The other day, I stumbled on a little hack that I just had to share with you guys.  This one of my favorite new beauty hacks because it makes shaving my legs so much more effective.  All I had to do was move one of my favorite skin moisturizing products into the shower.

The product I’m referring to is one of my ride or die winter essentials.  I’ve never gone without this item since I was first introduced to it by a stewardess with flawless skin.
Gel moisturizers have been a lifesaver ever since.  But, once summer rolls around, I tend to swap out gel moisturizers for lighter options.  Recently, I learned of yet another application for gel moisturizers that I was super excited to try out.

It’s so simple that I’m baffled as to why I haven’t thought of it myself.

Basically, my gel moisturizers have now taken on the role of shave gel.  They are the quintessential shave gel alternative for a few reasons.  The most convincing is because shave gel will leave your legs so ultra smooth and hydrated.  They moisturize on a deeper level that lasts beyond the shower experience.

I attempted to replicate this same process with Neutrogena’s Bath Oil but baby oil gel was far superior. The thicker consistency of gel left my legs feeling so much smoother and moisturized.

I now have to buy another baby oil gel for my dresser because this one is never leaving my shower.  I’m glad I learned of this hack prior to summer.  You have to try it.

There’s a show called Big Brother that provides 24-hour live stream video of the contestants as they compete for a grand prize.  Recently, they launched their first celebrity edition of the show.  The moment I learned of this, the first thought that crossed my mind was that I would learn the beauty secrets of some of the celebrity houseguests.

I didn’t watch the live stream as much as I wanted but, of the little I did watch, one thing became extremely clear.  When bored, most of the ladies lounged around with little masks under their eyes.  It was commonplace for them to hydrate their undereyes before every taping of the live show.

I thought it would be a great idea to try this for a little while and see if consistent use of these eye masks could really make a difference.  But I was concerned about the cost.  Since I don’t earn millions of dollars a year, I had to come up with a cost-effective way to have ample amounts of under eye sheet masks at my disposal.

Thankfully, I found the perfect solution.
I’ve purchased under eye masks in the past but rarely used them.  Why? Because a lot of them are kinda pricey.  This keeps me from really committing to a regimen of using them consistently enough to see any long-term results.

*turns to the camera and says*  “There has to be a better way!”

There is a better way! And it’s so cost-effective that I don’t even blink at the thought of wearing eye masks daily.

Muji offers plain, dry eye mask sheets for only a few cents per pair.  They’re made of thin cloth-like cotton that’s super absorbent. They soak up your serums and lotions in a second and hold the moisture in while you hydrate your undereye.  You can grab 30 sets of under eye sheets for less than $10.00!  That is an absolute steal!

Don’t worry about having to purchase serum for the mask, chances are you probably already have some at home.  I’ve alternated between using Missha Essence, La Mer’s Treatment Lotion, or leftover serum from previous sheet masks.  Any liquid hydrator will work.

Sometimes I use these on my nasal labial folds, or forehead like Tracey Ellis Ross.  Once my eye area is adequately hydrated, I place the same sheets over my smile lines to get the most bang for my buck.

Now I can use sheet masks multiple times a week as I lounge around without an ounce of guilt.
For those who are interested, Muji also offers plain full-face sheet masks as well.  They’re perfect if you have a ton of serums at home and want to quickly use up your serum/toner collection.  These eye masks are probably my favorite recent beauty purchase so, of course, I had to share the good news.