Dior has relaunched their Rouge Dior lip arsenal, adding new shades and finishes and even upgrading the packaging. There are some really wild colors too, shades I never thought I’d see from the classic French house. I’m obsessed. The ultra-desirable shades range from satin to matte, and even include many of the colors that shaped the history of color and couture of Dior, like the matte version of the famous 999. It’s the perfect red. Period.

I wanted to share with you my favorite shades. I have to say it was really hard to pick. I even included some non-matte shades here (you know I am a total matte girl), because the formula, color and texture were so spot on. Whatever Dior says we follow, right? Who is wearing this blue? Halloween anyone?

Dior Rouge Dior

Pretty Matte

Exuberant Matte

Ambitious Matte

Classic Matte

Rose Baiser

Grege 1947

Matte 999

Superstitious Matte

Visionary Matte

Montaigne Matte



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