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It’s been a while since I stumbled on a hair product that I immediately needed.  But when I somehow found this ACV conditioning rinse by the brand dpHUE, I was intrigued.  You probably never heard of  them.  That’s because they’re an L.A. based salon/colorBAR.  Basically, they preform professional color services for the busy woman who doesn’t have all day to spend in a salon.

That’s great and all, but what really makes them interesting is that they also developed a line of hair products for their clients to use at home.  One of their products in particular, their apple cider vinegar hair rinse, really caught my attention.  Having never heard of this brand before, I immediately sought out customer reviews.

I decided to try this product on a whim and I LOVE it! I have been trying to find a product that I can use after my workouts, so I am not washing my hair twice a day with shampoo and conditioner. This product is amazing! Creates great shine and I can feel the stuff in my hair rinse right out instantly. I would definitely recommend this product!  


Other than the DP Hue Oil, which is absolutely the single best, most versatile and stunningly fragrant beauty product I have ever used in my life, the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is next in line! It is fresh, invigorating, cleansing and leaves hair shiny and clean. Simple to use in the shower, you just know you have done something great for you scalp and hair. One of the best hair products on the planet!!!


I seriously use this every other day. Living in NYC you get so much build-up from the subway stations and environmental factors that sometimes shampoo just doesn’t cut it for me. This gently cleanses my hair without stripping my hair of the natural oils. I’ll use it alone or with a little bit of conditioner after for extra softness and style as usual. 

Over and over again, women were proclaiming the wonders of how soft their hair felt after using dpHUE.   I also read several articles by beauty editors who shared the same sentiments as these die hard fans.  This product looks like the real deal.  That’s because their ACV rinse has combined all the elements that our hair loves.  First, the apple cider vinegar which promotes proper hair & scalp pH.  Then they include conditioning ingredients and oils.  So basically, it’s an ACV conditioner.

Today is probably wash day for some of you.  Why not experiment with your own DIY version of a conditioning rinse and create your own wow moment.  From the looks of it, dpHue ACV rinse is comprised of mainly water, ACV, conditioners and oils.  So if I were to try to recreate, I mix conditioner and a little oil together in a bowl and let sit.  Then I’d take my applicator bottle and combine water with ACV.  Maybe 50/50 for those of you with troubled scalp and 60% water,  40% ACV (or less) for normal scalp. Then I’d add, the conditioner and shake vigorously to mix. The amount of conditioner you add it is up to you.  No need to go overboard with the conditioner, you can always deep condition afterwards.

This conditioning rinse could work extremely well for those of you who find ACV to be a bit too drying.  Anyone who cowashes regularly should seriously consider grabbing dpHue or experiment with their own version.  Even though I’m really eager to try this at home version, I still think it makes sense to purchase dpHue to check out the consistency and make sure our at home version is decent remake.   I’ll probably pick up a bottle soon. When when I do, maybe I’ll write a DIY vs. original post.

Who’s ready to try this?

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