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I stopped by to hang out at the MJ popup tweet shop in Soho in between shows during fashion week – how fun is the concept of hashtag as currency? They had manicures, Langley Fox’s beautiful illustrations on every wall, and pieces to win by posting to Twitter and Instagram. I entertained myself by balancing things with long stems behind my ears. Such a fun interactive concept for one of my favorite fragrances.

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Unlike Christmas, Valentine’s Day is for sinners as well as saints- we don’t judge. I’ve received a lot of pitches for V-Day stories, lip gloss, body lotion, grape fruit masks, you name it- but the one stand out came from one of my favorite salons in the Meatpacking- Wonderland Beauty Parlor. Michael always seems to put together the most appropriate gifts, making him my dream guest for any fête (seriously, have you seen him do hair!?).

On this day of love Wonderland assembled a sexy little present for purchase, one copy of Betony Vernon’s amazing, ‘Boudoir Bible’ and a sultry lipstick from Poppy King’s line Lipstick Queen. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing both Betony and Poppy and can say these women wield a sense of subtle sexual confidence that most could only wish to emulate. I for one won’t turn down taking a page from their book-literally, especially tonight. Get on it!

-Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York


Not Your Usual Workout Clothes

Tonight, NYC will be filled with lovers, dressed to the nines, trading little gifts, adorably slurping the same string of spaghetti, and probably having lots of sex. And, after binging on chocolates from a heart-shaped box (or, like me, consuming a gross amount of edible sex products in today's Valentine's-themed cleanse), perhaps we will be spending some much-needed time in the gym to try and work off the damage. But instead of the classic black-on-black-on-black look that I—and the majority of the Greenwich Village Equinox—have resorted to wearing, why not dress to impress?

1. Under Armour Bra Protegée: While a good breast-jiggle peeking from beneath your top might be a career launcher, on the treadmill it just leads to pain and awkward arm placement. This is not the most delicate bra on the market, but those of the bustier persuasion will appreciate its infallible support—and the fact that it's so easy to put on and take off.

2. Tamara Mellon Ribbed-Knit Bra Top: A-cups to small Cs: I’m officially jealous (well, I’ve been jealous, but this is adding insult to injury). Wear Mellon's creation solo to show off your toned abs, or underneath a tee. Strappiness always equates to sexiness, even while sweating off the candy thongs (or whatever your diet is made of).

3. Nike Legendary Printed Tights: Black may be the most sliming color (particularly when it comes to extremely body-conscious gym attire), but most of the time it's also incredibly boring. Stick to the same forgiving shade, but add a little bit of pattern, and thus interest, with these Nike tights.

4. Print All Over Me Sweatshirt: First it was the Christopher Kane photo-realistic floral sweatshirt of Spring ’13, then it was Beyoncé in her pizza getup, and now it’s time to create your own version of a loudly-printed jumper. I suggest going with an image of the food that you hope to be eating shortly after your trip to the sweatshop (grilled cheese, please), but you could choose literally anything, including something from Instagram.

5. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes: The recently re-introduced Adidas classic has already popped up in our office. Don't wear them for strenuous cardio, like long distance running—we already sacrifice our feet in the name of fashion when it comes to heel height—but they're a comfortably chic option for mat exercises and walking to get that grilled cheese.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Hola Chicas,

I'm back in The Lou for the month of February due to the amazing NAACP situation.  Here, I have a dedicated Boogie-sitter (shout-out to Momma!) while I make multiple trips out to LA to attend the various festivities (and maybe turn-up or the like).  Since Dr. Daddy has lectures to give, he has to stay in Happy Valley between his flights out to Hollywood.  But get this.  He's here! He surprised Boog and I with a last minute weekend trip to STL because he missed the general shenanigans. Happy Valentine's Day to me and if it stops sleeting, we may even make some plans and act grown!  So I'm sure you understand that I must keep this shawt!

Three things- 
1.  I'm sure I'm late (as always) but it has just come to my attention that on the eve of Valentine's Day the Olivia Pope's and Mary Jane Paul's of the world celebrate 'Side Chick Appreciation Day'.  St. Louis radio told me so. There were several dedicated club events and promotionals in honor of it too. No comment. #SoSaintLouis 

2.  Upon the news of Hubby's pending arrival, late last night, I released the struggle-bun (that I'd worn since the red carpet, just lower) and created 8 big twists using a little Salerm 21 (that was my ode to #TBT and the best damn styler for dry sets) and rolled the ends on perm rods for a Twist-n-Curl.  No water, no nothing... just a pea sized amount of Salerm 21 per twist.  This morning, I woke up like dis- 

That side part, tho!   

 note- the original set was from Curlformers about a week ago (set on wet hair with Salerm 21).  I immediately placed the resulting set in twists, took them down and bunned for the NAACP Luncheon. For my full routine, click HERE.  

3. About halfway through writing this post, the doorbell rang.  I answered and there stood a gentleman with two boxes.  He said, 'delivery for CurlyNikki', and I was like, 'that's me, boo', and he was all, 'Clearly.' At any rate, it was roses and chocolate covered pretzels and thangs from  Hubby! He's sleeping right now from the journey, but I got something for him when he wakes up!

Later Gators,

p.s Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!! 

Polish stunner Aleksandra Rudnicka (Ola for short) may live in Paris but she was turning heads all week at NYFW. Her piercing blue eyes and icy complexion make for one seriously gorgeous woman. But it’s her snow white hair that stole my heart.

When I spotted Ola in the makeup chair at Diane von Furstenberg she was instant babe material. Her light locks were tied into a messy Ballet Rousse inspired bun for the show. Having platinum blond hair is a defining characteristic. I once heard it described as having a fashion accessory on at all times. Taking the plunge to bottle blonde can seem daunting, but Ola makes for one very compelling success story. Her slanted cheekbones and dusty white hair  looked perfect with a nude lip.

She was the only Polish model to walk the Celine SS14 runway and closed the Miu Miu show last season. She’s definitely one to watch.

-Photos by Aimee Blaut in New York