I've been on a bit of a Brooke Shields inspired mission lately, angling for a slightly tamer, subtler version of her Blue Lagoon brow era. In an attempt to get them looking a bit thicker and more even, I've been religiously brushing castor oil through my brows every night. I'll let you know if that works in due course but, in the meantime, I've been testing out this batch of high-end brow tamers.

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If there's one beauty blight I've been trying to tackle for years, it's milia. Tiny, keratin filled bumps, they're incredibly stubborn and information about what causes these pesky little things is decidedly mixed, even between 'experts'. I've read they're caused by under exfoliation but also by over exfoliation. As they're fairly common in children, I think the latter is unlikely, so I've been exploring the under exfoliation route, and testing out Ole Henriksen Truth Is In The Eyes Eye Peel Concentrate.*

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The autumnal nip in the air seems a little late this year, but regardless there's something about September and early October (possibly 15 years of it being 'back to school time') that makes me want relaxing baths more than usual. Not one for sweet florals and heaps of moisture-sapping bubbles, I like my bath products to actually do something. Here are my top recommendations for when you're feeling under the weather, overtired or just plain chilly. 

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I have mixed feelings about supplements. For the average healthy person with access to a varied diet, the majority of things the body needs can be found in food. Topping up with a multivitamin means those water soluble vitamins you've just paid for can simply end up down the drain. Whilst I'm not a nutritionist in any way, I've found it's more effective, and more economical, to just top up on what I know I don't get enough of (B12 and vitamin D) - but there are a handful of other additions I take that give my outside a boost too.

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Cute packaging is my Achilles Heel of makeup hoarding collecting, so when I saw the new Dior eyeshadow palettes for Fall, I knew my willpower was in over its head.  I had to get Bonne Etoile, a five color palette featuring earthy brown, green, and blue shades imprinted with stars in the powder.  Stars?!  Shut up and take my money!

All of the colors in this palette have some shimmer/frost to them.  There is a dark olive with golden shimmer, silvery taupe, golden bronze, peacock blue, and light minty teal.

I am extremely impressed with the formulation of these eyeshadows.  Each one has great pigmentation and is very smooth.  The light silvery taupe shade is AMAZING on the eyes... when I have this all over the lid I can't help but stop and look each time I pass a mirror.  These photos do no justice.

The palette is quite compact, small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.  It features a mirror under the lid.

This product was quite the splurge, but I am so happy with it.  Going into fall, I know this is going to get a lot of use.  And c'mon, it has STARS! ;)

Bonne Etoile palette retails for $61 (6g/.21 oz) and was originally released exclusively with Nordstrom for its anniversary sale, but will soon be available everywhere.  The only place I have found it online is the Nordstrom website!

Have you found any to-die-for products recently?
xx, Allison