A while a go, I swung by the YSL counter at my local Neiman Marcus.  It was a weekday afternoon, and since there weren’t many customers around, the woman at the counter gave me plenty of attention.  I later learned that rep who gave me a mini makeover turned out to be a national makeup artist for YSL. I kid you not, Pamela did the most amazing job. She was so talented that I ended up purchasing everything she recommended.

One of the items I came home with was YSL’s Touche Eclat.  To be quite honest, I didn’t fully understand the full potential of this highlighter pen so I packed it away in my makeup stash where it quickly faded into the background. Then, out of the blue, I stumbled on a mini-video featuring Zoe Kravitz.  Zoe, who appears to be running late, quickly gets ready simply by concealing,  correcting and highlighting.

Within moments of watching the video, I went looking for my tube of Touche Eclat to see if I could mimic her results.
Touche Eclat is perfect for the girl who desires a flawless, yet natural look.  It’s a light formula that absorbs easily and allows your skin to be great (no beauty blender needed)!  You know how models + actresses talk about walking out of the house with only a little concealer and mascara? I’m pretty certain the concealer they speak of is Touche Eclat.

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Touch Eclat is not the product one uses if they’re executing a full face complete with baking and contouring.  Touch Eclat is for the gal who wants to look absolutely effortless.

 Actually, Touche Elcat isn’t really a concealer at all.  More accurately, Touche Eclat is a  highlighter and under eye brightener.  So instead of fully covering dark eye circles, it brightens the area.  The light texture of the formula means no cracking or creasing in your fine lines.  And, since it’s a highlighter, you can pretty much use it anywhere on the face like down the ridge of your nose, in the dark corners of your eyes, in your nasal labial folds, and anywhere else you could use a bit of brightening.

Although I don’t regret my Touche Eclat purchase, I can understand that some may have reservations in investing $40+ on this item.  If you do, you might consider trying some quality dupes.

Pree Cosmetics  offers a highlighter and concealer in various shades for less than $20.00.  Another viable dupe is L’Oreal’s Magic Lumi highlighter.  Sephora even carries their own store brand that goes for under $15.00.  I heard great things about the Sephora highlighter so I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks to Zoe, Touche Eclat will be my go to highlighter for my everyday face.

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