Flexi rod sets are my absolute favorite. Their relatively easy and you can get pretty creative with the results.  Most of us are pros at creating drool worthy curls with our bendable rollers.  When it came to flexi rods, I thought I knew all there is to know.  That's until I came across a revolutionary new method that completely changed my flexi rod technique for ever.
YouTuber CurlDaze is the creator of the Horse Shoe Method and I'll forever be grateful.  The moment I analyzed her new process, I marveled at its simplicity and genius.  Essentially, she developed a highly efficient way of using one flexi rod to curl two separate sections of hair. Using her new technique, we're able to create gorgeous, voluminous curls using fewer flexi rods.

Because this method requires less rods, I found that it shortened the entire process (once I got a hang of it).  I was able to place the rods closer to my roots using her technique.  This created a more natural looking end result. What I also love about the Horse Shoe Method is the reduction of unnecessary bulk.  The before and after image on her video preview illustrates this perfectly. Long gone are the days where I'm walking around with a head full of awkwardly placed rods.

Now, when I travel, I won't have to bring a dozen flexi rods along to create my desired look.

Enough of my rambling. You've got to see (and try it) for yourselves!

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