This year, I’ve taken a lot of interest in learning about how our body works at a cellular level while discovering ways to increase mental focus and energy.  As a solo entrepreneur, it’s absolutely critical that I consistently operate at my best.

When I’m unmotivated, tired or sluggish, I can’t produce my best work.  It’s imperative to have some tricks up my sleeve that supercharge my health and vitality. Every morning I run through a list of actions that I’d like to complete that day. What I’m realizing is that whether I’m productive has a lot to do with my habits leading up to that day. There are certain hacks I can implement that enhance my productivity. Today, I’ll share with you my latest and most exciting discovery.
The backstory of how I came across this gem is worth sharing.  As you may know, I run a Beauty Based Nutriceutical brand focused on promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.  Last week, my manufacturer sent oven an incorrect shipment. By accident, they included a supplement bottle that belonged to another of their customers.

As a courtesy, they allowed me to keep the bottle as a gift.  At first, I wasn’t interested because I had never heard of this supplement before.  Days later, I finally decided to do a simple Google search to decide if this was even worth keeping.

What I discovered both shocked and excited me.  Not only was this herbal supplement beneficial, almost every reviewer expressed that, in their opinion, Rhodiola Rosea was a life changer.  Basically, Rhodiola Rosea is a Siberian plant that grows in remote areas while enduring the harshest conditions. Centuries ago, Vikings consumed it for vitality and eliminating fatigue. It’s categorized as an adaptogenic herb meaning they help your body adapt to (internal & external) stress.

But it does more than that.  Rhodiola has a whole slew of potential benefits including:
1. Increased Energy
2. Improve Mood/Antidepressant properties.
3. Improving brain function/focus
4. Lowering cortisol
5. Burning belly fat (it stimulates a hormone that has the ability to breakdown stubborn belly fat)
6. Increases oxygen intake which enhances physical performance

I mean….can this list get any better?

I was a little nervous at first, but after watching countless positive reviews, I decided to take the plunge.  So far, I’ve only consumed 1 capsule so my experience is very minimal.  All I have to say is that I had one of the most productive days in a while thanks to that single capsule.  One day prior to taking my first capsule, I created a list of items that I wanted done that day.  Most of that list remained incomplete.

But the day I took the capsule, I had enough energy to breeze through my list with ease. I only hope these results are replicated each time I consume it.  This product is considered a mild stimulant so anyone taking it would want to avoid pairing it with other stimulants such as coffee.  As a matter of fact, Rhodiola has been suggested for use to help those who want to wean off caffeine or nicotine.

As with everything, don’t take the advice of some random blogger on the internet, do your own research. Changes are that you’ll run into the countless studies done on the wonder herb. My intention is to continue to implement the other strategies I’ve discovered for optimal mental performance like meditation, vitamin shots, healthy eating, etc.  The plan is to pair it with these other activities to create laser-like focus.

Looking forward to stumbling on other little-known secrets that have an amazing effect on my physical and mental performance.

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