’s it for my skin.

My eyelash extensions are from this place on Robertson. I have them done by this woman named Katie, so I just comb them out and I do my lower lashes with Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. Then to do my eyebrows, I use Anastasia Brow Gel. I go to Kristie Streicher for grooming. She’s great, but [with her process] you can’t touch them for eight weeks so that they grow. But mine don’t really grow that much.

And then I have a bunch of different lip colors. I usually have one Clinique Chubby Stick in a natural color—Graped-Up—and a red lipstick in my purse. I like Short Circuit by Nars, which is not in action anymore. It was a special edition, so I kind of bought up all I could find and then I’ll use Heat Wave, too. For night, I would usually just put on a red lip. Maybe I would add a little bit more highlighter with the Charlotte Tilbury or the Tom Ford. But it’s pretty much just a red lip, and I’ll just mess my hair up a little bit more. I dress so conservatively that I try to have messier hair. And then sometimes I’ll slick my hair back into a little nub.

I workout every morning really early, 6AM at Tracy Anderson. Because it’s such a hot workout, I have to shower every single day, and wash my hair. For my body, I use Honest Body Wash and I typically use either René Furterer Shampoo and Conditioner, or I have Jen Atkin’s samples from her new haircare line that I’m obsessed with. So if I have those, then I’ll use them. If I don’t, I use [Furterer]. And then I just started using an apple cider vinegar rinse, which I love. You can use it instead of shampoo and conditioner so that you don’t have to shampoo your hair every day. So every other day I’ll use it, and it’ll sud up and it cleans everything. I want to preserve my hair color longer, and I have a Brazilian blowout that I want to preserve, so I just tried it and I really liked it. Now I’m a big apple cider vinegar believer. Jen also has a great hair mask that she makes, and I’ll only use it once a week since it’s very conditioning. My natural hair texture is wavy and frizzy. Gregory Russell at Andy LeCompte cuts it—he did my short hair, so I feel like he has to always do the same with me. I mean Jen Atkin would [cut it] if she was ever there, but she’s never in the salon. So I’ve been going to Gregory for a couple years, and I love his haircuts. Short hair is so much easier. I’ve had all different lengths, but I love this.

After I get out of the shower, when my hair’s wet, I part it and I put in a nickel-size of Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion, and I scrunch it, and then I put on a little bit of Osmo Clay Wax—this is the best wax in the world. I’ve tried every sort of pomade-y wax. I just take a little bit of that and rub it in my hands and go through the ends. It’ll kind of make your hair stick in a shape. And then, as my hair dries, once it kind of gets the moisture out, then I flip it. Depending on where I am in the cycle of the Brazilian, it’s either great, or it’s not great. So there’s like a month of my peak, and then it’s either too frizzy or too straight and I have it done probably every five months. I let it pretty much totally wear off, and then I go back in. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a hairstyle where I can literally just go. And you know, my time is so much more limited now as I get older that I really just need to have a look that I can quickly put together.

Every week I wear the same Tom Ford red, Scarlet Chinois. Or I’ve been doing Essie Waltz lately on my toes because I’ve been wearing these burgundy Céline mules, so it looks bad to have a bright red nail with the shoes. But, I’ve probably done red pretty consistently for like the last three years. The Christian Louboutin is another good red. But the bottle is a little embarrassing unless you’re in Beverly Hills, they’re all like, ‘Oh, the Christian Louboutin one!’ But I get my nails done in the valley, and they’re scared of it.

I’ve been wearing Quelques Fleurs Perfume since I was like, 14. If I want to feel a little more sophisticated, I’ll wear this Chanel No. 19. I’ve tried to wear different things, but I just always go back to the [Quelques Fleurs]. This Caudalie Divine Oil is really cool. During summer, even though I don’t tan, I would put this on and pretend I was golden and glowing. And then I always buy a new Ligne St. Barth lotion when I go there, but I wear that mostly in the summer. In the house, we like the Le Labo Santal candle, and sometimes Diptyque Baies—that’s pretty much it.

I take a lot of herbal supplements from my acupuncturist Dr. Mao at Tao of Wellness. And he has me taking a lot of different things for my adrenal glands and digestive enzymes and all of that. I have a very sensitive stomach. Every morning before I go work out I have a green tea smoothie, which I make every single day with matcha powder and half a banana, vanilla protein powder, and hemp milk. I’ve been doing Tracy Anderson for probably two years now, two and a half, Monday through Friday. I don’t even know anymore if I feel sore, or it’s just the way it feels. Every Saturday, I do Cardio Barre in the valley with my childhood best friend and Sunday is my day of rest.”

—as told to ITG

Katherine Power photographed by Nikko LaMere in Los Angeles on September 10, 2015. Interview by Alexis Brunswick.

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