I’ve been trying to branch out a little more with my style recently and wear pieces I wouldn’t usually be daring enough to go near, without worrying about what other people think. A studded leather jacket like the one in this post is just one example. I’d never normally wear something like this as I’d rather stick to a plain leather jacket instead – one that looks nice but doesn’t necessarily make a huge statement or stand out like one covered in studs does. I’ve had this weird paranoia about the things I wear since I was a teenager- I panic I’ll look OTT and that people will mock me or think ‘who does she think she is’ if I wear anything even a little bit out of my comfort zone. I guess that’s what happens when you get mocked for your fashion choices by high school bullies. 
I was thinking the other day how crazy it is that comments made years and years ago can still affect people so many years later. That a bad experience involving people who are totally irrelevant can really stick with you and knock your confidence to the point that you question if you actually want to wear an item of clothing (regardless if you absolutely love it) out in public for fear of being judged. To most people, this jacket won’t even be anything to worry about it as I know there’s far more daring items out there but for someone like me who usually sticks to fairly simple clothing on a daily basis, it’s quite a daring piece and definitely one of those I was hesitant to wear.
However, since shooting this outfit, I’ve realised those thoughts are completely irrational and people probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if they saw someone wearing this – I know I wouldn’t. In fact, I’d probably think they look great and wonder where they got it from. For example, Lydia who I was shooting with commented on how much she loved the jacket and that she was looking for one herself and it made me realise that a lot of the worries we have about other peoples perceptions of us and our clothing choices are often completely in our heads.
What I’m trying to say is that I’m making a conscious effort to care less about what other people think of me in general, including the clothing I choose to wear. At the end of the day, we can all wear whatever the hell we like and personal style is what makes us all individuals. Not everybody will like the same pieces of clothing but that’s totally fine – Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone dressed exactly the same and nobody has their own personal style. After all, our style is a way of expressing ourselves so if we love an item of clothing and want to wear it, we should do it without any worries about other people and their sometimes not very nice opinions!

After that little impromptu rant, back to the outfit. The sassy studded leather jacket I’m talking about is from Miss Pap and you can get it here (plus 10% discount with KAYLEIGHJ10!). The high waisted grey jeans I’m wearing are another item that’s a little more daring than I’d usually wear with lace up detailing right up the crotch. I’ve seen loads of bloggers posting these on Instagram recently and I’m not surprised they’re so popular as they’re such a cool statement piece and look great with a little cropped top like this Forever Young slogan tee which you can get here for only £10 – such a bargain. I also think these could be dressed up for evening wear with a bodysuit – what do you guys think? It’s funny as I’m always so much more daring with my outfits in the evenings than I am during the day – anyone else like that too?!
Do you worry about what people think of your fashion choices or couldn’t you care less?! Would love to hear your thoughts on it!!

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