Hey guys! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas – I can’t believe it’s already over, it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I always get really sad when it’s all over as its my favourite time of the year. Oh well, at least there’s still New Year’s Eve to look forward to.I’m going to a masquerade ball so I’m really excited for that! I’ve had a pretty chilled Christmas so far spending time relaxing and eating/drinking with my family and friends so I’m looking forward to getting slammed up for a big night out on Thursday. 
It’s become a bit of a yearly tradition here on my blog that I do a ‘What I Got For Christmas’ blog post as they always seem to go down so well. I always feel a bit funny about doing them as I don’t want anyone to think I’m bragging in any way but I love reading them myself and when I asked on Twitter if you wanted to see one of these posts from me, the answer was a resounding YES so here it is. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you don’t need to read it. Anyway, now that little disclaimer is out of the way, here’s the lovely gifts I was lucky enough to receive from my amazing family this year. I’m not going to link to any of these items as I feel it’s a bit rude going and looking at the price of gifts online so if you like the look of any of them, head over to Google and I’m sure you’ll find them easily enough. You might even be able to grab yourselves a bargain in the sales.
Calvin Klein underwear; I’ve been going on and on and on about how much I want some Calvin Klein underwear for months now and it seems my family took note as my dad and step mum, nanna and boyfriend all bought me CK underwear. It’s safe to say I’m stocked up for a while now and I absolutely love them all. The lace bra (and matching knicks but I’ve already worn them – oops!) are super sexy and feminine whereas the other sets are really comfy and I can’t wait to lounge around it them. I’ve given them a try and they’re so comfy!!

Makeup; I was lucky enough to receive these two gorgeous palettes I’ve wanted for quite some time for Christmas. My Nanna and Grandad got me the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette which I believe is their limited edition Christmas palette and it’s so beautiful – I love every single shade. I also got the Tarte tartlette palette from my boyfriends brother as he was living in America so bought it over there for me. I’m so excited to try it out – all the shades are stunning and because they’re matte, it’ll be great for every day eye looks. I also got some Makeup Forever HD foundation and an Anastasia Liquid Lipstick but couldn’t find them to photograph for this post.
Home bits & bobs; Since getting my own flat, I’ve been obsessed with home scents and I have candles and reed diffusers dotted all over the place. Not only do they make the place smell nice but I love nothing more than lighting the candles in the evening to make me feel all cosy. As you can see, my family obviously know this about me so I’ve been well and truly stocked up on candles and reed diffusers. Most of them are cotton or linen scent as that’s my favourite for all year round but my mum also got me a Yankee Candle set with all the Christmas scents so I’ll be using those up first to keep me feeling festive for that bit longer. My Nanna also got me this gorgeous copper lantern to go in my flat and I’m absolutely in love with it. It will look stunning sat by my TV unit with a candle flickering away inside it. My living room is decorated with copper accessories too so this will fit in perfectly.

DVDs; Every year, my mum fills my stocking with DVDs as she knows how much I love a night in snuggled up on the sofa watching films. I’m really chuffed with the selection she chose for me this year as I haven’t seen any of them. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the Leonardo DiCaprio collection? It’s honestly one of my favourite presents this year as my mum knows how much I love him (I mean, who doesn’t? such a babe) and therefore knew this would be right up my street as soon as she saw it. Surprisingly I’ve only seen one of the four films in the set so I look forward to watching lots of Leo in the new year.

Books; I got a few new books this year and I love getting books for Christmas as its not something I’d think to buy for myself. I actually choose the Sophie Kinsella book from my boyfriend as I LOVE her books and think this is a new addition to the Shopaholic collection. If you’ve never read the Shopaholic books before and love a lighthearted and funny read, I can’t recommend them enough. My mum also got my ‘The Badass Blog Planner’ which is such a thoughtful gift as she knows I want to be more organised with my blogging now I’m doing it full time. It’s a really cool book and it has sections for planning everything you can think of and also has handy content and social media planners I can fill in. She was so chuffed with herself for finding this for me as she knew I’d really appreciate it – how cute is she though?! She also got me a little healthy eating recipe book for my stocking as again, she knows I love trying out new healthy recipes and 2016 is the year I’m hoping to get it the best shape I’ve ever been in. Wish me luck!!
Pamper bath & body products; Nothing beats a good pamper and my family know how much I love to relax in the bath so I got a section of goodies including LUSH products, a Bayliss & Harding gift set, some Molton Brown hand creams and a huge Sanctuary gift set which includes lots of things to that will help me to relax and wind down. I love them all and can’t wait to use them!!

Disney Mug; My mum knows what Disney fanatics my sister and I are so she bought us both beautiful mugs from The Disney Store. I got Elsa from Frozen and my sister got Jasmine from Aladdin. I love that they’re Disney but still look fairly grown up as they have beautiful drawings of the princesses on one side. I look forward to drinking my morning cup of tea from this!! 
Personalised wine glass; My mum also got me this personalised wine glass which is just the cutest gift ever. I love anything personalised as it’s so thoughtful and I love that every time I take a sip of my wine, it’ll remind me of my lovely mum. Plus, another excuse to drink more wine? Haha, I joke! Dry January here I come!!
Jo Malone products; I received these beautiful Jo Malone products from my family in Australia and I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I mean, look at that limited edition Christmas bottle? It’s so beautiful! I got the Pomegranate Noir cologne which is one of my favourite Jo Malone scents and the English Pear and Freisa body creme which is a scent I’ve never owned before but I’m in love with it – I 100% need to get the cologne for S/S as it’s so fresh and lovely. I’m actually becoming a bit addicted to Jo Malone and their scents – I really want to start collecting them.
Pandora charm and ring; I got a little car charm for my Pandora bracelet from my lovely boyfriend for passing my driving test back in November. I love getting charms that mean something to me so this will be a lovely addition and will remind me of how proud I was to pass my test first time every time I look of it. I also thought it was a really cute and thoughtful gift. I also got a beautiful new ring from my auntie and again, I love it! I already have a couple of Pandora rings and I think they look really elegant so I’m excited to have another one to add to my collection.

I also got a few things I didn’t manage to photograph including money, Pyjamas, a dressing gown from The White Company, socks and lots of chocolates so I was very lucky indeed and can’t thank my amazing family enough for being so generous. 
What did you get for Christmas this year?

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