I’m a massive fan of YSL’s Rouge Volupte lipsticks so when a bag full of them with ‘Kayleigh’s Summer lipsticks’ wrote on it turned up at my door, I was chuffed to bits! I love when brands personalise their blogger gifts – it’s such a lovely touch. Well done YSL!
When it comes to lipsticks, the YSL rouge volupte’s have got to be up there as one of (if not the most) beautiful in terms of packaging. I remember wanting one of them so badly when I first got into makeup but MAC was about as expensive as I could go back then so YSL was totally out of my budget. However, I then got bought one as a gift by my boyfriends lovely mum and the obsession has continued ever since as trust me when I say, despite their expensive price tag, every girl needs at least one of these lipsticks in her collection.
The main reason I love this particular range of YSL lipsticks is because of the amazing formula. I’m not one for wearing a lot of matte lipsticks as I don’t think they suit me and I also hate the feeling of dry lips. Not to mention glossy finishes make my lips look bigger too so it’s a definite winner for me.. I also love how moisturising they feel on my lips – I’m prone to dry lips all year round which means some lipsticks look awful if they don’t have the right texture. They also smell like watermelon so what’s not to love?!
Front row L-R; #42,#45,#47, #50 | Back row L-R; #51, #41, #49, #19

As you can see from my photos, these new YSL lipstick finishes are insane. They’re bright without being overpowering thanks to the glossy finish and would all look amazing on a warm Summer night or on holiday with a tan! I’m not going to go through every single shade as I’ll be here all day and I think the photos speak for themselves but I’d have to say my favourites are #47 which is a lovely pinky nude, #50 which is a bright fuchsia and finally #45 which is a beautiful warm toned red. They’re all right up my street and I just know I’ll be wearing them none stop for the next few months!

L-R; #47, #41,#51, #49, #50, #19, #45
Are you a fan of YSL lipstick? What’s your favourite shade?
P.S – I’m so proud of the photos in this post. I shot them on manual for the first time ever and I just love how they’ve turned out. It’s inspired me to get back to taking lots of beauty photography so expect more posts from me soon!

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