Here you have a pointy geometric manicure à la Lana Del Ray. Any other time of year my nails are humble and of the short variation but seeing as we are on the cusp of New Year’s Eve, I decided to be bold. After all it’s the best time to go the impractical talon route. These nails are designed for holding champagne flutes (or bananas!) all night long since accomplishing any tasks with value feels impossible. While day-to-day life may feel slightly Edward Scissorhands my nails are still pretty to look at, which was the point anyway (unlocking your apartment door is overrated).

Sweden’s reigning nail queen, Frida Selkirk, used Balmain’s Couture Nail Collection for the color after she shaped and applied acrylics. For the base coat we used Nude, which is the perfect colorless shade that matches everything. It’s a very opaque polish so we only did one coat. And to accentuate the sharp tips we used Rouge.

Enjoy the last two days of 2013 and I hope this inspires some impractically bold beauty decisions.

Photos by: Anna Granberg in Stockholm; Nails by Frida Selkirk

I'm not one for hitting the high street, elbows-out on Boxing Day; it's strictly reserved for a bit more time spent with family and a long walk. However I am partial to lazily window shopping the online sales in the evening. This year everything seems to have kicked off a lot earlier (or not at all) so I've done a bit of late night trawling to round up the best of the online sales – but be quick, the worthwhile deals are not hanging around!

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Here's the thing, I really, really don't like Christmas music; it's probably the side effect of several years of Christmas retail jobs with 'Last Christmas' being piped onto the shop floor. As an antidote to festive tunes, I've gathered up some of my current favourite (unseasonal) music into a playlist to see you through wrapping those final presents or baking an 'emergency' batch of mince pies.

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Everyone’s calendars are bursting with holiday fetes and Christmas cocktails — it’s the perfect time to take the chance on a sexy new look, à la glossy eye. Plus, it only takes five minutes and can be perfected in the bumpiest of taxi cabs, and when you’re running from one party to another, you might have to get creative. This quickie will have you sipping champagne and dancing into 2014 looking like a knockout. Now the only dilemma left is choosing which track is your fave on the new Beyoncé album. Peep the how to below:

1. Pat on a taupey brown eyeshadow, like MAC Shadow in Patina, all over your lid.

2. Introduce some shine by swiping a metallic gold shadow along the crease. Lightly blend the shadow upwards using a brush. I used Clinique All About Shadow in At Dusk.

3.  Line your upper lashline and lower waterline with a brown eyeliner pencil. I chose Butter London’s warm chocolate shade, Brown Sugar. I like its rich color and soft texture.

4. Cover your lids with a gloss, using a blending brush .Softly press the balm onto your lids until they are completely coated. Expect some smudging. (I used a discontinued shade of MAC Tendertone–but their lip glass in Myth works as well.)

5. Add a swipe of your favorite mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Be sure to get the outer corners where your lashes meet to really open up your eyes. Then, finish the look with a bold matte lip.

 -Photos by Sandra Myhrberg in Stockholm