Remembering David Bowie

Two days ago, at the age of 69, David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Goblin King) passed away after a battle with cancer. As the Glossier team mourned while listening to Modern Love on repeat—and, just down Lafayette, New Yorkers lined up for blocks to lay down flowers and candles in front of his apartment—the photo-sharing site imgur produced what is perhaps the best way to pay our respects to the legendary rocker: his Top Shelf. Actually, it’s his “Makeup Do’s And Don’ts,” as told to the publication Music Scene in 1973. His tips are as follows:

Shop Internationally
“[M]ostly all of his makeup comes from a little shop in Rome, Italy, that imports fantastic colored powders and creams from India. (He’s not telling the name of the store, however!!!)”

Remember To Highlight
“For stage, David will often use an iridescent base, usually pure white. When he paints that gold circle on his forehead that’s such a hit with his fans, he uses a German gold base in cake form bought at New York’s Makeup Center.”

“In his last few English concerts, Bowie painted tiny lightning streaks on his cheek and upper leg. Once in awhile he uses pearlized gloss on his lips in a tan/pink that comes across like a white-silver highlight.”

Skincare Can Be Makeup
“Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden is what you’ll see shining up David’s lips and eyelids in photographs, it gives that extra-gloss effect.”

Use The Whole Eye
“David will often paint waves of color all the way across his eyes and eyebrows, rather than on the lids only–usually a pink or mauve tone.”

“[A] must is that old-fashioned black mascara, (sometimes blue)–you know the kind that you spit on the little brush and it’s in a cream/cake form…”

A Warning
“He doesn’t use glitter too much, because it falls into his eyes when he’s performing and it just isn’t soft looking enough, he feels.”

And Finally—Let Your Skin Breathe
“As far as off-stage makeup is concerned, David doesn’t wear any base; he uses a light natural moisturizer with rice powder dusted on top–but most often he prefers to show his very light, bare, clear English skin…”

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